Christian Sancho received a strong accusation from his ex-wife, Vanesa Schual: 'He fell in love and took the savings'

Christian Sancho received a strong accusation from his ex-wife, Vanesa Schual: ‘He fell in love and took the savings’

Harsh accusations from Christian Sancho’s ex

After more than a decade of relationship and a son in common, Gaël twelve years old, in 2020 Christian Sancho separated from his wife vanessa schual. However, the former couple continued to live together and even planned to go and live together as a family in Spain, where they also live. Camilleher eldest daughter because of her relationship with Valeria Britos. In February, everything changed, those plans were dissolved and the actor of Rosario left his home and began to rebuild his life alongside his casting partner, Celeste Muriega.

Who accompanied him for eleven years, broke the silence and in dialogue with intruders launched harsh accusations against the former model. In addition to ensuring that he took the family savings to make the trip to Spain, he confided that the son they have in common is sad because his father sees him at most once a week.

The fact is not that he left the house, that in February of this year he stopped living with us although we had been separated for a long time, but we continued to live together,” Vanesa said. And he continued: “In 2019 we launched the project of going to live in Spain, he had Italian nationality, we managed mine and that of Gaël, because we were not married. Until December, I was still selling things from this house for the project“, he pointed.

According to Vanesa’s testimony, everything changed in February of this year. “He fell in love and took the savings that were in a safe. We rented our house in Maschwitz in the summer to buy the tickets and six months’ rent in Spain, but he didn’t want to because he was with work,” he said.

Christian Sancho and Vanesa Schual when they were a couple (Teleshow)

The young woman told how she reacted at that time. “I said ‘what’s wrong with this man robbing his son?’ My parents came and he shouted saying they were his savingssaid the woman who has a baking business and works from home. “I had to take out a loan to be able to start a business, I managed the money from home, I managed everything until March when I saw that I was in a relationship and the thing of Spain was not going to be, I told him that I would give you the keys and that you were doing someone else’s job.”

During the interview in America, Vanesa also slipped that Christian sees little of his son. “We talked about the situation of dissolving the house well, and Gael asked him to stay and he said the tour bus was leaving. Gaël looks at the networks and sees him in Buenos Aires eating sushi. My son doesn’t even know he has a girlfriend“, he pointed out, although he admitted that he was responsible for the expenses of the child:” He continues to pay the expenses and the services and he deposited 40,000 pesos and I pay the expenses to the day by day with what comes in, he pays for everything, I give him everything and he pays for absolutely everything”.

Finally, he recounted an incident that had occurred in recent days: “Last week I filed a complaint because there was a situation of shouting, he forbids me, since it is his house, that a couple or a person who can be with me can come and he said it in a threatening tone in front of Gael and I won’t allow it. It hurts the psyche of a minor, to say that he is going to get married, that he cannot do what he wants but that he is in order with life towards his son“, hill.

Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho met on Sex
Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho met on Sex

In dialogue with TV showDarío Czernicer, Rosario’s lawyer, gave his client’s version: “We do not intend to enter into a back and forth with the ex, if she intends to make a problem that leads him to Justice, we will take it between lawyers”, pointed out the lawyer, seeking to lower the decibels of the conflict, which took them unexpectedly: “We were surprised they weren’t bad. Our idea is not to mount an escalation of violence, in which we end up saying any barbarity,” he added.

The lawyer added that they were looking to put cold rags on the media situation “to preserve the son who sees, listens and understands. Christian doesn’t want son to see parents arguing on TV, or expose his new girlfriend“Assured and endorsed Vanesa’s statements regarding Christian’s payment:” When he saw the mess that was happening, he sent me all the details. He has a person to pay for everything for the son,” he said.

Regarding the accusations that Christian does not see Gaël, he was definitive. “It’s not true, before being a lawyer I am her friend. Since the start of the tour of the show, she saw it less than a month ago, but until then I saw him three or four times a weekI took him to the field, played soccer, slept with him. Now he sees it once or twice, but it is logical and it is public, it is he who maintains everything and who must work”.

Finally, the lawyer assured that they had not received any legal notification from the ex-partner of his client. “Nobody warned Christian of anything, I would be the second to know. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, there are times of Justice, but we don’t get anything. And I don’t know not where it can come from either. What are they going to claim from us if everything is covered?”, he concluded.


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