Duki announced his first recital in a stadium: "It leaves a mark so big that no one can erase it"

Duki announced his first recital in a stadium: “It leaves a mark so big that no one can erase it”

The artist will be the first to do it for the urban scene

We are part of an era of urban music that marks an entire generation, and perhaps the greatest reference of the movida in Argentina is Duki, who day after day continues to write many of the most valuable pages of the genre. This Friday, he announced something his listeners have been waiting for a long time: Since the end of the world, a different recital, in an epic place like the Vélez Sarsfield stadium. Asomething that will beanother stick for historyand that it will be a before and after in his career.

The big news was announced via a Twitch stream and an Instagram live from the pitch, in which he wore the Milan jacket he competed in in the Fifth Stage freestyle battles and instantly recognized by his fans, almost like bring that early nostalgia for the peak of his career. There, on the playground of the José Amalfitani stadium, we were able to chat with him.

— How do you work to put on a recital like this? Since the idea of ​​”che loco, we’re going to do a recital in Vélez, we’re going to break everything” was born until now. It sure is a lot sweat and work

– It’s a lot. They are different parts, different processes. For example, the office team was putting all that together for today, which would be the pre-sales work, later when the tickets are sold, the place starts to be put together, the producer comes to see how to set up the stage, the show , the number of songs… There are different stages that are accomplished until the last day arrives where everything is seen. But the truth is that assembly takes a lot of sweat and work, shall we say. Thank God I have a huge team that accompanies me everywhere. It is also a historical fact so beautiful that it is appreciated. Maybe you’re stressed or you’re always trying to add and improve things, but it’s something that’s super appreciated and the people and the show itself give back to you.

Duki has announced that his recital From the End of the World will be in Vélez.

— In one of your interviews, you said that one of your dreams was to release an album that will go down in history forever and fill a stadium. Well, you are making one of your dreams come true. What do you feel?

That’s kind of what I was talking about today, leaving a mark so big that no one can erase it. I think with the album, both things accomplished the same thing. It’s something historic that transcends musical tastes or people’s ideas. When something is so big you just have to admit it, you can’t keep hating it. The kid left, he filled a stadium, what you gon’ keep talking about? If the guy did it, it’s for a reason, because there aren’t 5,000 people.

– How many have entered here?

40,000 they told me. So it starts to take on another dimension and there is a collective unconscious that is beginning to recognize that this is a historic act, an act that will transcendis something like a legend, let’s say.

Duki He went through squares, theatres, micro-stadiums and different stages, but a stadium of these magnitudes is something different, and even more for what it means to be the first in a trap to afford this luxury. The place also has an additional meaning, because in Vélez he lived his first concert when, at only 11 years old, he went with his father to listen Charlie Garcia in 2009. Now he will have the opportunity to be the protagonist of a night that will probably be magical for many.

Madness for Duko in the latest Lolapalooza (@tomiraimon)
Madness for Duko in the latest Lolapalooza (@tomiraimon)

— How many mini Duki do you think there will be on the field or in the stands dreaming of being like you, perhaps dreaming of being the benchmark for a new generation?

“I wish there were a lot. Seriously beautiful. I don’t know if there are necessarily people who want to be an artist, but I know there are people who understand that you can succeed in life, that you can live from what you love and dare to do it it’s possible, isn’t it? It’s the craziest thing. And on the other hand, the image that I remember sharing with my father, and thinking that there are a lot of children who come with their parents too, which seems crazy to me.. Maybe their parents, who came to listen Charlie, today they’re back where I was, but making their union, that’s what they did Charly with my father and me.

– Will the show have any surprises? Guests? artists?

Yes of course. We will try to invite as many artists as possible.

– It’s going to sting…

“It’s going to chip, it’s going to rot.” I since my first shows that I have had to bring a lot of people on stage then surely we will have here a parade of all the boys and girls.

In addition to music, he takes time for himself and has fun in three activities: “I try to welcome him in my free time to apply one of these three missions: either play little games, or paddle tennis or basketball. I play the computer, I send the Counter, but I am very involved in paddle tennis and basketball”. He has always shown his fanaticism for the NBA and several talented players are named in some of his songs, and recently he has also shown his support for esports players such as Lucen Yes dgt from 9z, who played a few days ago at the CS:GO Major. Some time ago I also mentioned Josedeodoargentinian player League of Legends who has been playing in the United States for a year and a half. “A Josesito I cash in, I watch their videos, everything… Cash in on the scene, cash in on the movement, they’re all capos,” he said.

The concert will take place on October 6 and the presale of tickets will start this Monday, while the general sale will start a day later. Although there are still almost five months to go, the duke he is going to be “distracted” because in the previous one he has a series of concerts in different parts of the world: “The good thing is that they have organized an orderly tour for me with many dates, so I will have something to fear. I’ve been in Spain for three months to perform, Latin American tour, release of reggaeton season 2I have a lot of things to do so I will be busy. I’m going to be nervous three or four days in advance, I won’t have anything to do and I’m going to run through walls”.

“And the golden closure is going to be here.

– It will be here.

“From the end of the world to where?”

From the end of the world to the afterlife…

“What is the afterlife?” infinite?

– Beyond. When you tell me “it’s here”, well, beyond. There will always be something beyond.

The promotional poster for the Duki parade in Vélez, and a comparison of its image over the years.
The promotional poster for the Duki parade in Vélez, and a comparison of its image over the years.


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