Conclusion: the feat of La peña de morfi, what record did you achieve with the debut of Jey Mammon?

Conclusion: the feat of La peña de morfi, what record did you achieve with the debut of Jey Mammon?

This Sunday, morphi’s rock (call) began its seventh season, with the novelty of the incorporation of Jay Mamon in front of drivingaccompanied by Jessica Ciriowhich was part of the cycle created and directed by Gerard Rozin.

The premiere was crossed by a great emotional charge and the expectation of the debut in the program of one of the strongest figures in television in 2021, determining factors that made it the cycle will polarize rating metrics and leave the rest of the channels far behind.

Yesterday, 11 a.m. to 4:08 p.m. morphi’s rock achieved an excellent average of 8.8 points and hit a peak of 10.9 points, mark reached in the time slot that began at 1:30 p.m. Also, from 12:15 p.m., the format achieved the highest activation of the day, exceeding the number of prime time, with 74.3% of the share, generating an extreme polarization of public consumption. The figures, quite promising, placed the program in second place for the most watched of the day.

Rodrigo Cascón, Jey Mammon, Jésica Cirio and Santiago Giorgini, hosts and chefs of La peña de morfi

At a time when prime time had lukewarm numbers, one of the curiosities happened with the management of Cinema Shampoo IV (eltrece), average cycle of 9 pointsonly two tenths more than morphi’s rockwith the screening of the film suicide squad.

Also in eltrece, 100 Argentinians say, famous special average of 7.5 points, in direct competition with Password (Telefe) who scored three tenths less Yes MasterChef Celebrity, the revenge (Telefe) which reaches an average of 8.4 points. In turn, in competition with the reality TV show Telefe, The hotel of the famous, the debate (eltrece) scored 5.4 points.

With 100 Argentinians they say, Darío Barassi led the rating of his time slot
With 100 Argentinians they say, Darío Barassi led the rating of his time slot

In the new one, I live for youthe good talk show hosted by Caroline Papaleo Yes Julien Weich, was the most watched with an average of 2.2 points. On this channel, the afternoon of the 9 is 0.4 tenths and tirelessly reaches 1.9.

In Americathe best audience was obtained by the award ceremony Platinum Rewards. It was a success for the channel to program this special program which he averaged 2.3 points, a number that allowed him to beat elnueve. As, The Real Secrets: Juan Martin del Potroissued from 10:19 p.m., averaged 1.9.

In the Public television, The final of the CTwhich was from 1:48 p.m. to 2:20 p.m., was the most watched with an average of 1.2. Net TV gave rise to another of the oddities of the day. The best average of this channel, which was only 0.5 tenths, was achieved by fiction betty the ugly from 8:30 a.m.

morphi’s rock it has retained its festive essence and bet on the pillars that have made it an original and precious format: live music, gastronomy with local flavors, humor and sport. In the beginning, Jey Mammon recalled his debut on open television, ten years ago and also on Telefe, and honored the memory of Gerardo Rozínwho was the creator and the conductor of this necessary and essential cycle.

Sophie Pashanoin MasterChef Celebrity, the revenge, showed again that she is a seasoned cook. Yesterday, the program’s jury spared no praise for its original preparation based on flavors that achieved an exquisite pairing.

In The hotel of the famous, the debate the drivers Adrien Pallares Yes Rodrigo Lussich They referred to the words of Matilda Blanco against his girlfriend Sabrina Carballo. Also yesterday, the sexual encounter between two of the participants of the reality TV show was analyzed.

Victoria Carreras, in addition to being an actress, has channeled her artistic work through filmmaking. In the afternoon of the 9, Pia Slapka Yes Thomas Dent received the director accompanied by Mercedes racing, his mother. The conversation revolved around the documentary, directed by Victoria, which reflects the long genealogical history of a family where actresses distinguished themselves for several centuries.

America made a big special with the delivery of the Platinum Film Awards, one of the most important awards in the audiovisual industry. During the ceremony, Guido Záffora interviewed Joaquín Furrierl, who won the Best Supporting Actor award for his participation in the series The kingdom.

Guido Zaffora also interviewed Cecile Roth on the red carpet at Platinum Rewards. The actress highlighted the encounter, given the paralysis of the industry during the Covid pandemic.

a. Cinema Shampoo IVsuicide squad (eltrece) 9 rating points

of them. morphi’s rock (Telefe) 8.8 points

3. MasterChef Celebrity, the revenge (Telefe) 8.4 points

Four. 100 Argentinians say, famous special (eltrece) 7.5 points

5. sunday cinemamiracles from heaven (Phone) / Password (Telefe) 7.2 points

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