Double Vengeance, a star-studded fiction that unsuccessfully tried to renew the romantic thriller on television

Double Vengeance, a star-studded fiction that unsuccessfully tried to renew the romantic thriller on television

Since the days of Alejandro Romay, Channel 9 was characterized by broadcasting fiction on all possible themes and genres. Since the strange ladyindividually interesting The guarantor, or from the horror saga of Narciso Ibáñez Menta to rich and famousthe proposals were always very varied.

In 2006, he bet on a project that was born in the competition channel, Americawith good results a year earlier. Double life with a top cast of the stature of Moria Casán, Jorge Marrale, Juanita Viale, a young Pampita Ardohain and Gonzalo Valenzuelawas one of the successes of this year.

Double Vengeance was born as the second season (or spin-off) of the America cycle, when this idea did not even exist on local television. With an excellent cast at the head Marcela Kloosterboer, Tomas Fonzi, Gerardo Romano and Carolina PapaleoChannel 9 aimed to win over the audience that the previous year had seen time does not stopthe alternative band directed by Sebastián Ortega.

Trailer for “Double Revenge”

double revenge debuted November 22 in primetime from 9:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. It was one of the strong bets of a chain 9 that sought to regain third place in the odds fightand during this month he made many changes.

The story began after the questionable death of the doctor Leonardo Saravia, played in Double life by Jorge Marraland after his daughter, embodied Agustina Lecouna, decides to sell the clinic leaving behind a complicated past.

The doctor and the psychiatrist Gonzalo ZanettiGerardo Romano, was one of the new owners of the place and was ready to do anything to achieve his goals. On another side, Vera Pedraza (Marcela Kloosterboer), discovers that the one who was her psychiatrist was going to become her stepfather and that with the future of history, too, in his worst enemy. Manuel Ferrer, Tomás Fonzi, unable to solve the Saravia case, decided to keep an eye on Zanetti’s movements.

The character of Gerardo Romano

The strip that had everything to be a success was based on the classic confrontation of the brave heroine facing the villain ready for anything, but the public for different reasons turned their backs on him. The former averaged 5.4 points; however, chapter by chapter the numbers went down. With a story that hasn’t finished picking up and a fiction contest in the flagship channels, double revenge He was losing audiences. In its 51 episodes, it had three schedule changes. It went from 10:15 p.m. to 11:15 p.m., and finished after midnight.

With Doble Venganza, in November 2006, begins a program that will become, over the years, one of the pillars of the channel: blessed tv. Beto Casella, with a panel made up of Jorge Lafauci, Fabián Doman, María Isabel Sánchez, Analía Franchín, Claudio Albarenque and Lola Corderor, come to compete with success RSM by Mariana Fabbiani.

2006 was a year in which the television war for audiences broke out like never before. The fight was such that the programs went on and off almost compulsively and the schedules became so changing that they forced the The COMFER (Federal Audiovisual Committee), the authority at the time, sanctioned two aerial channels.

Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro, protagonists of the hit band that year, Sos mi vidaFile / Fernando Massobrio – THE NATION

Telefe led the year with an average of 14.5 rating points, followed by El Trece, which came second with 11.3. Canal 9 ranks third with 5.8 points, followed by América with 4.7 and Canal 7 reaches 1 point, according to the report published by the Ibope counter. But thn prime time – the time slot that goes from 8:00 p.m. to midnight – the channel commanded by Adrián Suar won with 18.1 points in front of 17 of the small balls canal.

In a year where the ignition drop crisis has still not seen itself coming, the audience peaks exceeded 30 points, figures that are science fiction today. The duel of the night was between show the gameled by Marcelo Tinelli, and Monte Cristowith Pablo Echarribut those who reigned in 2006, in prime time, were Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana with You are my lifethe most successful strip of the season.

“Double Revenge” Promotion

the “Party of the Argentines”, contested between the U20 football teams and the one that would represent Argentina at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, broadcast by Telefe, with average of 37.2 and a peak of 42.2 rating points, It was one of the highest metrics and advanced what football numbers would be.

Viewership levels in June – the month of the World Cup – increased enormously despite Argentina’s elimination in the quarter-finals. This month, open television got the best lighting of the year with 59.7 pointstwenty more than in May. double revenge this past year without being able to leave a good memoryinside a television that broadcast great drama in the afternoons and at night.

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