Coda won the Best Picture Oscar

Coda won the Best Picture Oscar

The comedy-drama “Coda”, which tells the life of a deaf family with a hearing daughter, directed by North American filmmaker Sian Heder, won the prize for best picture at the 94th edition of the Oscars this evening. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2021, “Coda” (seen on Amazon Prime Video) arrived at the Dolby Theater gala as one of the favorites, after winning the Society of Producers (PGA) award, and moved from the highest honor of the Hollywood Academy to “The power of the dog”, another of the films that sounded strong in the previous one.

“Coda,” the American remake of the original French version “La familia Belier,” also took home Best Actor, Troy Kotsur and Best Adapted Screenplay, for which it won in all three categories for which it was nominated. . who left empty-handed and these are the cases of “Don’t look up”, “Licorice Pizza” and “The Alley of Lost Souls”. Relevantly, “Duna” was the biggest winner, as it took six , but all in technical areas: sound, photography, visual effects, editing, original music and production design.

In these awards, the rating was favored due to the number of musicals airing in prime time at the expense of major awards. That’s why the musicals of Sebastián Yatra, for “Encanto” or Billie Eilish, the big winner of the original song of “No time to die” aired before the weights and had to wait Monday 0:35 to hear the name of the Best Picture winner.

Among the exceptional statuettes, the famous actress Jessica Chastain won the first Oscar of her career this evening for her leading role in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”, a biographical drama directed by Michael Showalter in which she embodies the rise and fall of this popular American television evangelist.

The award comes after Chastain has received two Oscar nominations over the course of his career: in 2011 as a supporting actor for “Crossed Stories” and in 2012 for his lead role in “The Darkest Night,” a film starring which Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar.

American Will Smith won Best Actor at the 94th Academy Awards for his moving role as the father of Venus and Serena Williams in ‘King Richard: A Winning Family,’ a biopic about athletes who changed at ever women’s tennis.

With this award, Smith wins the first Oscar of his career after being nominated in the same category in 2007 for “The Pursuit of Happyness” and in 2001 for “Muhammad Ali”, a biopic about the greatest boxer of all time.

Smith was the likeliest contender after his compelling portrayal of Richard Williams won Golden Globes, Baftas, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics’ Choice Awards.

“Richard was a big supporter of his family. At this moment in my life I am overwhelmed by what God asks me to do and to be in this world, and by making this film I was able to protect the actresses who played Serena and Venus, the strongest and the most delicate ones I have ever protected,” Smith pointed out in his speech.

The actor, who previously had an unexpected and awkward crossover with comedian Chris Rock, added that “life calls him to love and protect people” and “there are people who disrespect you but you have to smile and pretend that everything is fine”.

“Richard Williams told me a few minutes ago to be careful because now is where the devil is coming,” said the interpreter in tears, who concluded by thanking “the whole Williams family” and specifying that ‘”It’s not crying about winning an award but rather it’s about spotlighting the cast and crew members.


A-list actor Will Smith had an awkward crossover with comedian Chris Rock at the ceremony that included a slap in the face and a slur for a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The sequence, which put a strange and unexpected break in a gala that was going without major jolts, went wild when Rock, who was about to present the shortlist for best documentary, took the opportunity to make a joke about the appearance of the actress – who suffers from alopecia -, whom he compared to the protagonist of the popular “GI Jane”, played by Demi Moore in 1997.

In an attitude that was originally to be scripted but later aroused suspicion due to the comedian’s reactions, Smith rose from his seat at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and not only slapped his colleague, but then insulted him. to ask him to do it. does not mention the name of his partner.

The actors had already fueled a controversy over Jada in 2016, when as part of the #OscarsSoWhite (“Oscars so white”) movement, which pointed to the lack of African-American and black nominees at the awards ceremony, the interpreter had announced her intention to boycott the ceremony.

“Her husband Will wasn’t nominated for Hidden Truth. I get it. You get mad, it’s not fair that Will was so good and didn’t get nominated. You’re right. not just that Will got paid $20 million! for ‘Wild Wild West’!” Rock joked, referring to the actor-led comedy that was poorly received by critics and audiences alike.


New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion tonight became the third woman to win the Hollywood Film Academy’s Best Director Oscar for western and psychological drama ‘The Power of the Dog’.

