Dani La Chepi on the death of her father, their separation and the two operations she had to undergo: "If they come to me, they all come together"

Dani La Chepi on the death of her father, their separation and the two operations she had to undergo: “If they come to me, they all come together”

Regarding “Impossible”, the new song he recorded with Manuel Wirzt, Dani La Chepi gave a radio interview in which He spoke for the first time about the death of his father, his separation and gave details of the two operations he had to undergo.

“I’m happy with this fear that you can’t believe… And I can’t believe that I recorded with Manuel. I tackled a robbery for the first time with one of his songs! And now I had him by my side, he directed me, he told me how to sing. It was a dream I had as a girl and I thought it would never happen to me,” the actress and host told Catalina Dlugi, in the radio cycle Wait for Catalina.

Beyond her good professional moment, the actress recently had to go through very complicated situations: her father died, she moved, she separated and she had surgery. “My days are like an electrocardiogram… Sometimes I wake up in a good mood and I want to do things, to repeat… And when the girl is at school, she paints me in the doldrums.. . One, when she’s very demanding and he’s grown up with this survival thing, he doesn’t give himself permission to quit,” he explained.

And he added: “The other day I paused to reflect on the example I am setting for my baby. Before my father arrived and before my separation, when we moved, I was very nervous. At that moment, I said to Isabella: “You know, my daughter, that they say that in the moments that stress you the most and that worry you the most, you are the move, the death of a loved one and separation. At that time, I was very stressed about the move, but suddenly… If they come to me, they all come together! Of course, those were all possibilities that existed, because they are part of life, but all of them together, plus my kidney operation that magically stopped”.

“And I went to the operating theater twice. I had renal colic, which the doctors say is the pain most similar to contractions. I didn’t know this was what was happening to me, I thought it was my intestines, also I had two operations already and as I have less images of the intestine and my problem is congenital , I was convinced that was it,” he said.

What happened was that one of his kidneys was totally inflamed and they had to put a catheter in. The second operation was precisely to remove it. “And it was worse than the first. Actually, it’s silly, but I was more nervous without my dad. The doctors saw me and said, ‘Don’t cry!’ I was awakened; I thought I wasn’t going to wake up, that I might go into cardiac arrest. I thought of my daughter. The world collapsed on me,” he recalls.

“Now, I have to do metabolic studies and a lot of things, but the doctor, who is a phenomenon, gave me two weeks of ‘holiday’ and then we come back to the attack, because we have to see why the problem arose. , because in addition, I have four calculations in the other kidney“, he explained.

Regarding the death of her father, La Chepi shared a message on her Instagram account on March 28 in which she reported what had happened. There, he expressed: “Today 8 o’clock in the morning, after 9 years of suffering, you were able to rest. Thank you God for giving him the peace he so deserved. Thank you, pa, for teaching me to the last breath that ‘pa’ comes back ‘just to gain momentum. That things are won with effort, hard work and always respecting those who are by my side. Thank you for the brothers you gave me and for the old woman you chose. Thanks man for every word at the right time. I chose to remember you smiling while you repeated your best phrases: ‘The important thing is to be happy, the rest is party favors’ and that there are three ways to do things ‘The bad, the good and yours, I always chose yours Dany’. Thank you Alberto Jose Viaggiamari. Proud to have been your daughter. I love you dear old man.”

In the interview, he broached the subject for the first time. “It was 9 years with constant calls in the best and worst times of the family’s life. ‘Your old man is hemorrhaging’, ‘Your old man needs to be transferred’… My old man was a man who suffered inside a body, because he couldn’t do anything at all. So I can’t imagine, and I get goosebumps when I say it, spending nine years without being able to say anything to your children, to your grandchildren who are going to visit you… Without being able to drink liquids, without being able to grasp yours means the hand of your mistress… I think only Hitler deserves such a punishment,” he said.

“People don’t decide when to leave, but I think they decide when to let go, when to relax and when to surrender. And I feel he did when my brother Marcos left, the youngest, who was the light in his eyes. He came from Spain to visit us for 15 days and he went to see my father every day. I think he was expecting it. And everyone at the clinic told us, and look, doctors aren’t very spiritual… And when my brother left, he started to get off balance. They started giving him morphine and a few days before they told me he was fine, but that’s something that usually happens, like a peak before leaving. By the time he recovered, I was happy. That’s why the question of leaving is so agonizing, because on the one hand you feel relief because he’s not going to suffer anymore and on the other, great pain,” he said.

And I add:I miss my father’s voice. In May, two of my brothers who don’t live in the country are coming to Buenos Aires and we are going to scatter his ashes in Mar del Plata, which was where he wanted to live.. One of my brothers told me that he was sad not to remember his voice. And it’s that at the time he had the stroke, cell phones, audio messages and videos weren’t used as much… And with my mother we found VHS that we’re going to have them digitized to send them to my brothers”.

“Consolation comes to me every day with the baby, with people asking me if I’m okay, when I read the letter that my old man wrote to me in 2009 and that I shared in part on the networks the day where he left us. I stuck him in the fridge and I’m not going to take him out because he was an example to me. That’s why I miss him so much.”

The actress also addressed the issue of her separation from her last partner, Daniel Cordone, who in the networks assured that between them “there was and there is love”.

“We broke up for a reason. What he said is the truth and so is what I said. Neither of them lied. We both gave everything we could. During the past two and a half years we have been apart many times but i don’t post if i fight or not people look at the reality on instagram of a couple in love but it’s not the reality he has three children, I have a daughter and I support her alone… My work is very important in my life. And he has his family, his ex… There are a lot of things that happened throughout the relationship after two and a half years. For now, no more. There is love, we don’t separate because we stopped loving each other“, precise.

When La Chepi confirmed their separation on the networks, she received aggressive messages from other women and made a strong statement. This Saturday, he dug into the subject: “A lot of mines were saying things like ‘She used it’ ‘Poor boy! He got tired of this intense’. You have to be cool! We had separated there ten days old and they sent me a screenshot of a girl. “Listen, I see you fell and I’ve been following you since I was little. This one isn’t worth it. And what I needed to tell them is that they weren’t helping me, they were hurting me, because everyone lives their duel as they see fit, moreover, he excluded the version according to which there was of gender-based violence.” If he or I were telling the reasons for the breakup, we would involve a lot of people who call themselves family. He doesn’t have to come out and say we didn’t have time because Isa’s dad did such and such or I said so-and-so’s mother. It’s something I will never do in my life, because I have a daughter who is now 8 years old. I don’t want the school to say to him: “Ah, so your father does that or your mother does that”. Do not! I teach my daughter that she doesn’t have to talk about each other’s life and that we talk about what we can and want to talk about.”

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