Controversy in the Martín Fierro because they excluded Dieguito Fernando from the tribute to Maradona: "There was a black hand"

Controversy in the Martín Fierro because they excluded Dieguito Fernando from the tribute to Maradona: “There was a black hand”

Veronica Ojeda’s anger over her son’s treatment in Diego Maradona tribute to Martin Fierro (Video: “Intruders”, America)

the tribute to Diego Maradona in the Fierce Martin 2022 He had anticipated it for several days. We even knew that Veronique Ojeda he was going to take his son, Diego Fernandoto hilton hotelfor him to go on stage: he had agreed with his friend louis venturaPresident of APTRA, who had told him the idea. That’s why he was surprised when finally, on Sunday evening, the youngest son of The 10 he had to follow the homage from a distant table.

In this context, many theories have been woven in this regard – it has even been said that it was an express request from Claudia Villafanesomething that the mother of Dalma Yes Gianinna Maradona denied – but the truth is that this Tuesday Ojeda took the floor and told what happened. “It was true that Dieguito had to go on stage, with Luis we had concocted something so that he would have a nice memory of his father. I had to tell Dieguito everything that was going to happen, that there was going to be a lot of people and that he was going to go up, if he was not ashamed. The idea was that he greets people and says a few words for his father”, began the ex-partner of Diego by explaining in dialogue with intruders.

“We went much earlier, he continued, I reserved two rooms (at the Hilton) so that we were quiet, they were not exchanged, I specify. Dieguito was happy and when we entered the party they sat us away and told us: “I think Dieguito won’t be able to go up because Telefe told us so”.. Imagine that at the beginning, Dieguito asked me when I was going to go on stage. And there I had a lot of pain, I told him that people were going to applaud and that he was going to look at the images he was going to show of his father. There, he climbed on the chair and thanked everyone by opening his arms.

Claudia Villafañe while paying tribute to Diego Maradona

“It made me very sad because Dieguito is nine years old and it seems to me that it was a complete and absolute disrespect”, he pointed out. “APTRA behaved very well, Luis too, who was very uncomfortable with the whole situation, he explained it to me and he was very angry. But Telefe behaved very badly” , Ojeda said. In this sense, he explained the reasons that brought him closer: “They told me it was for family reasons. I told them there was no problem, I don’t know what they meant.”.

During this time he noticed Villafañe -also present in the Martin Fierro for Master Chef Celebrity– and his daughters. “I have respect for them, in fact I spoke with Claudia a few days ago. She also knew that Dieguito was coming up. We had discussed the possibility that the grandson (by Benjamin Aguero) can also climb with Dieguito. The only thing I told him was to talk to his mother (Gianinna) to see if it was possible.” “I don’t know what happened after, there was a black hand”He launched.

Verónica Ojeda with her son Dieguito Fernando and Mario Baudry at the Martín Fierro 2022 ceremony
Verónica Ojeda with her son Dieguito Fernando and Mario Baudry at the Martín Fierro 2022 ceremony

“I stayed (at the ceremony) out of respect for Luis, and I also saw my son happy, everyone came to greet him (…) I didn’t see Claudia, I didn’t meet her because she was in front“, he specified. And she was also outraged by the placement they gave her: “Dieguito didn’t see anything, that’s why he stopped and started saying hello.”

And she returned to Villafañe, one of the people targeted for lowering her son from the tribute: “Obviously they won the Martín Fierro de Oro, but I’m talking about my son, not her. My son was invited to his father’s tribute and they did not treat him properly, being nine years old and with the illusion of being able to be and live a beautiful moment”. However, he reiterated the good relationship he has with Claudia: “He called me worried about my health issues, and I thanked him for his intention. Later, we ended up talking about other things. and also from Martín Fierro. But something happened and I would like Telefe to take responsibility and clarify that.”

Finally, Verónica Ojeda told how her relationship with Dalma Yes Gianinna“Well, we talked about what was right and necessary. I’m not going to talk about them because they’re Dieguito’s sisters, they have a good and normal relationship. We agreed not to talk out of respect and to be together to face all situations in Justice. And he concluded: “I’m a crybaby and when they touch Dieguito, I explode”.


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