Claudia Villafañe denied lowering Dieguito from Maradona tribute in Martín Fierro

Claudia Villafañe denied lowering Dieguito from Maradona tribute in Martín Fierro

Claudia Villafañe denied lowering Dieguito Maradona for tribute to her father

Conflicts between ex-partners and descendants of Diego Maradona they are nothing new. However, while everything indicated that they had finally chosen to unite to clarify the causes of the death of the star who died on November 25, 2020, the tribute made during the Martín Fierro 2022 awards ceremony, which had took place last Sunday at the Hilton Hotel and could be seen live on the Telefe screen, gave rise to a new chapter of clashes, abuses and misunderstandings.

As announced in the days preceding the gala, APTRA (Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists) decided to devote a special segment to the football idol, who in 2005 hosted the series The night of ten and had won a statuette for the program in the category of best production. For it, louis venturapresident of the entity, had decided to invite Diego FernandoMaradona’s youngest son. And his mother, Veronique Ojeda, gladly accepted. However, upon arriving at the party, the woman found what she defined as “a lack of respect”.

It happens that instead of giving him a prominent place, those responsible for organizing the party made him sit next to his partner, Mario Baudy, and his son at the last table in the room, next to the exit door. And, moments before the start of the ceremony, they informed him that Dieguito would not be taking the stage to say a few words as planned. The reason? According to one version, this was due to an express request from Claudia Villafaneex-wife of Maradona, who was also in the story share the table Master chef celebrity.

Verónica Ojeada and Dieguito were placed at the last table in the room

“They told me that for family reasons, Dieguito was not going to be able to go on stage. And I said to him: ‘What family problems if there are none? There are no problem, on the contrary,” Ojeda said in a dialogue with V flower for intruders, for America. And when Marcela Taurus asked him if it could be due to the presence of Villafañe, he added: “I don’t know because they never gave me a reason. So much with the girls (Dalma Yes Gianinna) as with Claudia I have respect”. In fact, Verónica recalled that she had spoken with the event organizer and that she not only knew that her son was going to participate in the tribute, but that she also raised the possibility that her grandson Benjamin will accompany him And he spoke of a “black hand”.

At this moment, Nancy Dura He pointed out that during the gala he had seen the location of the two women, that he had spoken with the two and that Villafañe had clarified that he was not there because of the tribute to the father of his daughters. but because of the reality show in which he was the winner. “The information that reached me is that the decision, which was taken exclusively by Telefe, was due to a request from Claudia. She called me yesterday, we were talking and she told me that in no case had she made this request.began by saying the reporter.

Claudia Villafañe during the tribute to Diego Maradona
Claudia Villafañe during the tribute to Diego Maradona

And then he added: “I had a few episodes there in the same Martín Fierro, where they covered my camera when I wanted to make a note to Susana (Gimenez) that she wanted to give and there was a character behind Mirtha (Legrand) that I came every time I tried to talk to him. They made the numbers look bad, with which, It also wouldn’t surprise me if someone invoked Claudia’s name to lower Dieguito from the tribute when she hadn’t asked for it.. I have no reason not to believe it either, but in this case Telefe will have to take matters into their own hands and say: ‘We wanted to upload it by our own decision’”.

Faced with this and asked about the argument given to him in the face of such a situation, Ojeda reiterated: “We are talking about a nine-year-old boy who was overexcited. They gave me no explanation. I stayed out of respect for Luis. And because I saw Dieguito happy to be there”. In this sense, Verónica pointed out that all the personalities went to congratulate her son. But, before consulting Duré, confirmed that Claudia did not approach his table to say hello, even though it was a necessary step from the room.


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