cultural currents.  The outdoor show that seeks to recover the splendor of the emblematic avenue of Buenos Aires is back

cultural currents. The outdoor show that seeks to recover the splendor of the emblematic avenue of Buenos Aires is back

As part of a very crowded Corrientes avenue – a novelty for the 6 p.m. time slot, even though it was a Saturday – the second edition of Cultural currents, the pulse cycle for the reactivation of the most important central artery, which houses theaters as well as cinemas, bookstores, pizzerias, restaurants and bars. And he did it through three images from the mega musical Naughty bootson the stage installed just in front of the Astral, the theater which hosts the local version of the Broadway show, directed by Ricky Pashkus and the stars Martin Bossy with great success since its inception. His two co-stars were there: the former Ugly Duckling Laura Esquivelwho performed the song “My Chess List”, and Fernando Tooth (who became famous in High School Musical: the selection and later became one of the most important figures in the revival of the genre), which was highlighted with the song “Bueno de bien”; and also the drag queens of the series, grouped under the title of Angels (Rodrigue Vallejos, The Ibarra Iron, Franco Rau, Gero Arias, Matias Prieto Peccia Yes Nico Villalba) to the sound of “Renovate, float in the air”, all compositions by Cyndi Lauper. In total, it was a 13-minute show that had an average attendance of 2,000 people, spread over a hundred meters, in the street, at the time already converted into a pedestrian zone. Then there was a moment of selfies and autographs, protocols through, in which Esquivel was the figure most requested by children, young people and adults.

Fer Dente, Laura Esquivel and part of the cast of Kinky Boots, in the new cultural proposal on Corrientes AvenueHernan Zenteno

It should be remembered that the first edition of the event took place last year, started on October 15 and lasted 30 days, and is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the city ​​of Buenos Aires and the Friends of the Street Association. On this occasion, the event will be spread over 20 nights, divided between Saturdays and Sundays, always from 6 p.m., in which music, theater, humor, dance and audiovisual performances will be combined. Tomorrow, Sunday 22, for example, passers-by will be able to chat at 9 p.m. with Aliénor Benedetto near the Multiteatro, the room where the actress plays in comedy desperately.

In successive days they will participate Antonio Birabent, Purple Urtizberea, Hannibal Pashano and the cast of his new music hall So… i’m back, Valeria Archimo with the cast of The Cusifai, Gladys Florimonte, Benjamin Alonso, Tamara Tenembaumthe group Vox-Pop, Bethlehem Pasqualini, Noialtri and the cast of Thousand?among other artists. Part of the program will also include the Teatro Colón Higher Institute of Artwith a presentation of his wind ensemble and the special the night of the musicalswith images and scenes from Shame, I already want it, mom is smaller Yes free from all ties. The last three weekends of the cycle, which will end on Sunday July 31, will be aimed at children, with specials on Winter holidays in the city, which will include excerpts from musical and theatrical performances for children. The full schedule, with specific dates and times, is available at

Cultural currents has the financial support of Santander Argentina Foundation, through the Patronage program of the Impulso Cultural platform of the City’s Ministry of Culture; while AADET (the Argentine Association of Theatrical Entrepreneurs) is in charge of the logistics of the event: that is, of scheduling the performances at strategic times, so that the public who frequent the theater can also enjoy each of the proposals before or after performances as regular rooms on Corrientes Avenue.

The spirit of Cultural currents is linked to other events that try to revitalize the avenue (especially after the terrible consequences caused by the pandemic, with closures of premises and astronomical losses for businesses still standing), such as bookstore night Yes Record store nights. And this is clearly stated by the Undersecretary for Cultural Management of the City of Buenos Aires, Vivi Cantonione of the architects of the initiative with the Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Henry Avogadro“From the city government, we continue to work with the associations that bring together theaters, bookstores, record stores and the gastronomic sector to promote the reactivation of Corrientes Avenue. All the proposals have been designed so that residents and tourists who pass through it benefit from short cultural actions, in unexpected spaces, and to continue bringing the public closer to experiencing the cultural heart of Buenos Aires”.

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