Daily horoscope, May 20, 2022, of all signs of the zodiac

Daily horoscope, May 20, 2022, of all signs of the zodiac

In the daily horoscope, Friday May 20the Sun changes sign in the horoscope reaching Gemini so you can see life in a more versatile and positive way and make productive changes.


In the afternoon, the Sun will move into Gemini and expand the sign’s influence, as Mercury and the Black Moon await. As the energy of Gemini is active, fun and optimistic, during the next four weeks you will be ready to improve your whole life, from the physical and mental to the personal and the family.

Your way of acting will be smart and cunning, because it will be easier for you to accept tasks and responsibilities. You will also notice that your ideas are more effective, they will help you relieve tension and organize your life better, so you will feel more stable.

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Today the Sun enters Gemini, which means that during the next thirty days you must devote more time to all that began and renewed during the month of your birthday. As surely in this period, the hopes led you to promote various endeavors and you gave strong impetus to various goals in your life.

Now is the right time when you can take more risks and add energy to each one. On the other hand, with that Gemini influence in your horoscope you will have the opportunity to show your innovative and original talent.

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After a year, the Sun returns to your sign. You’ll feel like a surge of positive energy pouring into you, making your next four weeks the most important of the year. In addition to being an anniversary, it’s time to give all your energy and boost your efforts.

You will experience situations that will increase your self-confidence; above all, your optimism, making this moment a new starting point. For this purpose you can also make rosemary baths on the chakras. It is important that you have your own schedule with the goals you want to achieve in the next six months.

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There are stages in the year which are internal evaluation and programming because they are the prelude to the start of a better stage. Starting today and for the next four weeks, you will go through this cycle and I recommend that you put the full power of your intention into preparing for new goals.

Put them into practice when you start your new personal year, which will be next month, but while it is coming, you must choose the kind of life you want to have, where you are heading, and leave helplessness behind. and anger, which are where you waste your energy not to repeat it.

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The Sun is already traveling through the sign of Gemini, transmitting its shifting energy and eager to do many things to you. You will feel it through an impulse to order your priorities and prepare new goals because you will perceive that you must make a change.

This solar influence also increases your creative and imaginative capacity, which gives you a high probability of success in standing out from the ideas of others. On the other hand, you will have more cunning to solve financial problems; especially if you need to improve a certain type of business and make it more productive.

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You have been very happy for the past few weeks and it has served to charge you with positive energy and strength. Now that the Sun is already in Gemini and is approaching Mercury, you need to use this energy that you have integrated into these tense situations that may arise in the next thirty days.

Above all, in those that will be generated in your romantic relationship, when you feel that from your heart and your mind they take different paths. Also, it’s very important that you keep in mind that these days you shouldn’t promise what you can’t keep because you’ll get complaints if you don’t.

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The Sun already illuminates the sign of Gemini. By favoring and getting closer to Mercury passing through the same sign, you will quickly find that your mental and rational stability increases day by day for the next four weeks.

This will lead you to make the most appropriate decisions and be clear about the way to achieve your goals, as well as improve your relationships with your colleagues.

Regarding the latter, in particular, you will have more clarity on how to approach the one that is best for you and ask for the support you need. If you need to make a change at work, these are the best days to do so.

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With the passage of the Sun in Gemini, starting today and for the following weeks, you will receive a very strong vibration of versatility and agility which will motivate you to manage the changes in temperament.

Approaching Mercury at the same time, you will benefit from listening to and analyzing the different opinions of those around you and thus correcting personal attitudes by keeping an open and well-disposed mind.

Moreover, the aforementioned influence will stimulate you to connect with your inner world and find new skills and talents that will lead you to change the way you think and express yourself.

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Today, the Sun enters Gemini and tells you that six months have already passed since your birthday and, according to the cycles of the Universe, it is a good time to review what began this time ago. As it also approaches Mercury, over the next four weeks you will assess whether you need to conclude anything and what experience you have learned.

To do this, prepare a list of new projects, write them down in your diary and wait a few days to start them. In the meantime, don’t come into conflict with anyone as it might lower your morale, and if you need to, do this ritual to stay in control with a very difficult person.

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The Sun, which is already in Gemini and is approaching Mercury, generates great creative inspiration and a lot of breadth in your ideas, which will allow you to conceive of complex and deep subjects in a very dizzying way.

In addition, your extrasensory perception will increase and this will allow you to connect with others in a different way and feel what can happen in a few days. All of the above will ensure that faith, magic and reason are in a state of balance within you and that your rationality is supported by a great mysticism which will manifest in every moment.

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Today the Sun will enter Gemini and together with Mercury will activate this sign for the next four weeks. This will be the time to give a good rhythm to your life, since everything will unfold in a calm and favorable way.

It will also be important to maintain harmony in everything around you and in all your relationships, because your happiness and well-being will allow you to take your joy everywhere.

As the good vibration that you will have inside will attract all that is positive, new financial and even romantic proposals will come to you. Remember that after receiving them you need to move forward immediately.

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Today, you reap the benefits of the Sun transiting Gemini, which, along with Mercury, adds agility and hope to your spirit. With this influence, it will be easier for you to put more willpower on your part and maintain harmony in relationships.

For this, it is also beneficial for you to get closer to those you have fought with or to move away and do the ritual to reconcile with someone you love, because you will understand and feel in your heart that it is a time of adding harmony and affection. Don’t wait for them to seek you, do it yourself and open the door of your life to integrate them again.

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