comes a key change that avoids the biggest hassle

comes a key change that avoids the biggest hassle

Application WhatsApp It is one of the most widely used in the world. and that is why it must be possible to notify certain things to the contacts. Those who change their phone number know that it is very common to lose the contacts they had in the application, which can be very annoying.

This is why since WhatsApp Two options have been analyzed so that these people are not held incommunicado despite change phone number.

Number change: how to notify WhatsApp contacts

The first option is sign in on the new device with the old number, which can only be done if the old chip is still activated. This process is agile and has 2 key steps:

    • Put the old cell phone number before you start.
    • Enter the security code that is sent to messages from the old number.

There are two ways to notify your contacts that your number has changed

After following these two steps, the user will be able to see the option if they want change official number to this WhatsApp account. If you accept it, all users will be automatically informed of the change in question.

Change of number: how to notify by a WhatsApp broadcast

Another alternative is to broadcast WhatsApp, which allows you to send 256 messages at a time. Here are the steps to assemble it:

    • Enter the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon which is in the right corner
    • Choose the New broadcast option.
    • Choose the contacts you want to send the message to.
    • Touch the green button to confirm this mailing list.
With a WhatsApp broadcast, it is possible to notify contacts

This is how you can create a WhatsApp broadcast

In this way, all contacts can be notified “manually” of this new mobile number change.

WhatsApp: how to know if my account has been cloned

By “cloning” your activity from WhatsAppit is possible that someone to spy your conversation in the instant messaging app. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if this is happening and to prevent it.

Spying implies that someone could see your WhatsApp. This usually happens because your session needs to be cloned or opened on another device and it’s very easy to do if they have physical access to your cell phone.

A hacking or intervention it is generally understood as an action at a distance or at a distance, with the aim of seeing, hearing what you say and even manipulating your messages.

It’s a bit more complex technically because it requires breaking application security by injecting malicious code (“malware”).

There are several ways to take a caress like this, though it’s unlikely to happen to the “average” person or do anything illegal.

Using the QR to access WhatsApp Web is the key to session cloning.

Using the QR to access WhatsApp Web is the key to session cloning.

How to know if my WhatsApp is spied or “cloned”

If someone is very interested in your life, they will probably try spy on you by WhatsApp website. Or maybe he temporarily took your cell phone and logged into your account in seconds.

By doing the above, that person will have a “duplicate” or “clone” of your account on another device. It will read your WhatsApp messages in this computer and you can also answer it, even if you already have the portable in your power

WhatsApp on your mobile it will work normally and as usual. However, all of this send and receive it will be mirrored on that other device.

If you see a notification like picture Following, You have to be careful. This means your WhatsApp is cloned as above, as long as you are not using WhatsApp Web.

If you haven’t, i.e. you don’t have an open WhatsApp web session, that’s for sure spying and see your messages.

Solution so that they don’t “clone” your WhatsApp

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just click on the notification and on the next screen click on “Close all sessions“. In this way, the to spy You will immediately lose access to your account.

To prevent this from happening again, set the lock your phone screen. Therefore, even if someone takes your phone, it will not be possible to access the WhatsApp application to connect it to another device via WhatsApp Web. You will again be prompted to unlock the device.

Additionally, you can block access to the app by going to your Settings, Privacy, fingerprint lock (if you don’t have this option, use an App Lock).

When you go to connect via WhatsApp Web, scan QR code on the official website of the application here..

Never scan QR codes on another website (even if they offer prizes or gifts), since this too you can clone your account. This is an attack known as QRL Jacking.

There are tricks to avoid session cloning in WhatsApp.

There are tricks to avoid session cloning in WhatsApp.


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