Duki: from the recital where the words have been forgotten to exhausting two Vélez to pure history: "In this stadium I saw Charly in the rain"

Duki: from the recital where the words have been forgotten to exhausting two Vélez to pure history: “In this stadium I saw Charly in the rain”

We are in May 2017, Duki takes the stage in Mar Del Plata. His repertoire only had three songs and he forgot the words to one of them.neither more nor less than “No vendo trap”, now considered one of the cornerstones of the genre in Argentina.

Iván de Quilmes, her tattoo artist, was there. “The guy came out from behind the DJ booth and started singing the lyrics to me next to me and that’s when I remembered, he saved my life,” Duki says.exactly five years after that date and close to filling the Vélez stadium twice on October 6 and 7with dates already sold out.

This is a milestone for the urban genre in Argentina. “A stick for history”, as Duki likes to say as a slogan each time it crosses out achievements. It will be the first time that an artist of the genre has played in a football stadium, the same one that this year congeneric congeners such as Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny will fill the room. “This tie is beautiful, for the photo it looks amazing. Bad Bunny, Papa Yankee and Duko it’s incredible in terms of energy and execution, it’s magnificent,” he said.

Duki at the last Lollapalooza; now he’s off to conquer VélezJulian Bongiovanni – THE NATION

But to Duki, who in 2021 published Since the end of the worldan album in which he establishes his sense of belonging to project himself from Argentina to the world, there is a much stronger bond: on the court of Vélez, he saw his first recital, nothing less than the Charly García’s pageant in the rain in 2009.

Duki was thirteen then, and now that he’s almost twice as old, he decided that playing in that same stadium would be something of an act of poetic justice. “I wanted to put a big date here this year. We thought of something iconic, we wanted to play in a smaller place to make the record, but these records are exploited, at Luna Park you have to do about 20 times to pass Arjona… We were looking to do a River and one day I said to Fede Lauría, my partner, ‘I saw Charly in Vélez’ and he said to me ‘That’s it, you tell me’. We sat down to watch and yes, that was it. My first stadium and where I saw the first show of my life”.

–What do you remember from this Charly show?

-What I like the most flashed It was the number of people it was crazy. I remember a very precise moment, It was cold, it was raining and we went to sit with my dad and I remember seeing him having fun. What he likes the most is music, I saw him at home, sitting in the living room listening to soft music and I knew he liked it and traveled with it. And I remember sharing that with him. Now that I’m older, I can give him an emotional explanation, it seems incredible to me.

The singer made one of his first presentations in the city of Mar Del Plata
The singer made one of his first presentations in the city of Mar Del Plata

-And your relationship with Argentinian rock has never been conflictual, quite the contrary. You do another style but you have always pointed out your admiration.

-Yes. When we talk about national rock, we all know that we’re talking about the best music scene that Argentina has ever known and an energy that I still hope to revive a little. And I feel like that’s a bit. It seems beautiful to me because I feel that I will gain a very important legitimacy. I would like to have the respect of those who have listened to Argentinian rock because for me it is the most beautiful thing there is. And I feel that not only at the level of love and passion, at the technical level it is also a very complex and very beautiful music. And that’s why I would like people who have admired this music to admire mine, because I feel like they are people who have great standards. And it is a very big step to gain this legitimacy.

–One of the important steps was to professionalize your live shows. How do you see this process in perspective since that first show in Mar del Plata?

-The key was two moments: when I joined Devil Mode [N. del R.: la banda que formó con Ysy A y Neo Pistea] that I’m beginning to understand a little more than what live is. Neo is very good live and he had a lot of short, when we started, he had already played in all the bars in the west zone. Then I got a little lost, between the lifestyle I was leading and the things that were happening to me, I stopped giving professionalism and my spark to the living. It’s not that I went up unintentionally, but I didn’t lock myself in to rehearse three times a week like I do now.I didn’t sit down to talk to the lighting engineer to work on every song, I didn’t take care of my voice, I didn’t know how to breathe… Now I rehearse two or three times a week, I know from start to the end what will happen on the shows, where to be, manage the moments. I started singing lessons, I greatly reduced the automatic adjustmentIn fact, the next time you listen to me, you’ll be surprised because there’s almost no automatic adjustment and we warm up for it to happen, to sing the best I can do without automatic adjustment. This show is going to be proof of all that.

DukiGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

–How did you realize that you had to improve live?

–With the new release of the artists, we all had our glow, we were perhaps a little distant and I did not see, to put it healthily, any competitiveness. And suddenly it appeared Tiago PZK, the Husband [Becerra] amazing singing; Emily [Mernes, su pareja] who sings and dances amazing and you say “Uh, guacho, I’m Duko, my show must be on fire, people must be falling on their ass, how do I generate this feeling?”

And you start tightening the nuts… This is the first time in a long time that I have made this click. One day, Mari closed a movie theater and we went to see a show of her live, everything was sung. There I said, “Of course, my friend, you have to give him work and time.” I was very careless, very “I’ll do it”. And that’s good, very rock star, but there comes a time when people start asking for more because they’ve already seen it. You toss me with ten crocodiles and I’ll nail them all, that’s great but if you’ve seen the show ten times, you expect something more. Because the music is good but the show has to take you to another level.

– And how have the months leading up to Vélez been since setting up the show and the tour you are starting now?

-Is ordered. We are now going to fill in different squares. Mexico is its own show, an hour and a half live, accommodated with moments, armed lights, sync, all the data. This hour and a half is adapted to the two and a half hours that we will do in Vélez. For the other dates these are shows of 45, 50 minutes. Everything is organized schematically. In Spain, these are shorter shows, and then since they don’t generate as much intensity we can repeat more. And we arrive at the tour of Latin America, that is to say Chile, Ecuador, Colombia… There we return to the show of an hour and a half, with the changes for Vélez that we has already been able to adapt. They’ll take care of me and tidy up, that’s good. The two O’s: busy and tidy.

– Do you feel that professionalization has led you to approach music from another angle?

– Not to understand any more, because I have always understood her. But It’s like when we go to play basketball: if every time you shoot, you think you’re not going to put it, you’re never going to play cool. The moment you understand that it’s part of a process, that it’s not going to last forever, then that changes. I used to be uncomfortable because my voice was bad, I had no singing technique, I never felt safe with my image…so standing in front of so many people made me insecure. Until I understood and mega-appreciated. I got 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 people to celebrate me, you know? And I started to understand, to stop being anxious and to enjoy it to the fullest. And understand that these small steps, instead of seeing them as the glass half empty and saying “I miss”, say “I can learn to”. And that’s what worked the most for me. I feel comfortable, I know I can do a two and a half hour show and I’ll be calm. I can do it and it’s great: the moment you feel like you’re breaking is the coolest moment.

–You promised your Bizarrap Session and a remix of “She Don´t Give a FO” for this year, are they coming out before Vélez?

-There will be surprises reggaeton season 2before Vélez we’re going to have that out. I have to weird session And I’m going to keep my word: it’s going to come out before the World Cup because we won the Copa America. Before the World Cup he leaves, hopefully he will be before VélezIt would be the most beautiful thing, but it’s something very spicy and we don’t stop making songs, we wait. The remix of “She Don’t Give a FO” will most likely be released, we’re ordering it all out for our fifth anniversary.

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