Chyno Agostini spoke about Nazarena Vélez's fight against addiction: "She became strong by dint of blows"

Chyno Agostini spoke about Nazarena Vélez’s fight against addiction: “She became strong by dint of blows”

Daniel Agostini’s son has opened up about the media repercussions he noticed as a child and his mother’s most painful moments

Thusday Gonzalo Chino Agostini participated in the segment heirs from Telefe Newsand spoke in depth about the media exposure his parents experienced throughout their respective careers. The 22-year-old said his father gave him valuable advice when he decided to venture into the world of trap as an artist, and also his mother’s key role, Nazarene Velez. During the deep conversation, he also recalled the actress and producer’s struggle with pill addiction in what he defines as “the most painful moments of his life”.

Nazarena suffered irreparable losses, such as the death of her sister Jasmine, and her then husband Fabien Rodriguezfather of his youngest son, Thiago. Son of Daniel Agostini He expressed his admiration for the strength instilled in him since he was a child. Primero se refirió a las lecciones que le inculcó el cantante tropical: “Mi viejo de chico todo el tiempo buscaba exigirme más, pero ahora entiendo que era por la cultura de laburo que tiene él, que viene de un lugar muy humble, porque las pasó all; He is a fighter for life, a warrior.

Journalist Gisela Busaniche then turned the conversation to her mother and commented, “Nazarena took several pills at once, due to depression.” Sincere about the fight against addiction to amphetamines and anxiolytics, the young man admitted: “I found out he almost died from the pills.” In this sense, he explained that it caused him concern and sadness, but also understanding. “I understand her because these were painful times for her and she had to go through what she had to go through, she became strong by dint of beatings”Detained.

Chyno Agostini and Nazarena Velez

Seven years after the death of Nazarena’s ex-husband, he also recalled his connection with Fabian: “The truth is that he is a person for whom I had enormous love, because he always took me to school and helped me a lot when I needed something. He treated me like another son. It hurt me a lot and my father was also affected”. Referring to the number of times he saw his mother crying on the small screen, he also expressed his empathy: “I saw her many times on television, but it was her way of expressing herself. “

“His exposure never bothered me, I adapted to the circumstances”, assured. About the present of the theater producer, he said that he felt happy with Santiago Caamano, your current partner. “I see her very calm and relaxed compared to the other years, which have been a disaster, I see her very well,” he remarked. It should not be forgotten that Nazarena herself spoke with an open heart about the struggle she has experienced over the past decade. In December 2020 went hand in hand with TV show and explained the personal battle he represented in his life: “Amphetamines took over me for 10 years because I’ve always had a war with my body: hated myself, looked fat, didn’t like it, looked cellulite”.

Nazarena Vélez has repeatedly spoken out about the amphetamine addiction she suffered from for more than a decade
Nazarena Vélez has repeatedly spoken out about the amphetamine addiction she suffered from for more than a decade

“At the age of 19, I became a mother and stretch marks started to appear on me. I’ve always had mambo. I was only able to reconcile after Fabian’s death. I understood that I would reconcile or that I was going to end up dying, and I couldn’t do that to Titi. It was really difficult,” he confessed. “I took over 30 pills, He mixed anxiolytics and very strong things, in addition to amphetamines. Just now I started sleeping without pills“, he said a year and a half ago about the sleep disorder he suffered from.

“We don’t talk about amphetamines as we should. It is very embarrassing to say that you are taking pills to lose weight. In my case then Fabián finished showing me that the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to a family is to lose a loved one. So you have to try to stay here as long as possible and even more so when you have children,” he reflected.


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