Cinthia Fernández confused her followers by announcing her "pregnancy"

Cinthia Fernández confused her followers by announcing her “pregnancy”

“I am pregnant”, singing Cynthia Fernandez in a video she shared on her social networks in which we see her very smiling and surprised the followers, who believed that the mother of Charis, Bella and Francesca would be expecting a baby, as she had said.

At the insistence of Internet users who wanted to know if it was true, since the panelist of D-moment She is single, It was learned that in reality the phrase the dancer was singing did not correspond to her condition, but that it was a fragment of the song that is about to be released.

After going through Big Brother, having danced, been a panelist and a candidate for deputy, Fernández He is now looking to make his way into the music world and will be releasing a song with Maru Beni.

maru beni

The 34-year-old woman who will accompany Cinthia in this new project is responsible for human resources in an advertising agency, influencer and composes songs. “I sing of realities, of truths. What’s going on that everyone sees”, He told Teleshow some time ago after a topic he wrote about the Corrientes fires went viral.

Maru has been singing since she was little and it has always been her passion, but it is only in recent years that he has managed to establish himself as an artist, to put on shows. And with the pandemic, his work went viral: first, he made a song at the request of the Asociación de Corredores de Turismo Carretera (ACTC) dedicated to the public for the break in the races. This video was shared by the vast majority of pilots and started gaining followers.

“That’s where it all began”, recalled who, song by song, was gaining more followers. He sang for the doctors, he sang for the teachers, he sang for the start of the school year. Maru writes a song for any everyday situation, puts it to music and shares it on her social networks.

This is not the first time he has worked with Cinthia Fernández. She was the one who reversed the They Say About Me theme, which Fernández used at the end of the campaign and which later sparked the copyright controversy. “And it was a quilombo!”remembered video that the dancer recorded in garter belt in front of Congress.

“They say I’m hollow, that I don’t deserve the job and that ass is what I offer and I have nothing to say”Fernández sang in the video while ripping off her skirt in the middle of the Plaza de los dos Congresos and continued, written by Maru: “Maybe if they listened to me they wouldn’t criticize me so much, my proposal is very clear, I’ll give it to you.” I will tell you again, there are laws that exist, they are not applied, the trials are slow, they take time to come out and while your children must continue to eat, study and grow without Suffering. The quota, ha, never comes, nobody else speeds it up for you, if the mother waits, she can’t be like this. I go around”.

“They fell once again. My ass is just a hook to get your attention And you know what? Every time I showed it, they bit and only reinforced my voice and me. Showing my ass, I don’t want them to vote for me, I don’t underestimate young people or “wankers”. Let’s face it, no one will vote for you because you have a nice ass“, he intoned.

Because of this reversal, Ángel de Brito had informed him that he had been denounced in SADAIC (Argentinian Society of Authors and Composers of Music) for using the lyrics without permission from the heirs of the authors (music by Francois Canaro and letter from Ivo Pelay). Guillaume Ocampodirector of the company had confirmed the complaints to Teleshow and explained how the matter is handled: “The use of works in political campaigns is subject to the same guidelines as the use of music in any other type of modality. If a political party decides to use music from a pre-existing work permission must be sought from the author and if the author authorizes it, there only they can use it and it is the author who sets the conditions, he cannot charge if he wants or ask for money and he can also say no”.

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