China Suárez, near the ragpicker Rusherking, the ex of María Becerra

China Suárez, near the ragpicker Rusherking, the ex of María Becerra

Rusherking and China Suárez, the beginning of love?

After the rumors of a breakup between the China Suarez and the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navarene and that the gestures of love have disappeared on social networks, the actress was in love with the ex of Mary Becerra, the ragpicker dash.

“They tell me that last Friday, La China was like this, there, stuck, eating a burger, with another famous man. They coincided on a trip, and oh, coincidence! We met! “started by saying Karina Iavicoli in Show partners and to continue: “He is someone totally unexpected, that I would never have imagined. I love a thousand of them, I know him”.

After sowing the mystery by saying that it was a recently separated musician (from María Becerra), the panelist revealed: “This furtive encounter, which could sow something that thrives or not, is between La China Suárez and Rusherking”. Then it was shortened: “They were seen eating burgers very close, very close. I’m not saying there was a kiss, huh, eyes, but they were very close.

In January, during a presentation in Mar del Plata, María Becerra burst into tears remembering the singer. “If you leave me, don’t come back, ma’. If he doesn’t love me, leave him behind. I’m tired of these episodes where we go from love to hate. I don’t know if it’s a relationship anymore. If we are good or bad, there is still discussion. Marriage today, separation tomorrow. This shit leads us to destruction…”, he sang when the tears began to fall at the quilmeña.

Immediately all his disciples understood that this letter reminded him of his recent and scandalous separation from dashafter discovering herself that the singer, whose real name Thomas Nicolas Tobar, he had cheated on her with the influencer Augustin Kogan.

The young man, for his part, had gone to his social networks to specify that this fact had occurred during a deadlock of the couple. However, Becerra was final from his Twitter account. “How good for you to pretend to be poor and lie”, “Son of a thousand bitches, you just fucked up my self-esteem”, “How could you do that to the mine that was there when you were nobody wacho” Yes “Gil shit, piece of garca“, were some of the phrases he dedicated to the author of the song wolf.

María Becerra and Rusherking (Credit: Ax Press)
María Becerra and Rusherking (Credit: Ax Press)

Apparently separated from her Spanish boyfriend, China Suárez was in Madrid a few weeks ago as part of the delivery of the Platino Awards and before hitting the red carpet, who has just launched as a singer, spoke with Teleshow. “I was surprised because it was very well received by people of all ages, which I wanted. I want them to be able to listen to me in the car, people like my mom who has music that’s been left out“, he said of” The game of love “, the song with which he sang Sant Celli.

“These are ballads, songs that come from the heart, with a lot of love and Santi helps me shape them. They’re written a long time ago, and I think they’re going to love them. I think all the artists have been doing it from somewhere, what happens is that the one who acts hides behind a character. And in music, in my case, there is no character. It’s me with my soul in my hands“, he said about the work that can be seen, or rather heard, very soon.

China Suárez and Armando Mena, a fleeting relationship (Photo: Instagram)
China Suárez and Armando Mena, a fleeting relationship (Photo: Instagram)

On the other hand, he talked about his desire to participate in the second part of Polka Argentina’s novel, Tierra de Amor y Venganza: “It’s a show that I have a lot of affection for and it was one of my favorite characters.. much loved Rachel and people too, so maybe yes, at some point I will appear”.

Finally, she spoke of her feelings when we talk about her all the time, especially after the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi last year: “It’s impossible not to know. Sometimes it touches me a lot and sometimes I take it well. It depends on the moment. Today I’m very well”.


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