D-Link EAGLE PRO AI M15 Firmware Setup Options

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI M15 Firmware Setup Options

As for content-based parental control, we still have the option of adding up to 24 URLs, which is insufficient for good parental control, but we will still be able to use DNS servers with built-in parental controls and anti-malware, such as Cloudflare or OpenDNS In addition, we could also use NextDNS which incorporates very advanced features in order to provide parental control, antimalware and also control of all the sites we want.


By default, the DNS protocol used for resolution of all Internet domains uses the UDP transport layer protocol on destination port 53. All request and response traffic is not protected by any type of encryption or encryption. authentication, any malicious user could redirect us to any website specially designed to steal our information, it could also allow operators to block certain web pages that we try to access.

The DNS over HTTPS (DoT) protocol allows us to ensure that the communication from our router to the Google or Cloudflare DNS server is fully encrypted point to point, in this way we will have greater privacy and security when browsing on the Internet, because these requests cannot be “spied on”. Additionally, carriers would also not be able to block DNS over HTTPS as they would block all HTTPS requests to Google or Cloudflare. This feature is really interesting, because other manufacturers instead of integrating DNS over HTTPS integrate DNS over TLS, which can be easily limited, because it uses TCP protocol on port 853.

AI-based mesh network optimization

The manufacturer D-Link has integrated a kind of AI that is responsible for constantly monitoring the WiFi wireless network to provide the best possible performance, it will be responsible for changing the channels whenever there is interference with other wireless networks, and we can even get reports on the operation of the WiFi network and if there is any type of problem that we should know about.

Of course, the Smart Steering and Smart Roaming functions are still present in this new WiFi Mesh system, and this extends to the rest of the equipment such as WiFi routers and repeaters, since they are all from the same family and will be perfectly integrated. in the mesh network. The firmware will allow us to configure the WPA3-Personal security protocol to have the best possible security, but if you activate this security all your wireless clients must support it, otherwise you will not be able to see the WiFi wireless network, let alone you connect to that. Currently it is recommended to choose WPA2/WPA3-Personal, although it is not more secure than WPA2-Personal because it is in transition mode and an attacker could force to use WPA2 instead of WPA3.

New mobile app

Another very important change in these new equipment of the EAGLE PRO AI family is the application for mobile devices, now it is no longer the popular D-Link Wi-Fi application but it is the new application specifically oriented to the installation, management and administration of This teams. This new app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as you can see here:



The main features of this new app are the same as the previous D-Link Wi-Fi. We will be able to see the entire WiFi network, the connected clients, the Mesh nodes added, check the connection status, block the devices we want easily and quickly, configure the parental control of the computer, program the access Internet, turn on the Wi-Fi network and even update all the devices in the WiFI Mesh network. We will also be able to use D-Link Cloud to access the main router remotely, without needing to know the public IP, since we will be using the manufacturer’s Cloud for this. Finally, we can activate and synchronize the services of Amazon Alexa as well as the Google assistant.

At RedesZone we have recorded a complete video where you can see in detail all the options for configuring and customizing the firmware of the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI M15 model, but the rest of the family equipment has exactly the same functionality and features. In the following video we will show you some of the star features of D-Link equipment, such as the Movistar FTTH triple VLAN and also the L2TP/IPsec type VPN server.

If you’re interested in buying one of these devices, be sure to check out our full firmware review to learn more about all the options available. When buying a router or WiFi Mesh, not only the hardware is very important, but also the firmware of the device and whether or not we have many configuration options available.

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