Cinthia Fernández y Malena Pichot

Cinthia Fernández destroyed Malena Pichot and she came out at the intersection: “Stop making papers”

Cynthia Fernandez torn Malena Pichot on Twitter and she responded to him. This crossing took place in the midst of a scandal with Julia Mengoliniwho in the last hours was accused of having received more than 3 million pesos from the government.

First, the panelist D-moment (El Trece) aimed directly at Mengolini: “Didn’t they arm him (Furock) with the budget of those uncontrollable subscribers they had? What are we doing, lady churro?Seeing the repercussion of the topic, Cinthia added, “I’m dying! I was working full time and hadn’t entered Twitter, hadn’t seen how the hornet’s nest always revolutionized with the same theme.

Not satisfied, he continues:I don’t have an agenda like MENGOLINI, I work on all the channels as a panelist or a dancer. Does my opinion make hippies so nervous with OSDE?“. Seeing that I got no answers from Malena Pichot Is Julia Mengolinithe media continued: “Pichota, you are a cholula who hung you from China Suárez to get out in the portals. Every time you see light, do you come in?“.

“I don’t know if the @ or not because I did the good deed of the day giving visibility, three notes and a TT to female rock envelopes“, closed very spicy Cinthia Fernández.

Meet Cinthia Fernandez and Malena Pichot

Tiredness, Pichot went to the crossroads: “The production of your show sent a cell phone to the radio, I would be very happy if they never send mobiles again. They already said they wanted to come back today and we told them no. And if you’re going to insult me, catch me“. In another tweet, the comedian added: “Stop making a fool of yourself, Cinthia. You work at Grupo Clarin, go ahead“.

Meet Cinthia Fernandez and Malena Pichot

What happened to Giulia Mengolini

The journalist Sebastien Tutora burst into the bird’s social network with a series of messages indicating that Julia Mengolini had received an “official directive” from the state: “It is only in February 2022, Julia Mengolini received $3,600,000 in official publicity from the Province of Buenos Aires. She says her radio is sustained by listener input; actually support it with your money“.

After denouncing having obtained around 3 million pesos, he added: “Supposing it is not February, when do you receive this amount? From what other public bodies is it funded? Why does he seem to receive in February? a longer or shorter period? He also receives guidelines for his webpage.”

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Julia Mengolini also received directives from the office of the ombudsman for years, from the ex-director of the Kirchnerist Alejandro Amor, directives on her website and her radio. There is no epic, only money. It’s all true because it’s documented, I’m not saying it but the minutes,” he continued. After seeing the lawyer’s defense, he closed: “Thread of Julia Mengolini: ‘Guidelines are charged by futurock’. There are 57 tweets in the thread but nothing is denied. Moreover, it is false that he lives on the support of listeners. Place. You also collect from municipalities.”

Seeing this, the founder of Futurock came to respond via a lengthy Twitter thread. “Some important (albeit unnecessary) clarification of the bullshit some unscrupulous people write and say,” he began by saying. “I never charged a guideline for me, which almost none of the mainstream media “journalists” can say. The custom of the “envelope” in all its variations is up to you, we have nothing to do with this practice“, He continued.

“Advertising guidelines are billed by Futurock, an important and successful radio, which has a luxurious programming, from seven in the morning to midnight, where obviously a lot of people work. Besides, Futurock It has a publisher with 18 published titles. In February Futurock organized a free festival for 40,000 people. We also do podcasts, courses, parties, novel competitions. A lot. We are not going to let them smear us with a “scandal” berreta“, he added.

And he continued: “As badly as it weighs on them, we have managed to make a place for ourselves, we have an audience that has not stopped growing for these 6 years. Especially young people, those whom television and traditional media expelled and want to resell”. them that everything is crap and that it’s not worth trying to build a better country. They want to rule us with media ethics that have Giles talking about entertainment but are the circus for owners to put judges and presidents. Will this runfla who lived for decades from the state kick us out, which we invented from nothing?

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To continue to defend his position, Mengolini specified that the radio is financed exclusively thanks to its listeners: “The main economic support of the radio are our dear listeners. A community of thousands of people who donate monthly. A new and forward-looking dynamic so that the media – one day – become more like their audiences and less like their dark financiers”.

Advertising guidelines – public and private – exist as in all media in this country, are all audited and are complementary. (You can post whatever you want. But post everything. Yours too),” he complains. “We are honest workers and in our private life we ​​are austere. We have absolutely nothing to hide or be ashamed of.. We are not selling being “people like you” to go to our private country later. We do everything alongside the people who support us,” said the journalist.

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“If we were to detail everything that is charged for public advertising (which happens from time to time because the information is public), those who should be ashamed are the others. As can be seen in each of these lists , the means that take almost everything are always the same. With any government. Perhaps the pressure from these scoundrels is that, as is the case with food prices these days, they want to keep everything, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING to themselves. They are powerful and bloody.”

To end your long press release, Julia Mengolini said: “Like other media, which in recent years have come through effort, hard work and sacrifice, Futurock owes everything to its audience, to its community. And, even more, to the idea that has always supported us: we came to stay a long time, we came to say that you are shit and tell our microphones every day that we live in an unjust country and that we want to change it“.

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