Detailed, believable and well narrated: here is "The city is ours", the new fiction by David Simon

Detailed, believable and well narrated: here is “The city is ours”, the new fiction by David Simon

New series from the creators of “The Wire” about a group of corrupt police officers, their capture and trial. (HBOMax)

There are two facts that sell this series like no other. in the trailer for The city is our the name of david simon Yes George Pelecanos, both responsible for Thread Yes The devil, among others. The first is considered one of the best dramas in the history of television and in a recent BBC poll it was crowned the best series of the 21st century. 206 journalists from 43 countries took part in the election and made a list of 100 leading HBO series. The second reason is that it’s based on a true story that Justin Fenton wrote for the book that gives the series its name. The first episode is out today hbo-max.

It’s not for celebrities bingewatch, neither for its characters to sell dolls nor become an endless saga. Don’t expect too many visual gimmicks, or massive production scenes full of explosions or sudden twists. Maybe a bit complex due to time jumps, but nothing that fits with the chapters. We own this town is a six-episode miniseries that could be considered a sequel or spinoff of Thread because of the way the story is approached, because of the location (Baltimore) and the many faces that appear in both casts. This is the true story of a group of corrupt policemen who are members of the GTTF (Gun Trace Task Force), created especially to clean up the streets and make them safer, but they themselves end up becoming the main problem of the citizens, especially African Americans.

images of “The city is ours”. (HBO)

The series brings to the screen the research he has done Justin Fenton and which he later recounted in his book “We Own This City”. The journalist worked for years on the case of this group of corrupt police officers, which resulted in more than 10 detectives sentenced to between 10 and 20 years in prison. As a member of baltimore sun (same newspaper in which David Simon worked), followed the case which would provide him with ample material to turn this story into a book and which has today become the television fiction in question. It contains grim details about the real case and its opening contains stock footage.

The series takes as its central axis Wayne Jenkins (Jon Bernthal), member of the GTTF and symbol of this group which positions itself as its leader. throughout the chapters The city is our It shows the different stages and procedures of these police officers and the multiple crimes they committed, but always led by this character, present on the ground or dominating the situation with his previous indoctrination. The series begins with a long monologue by Jenkins on how to conquer and exercise dominance in the streets with verbal or physical intimidation as the primary force is what we will see in the six chapters. Excellent work by Bernthal on the interpretation of Jenkins.

The series is directed and produced by Reinaldo Marcus Green.  (HBO)

The series is directed and produced by Reinaldo Marcus Green. (HBO)

The first significant resource to tell this series is the change of time: it moves constantly and without preamble between the first years 2000 and 2017 on time, where the interrogations led by the character of Dagmara DominczykErika Jensen. About fifteen characters are featured, including police officers, prosecutors, victims and family members, providing a broad storyline of the actions of these members of the police force as well as representatives of the forces or organizations that participated in the case, including the FBI and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division represented by Nicole Steele (Wunmi Mosaku).

All chapters are led by Reinaldo Marcus Green (King Richard: a winning family), a director who clarified his style, but here, hand in hand with david simon, the story takes on a more documentary tone and is constantly present through the various plans or photographs inspired by the real case. The same thing happens – perhaps its biggest drawback – with Thread: the story is presented in a plausible way, with a great weight in the details and an excellent construction of the characters, but of course, with five seasons to develop the various subplots. Still, Green executes the Simon and Pelecanos script very well, and We own this town it becomes a work of enormous audiovisual value, but which goes against its vulgarization, because today the shorter, explosive and hard-hitting it is, the better.

Pictures of "The city is our".  (HBO)

Images of “The city is ours”. (HBO)

The city is our aired its first episode this Monday, April 25 on hbo-max then a first chapter each week.

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