Diego Simeone, furious with his ex: the click that emerges from the statements of Carolina Baldini

Diego Simeone, furious with his ex: the click that emerges from the statements of Carolina Baldini

Diego Simeon He has renewed his contract as technical director of Atlético de Madrid. He announced it last Sunday, in the middle of an emotional match for the farewell of the Uruguayan Luis Suárez as a colchonero player.

To his liking, that kind of news (and the win that earned his side a UEFA Champions League spot) is the only one he’d like to play in. in eternity. But, these days, it’s not like that. Friday the 13th the words of his ex-wife, Carolina Baldini, in the show THEMthat Angel de Brito hosts in America, had a strong impact on him.

“It was I who made the decision to separate”, “the separation was made on good terms”, “I gave everything to the couple”, these are some of the declarations of Baldini which quickly flooded information portals. She even confirmed that it wasn’t until Simeone met his current wife, Carla Pereyra, in 2014 that they decided to formalize the separation: “We separated until he found a partner. . I knew he wanted to start a family.”

As Simeone lives in Madrid, it was his friends and family who brought him to the attention of the statements made by the mother of his three eldest sons, Giovanni, Gianluca and Giuliano. In dialogue with THE NATION, Diego Simeone referenced Baldini’s lyrics. He thus breaks a silence he has maintained since the beginning of 2008. “I’m tired of him leaving after fifteen years. Especially since I never talked about everything that happened and the damage it caused. She continues to talk as if no one has a memory. I got tired of trying to take care of my kids and protect them from the environment. There is no turning back. She broke strong family codes and I’m out of patience.”

As this medium has been able to know, the DT will take legal action to prevent Baldini from continuing to mention him and his family in interviews. In fact, this morning Baldini would have received the document letter sent by Simeone’s lawyers. The trigger would have been the revelations that she made in relation to the health of Diego Simeone’s father, Carlos, who died on March 25.

Diego Simeone and Carla Pereyra in the last goodbye to Carlos, the father of the former footballerGerard Vierkovitch

But why does Simeone insist that Baldini has no memory? It turns out that in THEM Carolina spoke of a “friendly” separation. But if we recap the end of this relationship of almost twenty years, this term does not correspond.

In early 2008, the former Cholo was on vacation in San Bernardo, where the Simeone family had had a summer residence for years. The paparazzi noticed that it was common for Carolina to talk to one of the lifeguards who was in the tent across from her in-laws. The discussions between them were recorded on several photos published in gossip magazines. Simeone, who presented the title of technical director of River Plate and was in pre-season with the team, trusted his wife’s word.

Although tranquility was maintained in the privacy of the couple, the football world took advantage of these photos which were made public and which were uploaded several times on and off the field. It was during a visit to the Estudiantes de La Plata stadium – the team Cholo had left for River – where fans received him with humiliating messages and even waved life jackets at him, alluding to the “bathroom” that his wife had encountered. summer.

Diego Simeone and Carla Pereyra at the premiere of A Chorus Line, in Madrid, in October 2021
Diego Simeone and Carla Pereyra at the premiere of A Chorus Line, in Madrid, in October 2021Getty Images

Carolina Baldini, meanwhile, accepted the proposal to participate in Dance for a dream. Rumors of a crisis were not long in coming, and soon they began to live in separate houses. The breakup came in August 2008, when despite Baldini’s denials, a paparazzi photographed her in Playa del Carmen with the lifeguard she had met during the Argentine summer. Simeone, meanwhile, was going through a terrible professional time with River Plate.

Between that year and the end of 2011 there was an attempt at reconciliation, but Cholo Simeone’s decision to move to Spain to manage Atlético Madrid was what ended up physically and emotionally separating the couple. Indeed, when he met Carla Pereyra in a restaurant in the Spanish capital, in 2014, he bore the title of “coveted bachelor”.

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