Donald revealed the harsh illness he suffers from: “I present him with a day-to-day fight”

The singer Donald Clifton McCluskeycommonly called donald, revealed that he had Parkinson’s. The successful artist wrote a moving open letter on his Facebook profile and told how he lives day to day. “I see that despite my resistance, evil does not give in and give up“, he assured.

I have galloping Parkinson’s, friends.. And when I start shaking, I find it hard to stop. I present the day-to-day battle even appealing to alternative therapies that relieve. ‘I want to defeat it’, but I find that despite my resistance, the evil does not give in and does not give up“, began to explain the interpreter of The waves and the wind.

What Donald said about Parkinson’s disease

After reporting that he has Parkinson diseaseDonald said: “Thank God, Our Lady, Jesus and science There is a medicine that calms, calms, soothes, lessens and even makes the tremors disappear (completely) (subject to certain conditions being met).

To sit peacefully, happily, play the guitar and sing, whether on a stool on a stage or in an armchair at home, in kind and friendly environments (free from stress, anger, sadness and/or anxiety), makes me feel good. joy. The tremors disappear completely. The pale appears when I get up or start moving,” he explained.

Letter Donald Parkinson's Disease

“There, the tensions are heightened and they are transferred to the whole body. To move from one side to the other, I have to do it by holding on to what I find at hand and very slowly, I take one small step after another.until I got to where I wanted to go…without setbacks and without falling, while seriously considering the danger of moving like this due to the possibility of getting dizzy, falling and hurting myself with the blow,” he added.

“PARKINEL (Levodocopa, such is its generic name) has demonstrated its effectiveness when I am immobile and in a state of absolute serenity; however in the face of any involuntary agitation or unwanted alteration, standing or walking, the rare dopamine in my neurological system continues to sing present. And even worse… it seems to aggravate his physical aggression”, he detailed. In addition to this annoying symptom visible and not hidden in my left thumb, other notorious and very uncomfortable signs appear, such as stiffness and the slowness,” he acknowledged.

“There are additional amounts of discomfort that Parkinson’s causes in people, for example in my case, painful contractures in the back (especially in the dorsal vertebrae), tangling in the sheets, difficulty turning over in bed, buttoning buttons, tying shoelaces, etc,” Donald listed. Trying to be positive, the singer felt, “But here I am, folks. And I’m still alive and fighting thank God.”

Letter Donald Parkinson's Disease

“Not that he was a visionary (like my old man was). A week before the pandemic, I met an artistic entrepreneur, because we wanted to tour the whole country. not yet visibly manifested and it was I felt like singing in public, feeling whole and nimble to get on and off any stage,” he said.The pandemic has arrived, the isolation, the sedentary lifestyle, the unexpected sadness caused to me by the death of my little sister, Patricia, and which has triggered the manifestation of what I have been carrying within me since who knows when“.

What led me to whitewash my illness? Without a doubt, these are the courageous statements of Esteban Bulrich and Javier Lombardo, each recounting their fight against the neurological disease from which each was lucky enough to suffer. And by dint of sharing with you, friends, what I have to live on a daily basis, the load has become lighter, less heavy,” he said.

Donald Clifton McCluskey

“Honestly today I don’t know if I’ll be able to defeat evilbut what I can say to the four winds is that I won’t give my arm to twist. Is it worthy of an artist to go on stage in a physical condition like mine which, as a dear friend of mine rightly said, is pitiful? ‘The show must continue‘ (the show must go on) reads a maxim from the Show business. We are all aware of this and agree,” continued Donald, assuring that he fights every day to move forward and with a positive spirit.

As long as I have a thread of voice to sing and flexibility in my fingers to play the guitar, I will continue in the arena and nothing and no one can prevent it or avoid it… at least that’s what I intend to do,” he said. “There is worse in this world than Parkinson’s disease. (eg hate and war). They will agree with me. In my particular case, I won’t let that goddamn Parkinson steal my soul.. Of course not! You can play with my body, but not with my spirit and my life, which is only in the hands of blessed God“, Detained.

At the end of the writing, Donald thanked: “Thank you God and my Lord for your love and for every minute of life you give me in this world with Vero, my family, my friends and all my loved ones!“.


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