Campion – the second consecutive woman to win this prize after Chloé Zhao’s triumph in 2021 – arrived at the gala a big favorite after winning the awards given by the Union des Réalisateurs – which usually sets trends in the category -, the BAFTA and also Critics Choice.

“Lots of love to my fellow nominees. I love directing because it’s fully stepping into a story and manifesting a world, which can be overwhelming, but the important thing is that I’m not alone, but with my talented cast and crew,” the director said. after receiving the award.

The film, which premiered on Netflix last December, is the director’s first feature film in 12 years, which she has devoted much of her time to since receiving a copy of the novel of the same name. by Thomas Savage in 1967 in 2017 and began developing a dash.

It was the second time that Campion was nominated for an Oscar in the directing category, after his famous “The Piano Lesson” (1993), in which he was not empty-handed anyway, and won the prize for best original screenplay. . For this film, she was also the first female filmmaker to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

For his part, the famous actor and director Kenneth Branagh received the first Oscar of his career for the screenplay of “Belfast”, the autobiographical film he made about his innocent childhood during the 1960s in the midst of the conflict between Unionists and Republicans of Northern Ireland.

The award was presented by actors Elliot Page, JK Simmons and Jennifer Garner -from the cast of “The Young Life of Juno”-, just before singer Shawn Mendes and actress Tracee Ellis Ross announced the award for best screenplay adapted for the American Sian Heder. , for his dramatic comedy “Coda”.

The Oscar gala had a special celebration on its first post-pandemic date. In a relaxed and festive ceremony, the young American actress Ariana DeBose received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress last night for her role as Anita in the new version of the musical film “Love Without Barriers”, directed by Steven Spielberg at the 94th United States Film Academy Awards.

The statuette was the gala premiere held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and was presented by Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya (“Judas and the Black Messiah”) and singer HER

DeBose became the first Afro-Latina and gay woman to win a statuette. Excited, she thanked Rita Moreno, who played her role in the original version and also won the statuette in 1961, and said to applause: “Look at this openly gay woman of color who has found the strength to keep doing celebration.”.

Sisters Venus and Serena Williams opened the ceremony by introducing Beyoncé, who sang “Be Alive,” a song nominated for “King Richard: A Winning Family,” the film about the two tennis players’ childhoods, nominated in the main categories, in a video for the occasion with a large fluorescent green decor, the color of tennis balls, in which the artist was accompanied by a large group and dancers.

After the musical presentation, DJ Khaled introduced the event’s three hosts, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer and Regina Hall, who joked that the awards organizers decided “to hire three women because it’s less expensive than hiring a man”. . Then Wanda Sykes quipped on “The Power of the Dog”: “I’ve seen it three times and I’m still in the middle” and the camera focused on director Jane Campion heartbroken with laughter.

Another of the opening comments alluded to the Hollywood Academy’s controversial determination to leave out eight categories, before which the Dolby Theater lights went out and flickered before the benchmark.

“Encanto, a film by Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith, produced by Disney and which recreates the universe of Colombian culture, won the prize for best animated film. A few minutes earlier, Sebastián Yatra interpreted, in one of the musical numbers of the evening, “Dos oruguitas”, taken from this film and nominated in the Best Original Song category.

Among the tributes to the history of cinema at the Dolby Theatre, the most moving was “The Godfather”, with the presence of Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, which received a standing ovation. Plus, there was one for the 60th anniversary of the premiere of “The Satanic Dr No” from the James Bond 007 agent saga, featuring footage from the film set to Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” soundtrack.

One of the most emotional moments of the evening was when deaf-mute actor Troy Kotsur of “Coda” received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. With sign language and with translation disabled, Kotsur thanked his father, whom he cited as his “true hero” and blessed the possibility of being able to devote himself to acting, which is his passion, and that ‘Hollywood has opened doors for people to see your work.

In another relevant accolade, in the Best International Film category, it was won by Japan’s ‘Drive My Car’, which was also vying for the Best Picture Oscar.

In short, another Oscar with some surprises, as in the case of “Coda”; certain controversies that will be discussed during the week such as the slap in the face of Will Smith and with weighty musicals whose rating will say whether or not they have been effective in the public. Positive point, by winning the first Afro-Latin and openly gay actress, as is the case of Ariana DeBose for “Love Without Barriers”, and deaf-mute actor Troy Kotsur, the Oscar continues to open the door to inclusion and diversity. Maybe it’s a move to adapt to the times and get more sympathy from the film industry and also from viewers.

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