Natalie Portman vivió un tremendo papelón cuando su vestido le jugó una mala pasada durante una cena con Barack Obama

Earth swallow me! The most memorable celebrity roles in history

be a celebrity It is not an easy task. Fame, the seat of fans and paparazzi, added to the constant exposure that today’s social networks provide, make artists are the center of attention 24/7.

That’s why when stars make a mistake, it’s impossible to hide it, going viral in seconds. Messages sent by mistake, falls in public places, repeated dresses or white lies they made our stars blush who, more than once, had to apologize.

history “Damn it!” by Mirtha Legrand when they made her repeat a speech over and over on her show the day she María Amuchástegui (gym teacher) let out flatulence to live (sinking his career forever), passing through the fall of jennifer garner at the Oscars in 2006, there is a memorable history of blunders within the industry. In this note, we remember eight major newspapers and the success of their protagonists.

Jennifer Lawrence tripped as she walked upstairs looking for her award at an Oscars ceremonyshutter

“And the Oscar goes to… Jennifer Lawrence”, said the acclaimed award presenter in 2013 as the winner was surprised by the recognition. However, emotion, nervousness and her long Dior dress played tricks on her. Going up on stage, the one chosen as best actress for The good side of life got tangled in the glamorous design tail and He starred in one of the most memorable falls in history. Although this was one of his first experiences at the ceremony, Lawrence reacted quickly and rose like a lady to receive his well-deserved award. “You’re up because you feel bad that I fell and it’s really embarrassing, but thank you.”, confessed in front of an audience who gave him a standing ovation. Behind the scenes, the interpreter admitted that when she fell, she slipped a swear word (“Fuck”) and clarified: “Look at my dress. I think I stepped on it and they waxed the stairs on it. However, that wasn’t the only time Lawrence experienced an article of such magnitude. A year later, he fell to his knees in the same ceremony although this time he was not seen by many people, as he performed before stepping onto the red carpet. Of course, the image was immortalized thanks to the lens of the photographers present on the spot.

Although 140 characters may not seem like much, it can be enough for a big mistake, especially when it comes to a celebrity with millions of followers. An emblematic case is that of Charlie Sheen; the famous and controversial actor who accidentally leaked his phone number to the little bird’s social network. What happened? According to his testimony, the protagonist of two and a half men He wanted to send a private message to his friend, Justin Bieber, and clicked incorrectly. This is how his more than five million followers at the time could read the tweet which read: “310-954-7277 Call me brother. C.”. According to The New York PostAfter this error, Sheen’s cell phone received more than 1,800 messages per minute, so he immediately had to change the number.

Natalie Portman had a great role when her dress played a trick on her while having dinner with Barack Obama
Natalie Portman had a great role when her dress played a trick on her while having dinner with Barack ObamaGROSBY GROUP

If there is something that characterizes Natalie Portman, it is her low profile. Throughout his career, the star of the black swan He tried to stay away from scandals. However, sometimes this was not successful (such as when came to our country as a surprise and was besieged by the local press on his relationship with Gael García Bernal). Beyond that fact, the actress played a memorable role in her native country when she was invited, with a group of artists such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Sting and Jon Bon Jovi, at a dinner with Barack Obama at the White House. Although having chosen for the occasion a very sober design, the neckline of the The dress played a trick on her when, without her realizing it, it slipped off and revealed one of her lolas. Unfortunately, the photos from the White House Correspondents Association gala they traveled around the world, surely blushing the beautiful actress.

Sandra Bullock has lied about her age since the start of her career
Sandra Bullock has lied about her age since the start of her careerGROSBY GROUP – THE NATION

She did not fall on the red carpet, did not commit any furcio in her networks, nor was she embarrassed by her appearance. The Sandra Bullock affair was more personal, a secret she kept hidden over the years and which a famous magazine unexpectedly brought to light.. The actress’s lie began during the casting of Love Potion #9 tells producers that I was 29 instead of 32. Bullock lied about his age for so many years that when the magazine vanity lounge published her true date of birth, she herself was pierced. “After a while, you already lose count of your age because You’ve been lying for so long it’s all confusingshe says, blushing, implying that she ended up believing her own lie.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, protagonists of an Oscars mistake that will go down in history
Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, protagonists of an Oscars mistake that will go down in historyArchive

If it’s paper, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty’s at the 2017 Oscars wins all the awards. The acting duo were wrong to announce the expected Best Picture winner and ended up a bad movie -and winner- announced. What happened? The veteran actor was responsible for announcing the category winner, however, when he opened the envelope, he hesitated and passed the baton to his partner, who immediately announced, “The Earth”. As the music team thanked the award, the truth was uncovered. “The Oscar is not for us, it’s for Moonlight“said the producer in front of a surprised audience. “You won. I mean it seriously”, he repeats in front of a surprised Barry Jenkins (director of the winning film). Now, how did such an error occur? The people responsible for presenting the prize received the wrong envelope: that of the best actress. The card said: “Emma Stone and the earthand Dunaway spoke the title of the film. “I want to tell what happened. I opened the envelope and it said, ‘Emma Stone – The Earth‘. That’s why I watched Faye and you for a long time (referring to the audience). I wasn’t trying to be funny,” Beatty explained, justifying his puzzlement.

Renée Zellweger was in the bathroom when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for the movie Chasing Betty.
Renée Zellweger was in the bathroom when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for the movie Chasing Betty.Agencies

It was the year 2001, the Golden Globes ceremony and Renée Zellweger was nowhere to be found. On stage, his friend Hugh Grant was ready to offer him the statuette of his work in chasing betty. “Where is it?”, “Is it under the table?” “Ladies and gentlemen: Renée is drunk”, were some of the funny phrases that the actor threw in front of a bewildered audience. It’s that the actress Bridget Jones’s Diary was not in the stalls when the Brit announced his name. Where was? In the bath! Hearing that they were looking for her on the loudspeaker, the Best Actress winner appeared on stage smiling and assured that she had gone to get her makeup touched up. “I still have lipstick between my teeth,” he confessed before lifting the trophy.

To coincide with the same dress at a gala is the terror of every woman. For this reason, in the world of fashion and entertainment, designers have always paid attention to their models, who wears them and, in case of repetition, they make sure that they are notor in the same event. However, this is not what happened during the delivery of the Video Music Awardsfrom mountain bike in 2009. Singers Shakira and Pink were surprised to see themselves dressed exactly the same. Both wore a strapless leather dress with chain applications, which belonged to the firm Balmain. “There’s no way! Get me out of here. It’s not impossible. Oh my God!” exclaimed the Colombian when a reporter pointed out the coincidence. “Well now everyone knows that my dress isn’t unique like my stylist Tommy told me. But I’m unique and Pink is too., he joked, sending the creation to the fore. Despite the embarrassing situation, the artists posed together in front of the cameras.

Susana Giménez has repeatedly shown that she does not get along very well with technology
Susana Giménez has repeatedly shown that she does not get along very well with technology

Although she is not a Hollywood star, Susana Giménez deserves to be part of this ranking on the most memorable articles in history. It’s that the phone diva usually has a master’s in gaffes. In fact, she was the one who inaugurated the classical section of “las perlitas” in her Telefe program. Lately the driver has shown that She’s not very tech savvy and, in true Charlie Sheen style, has shared images or private information by mistake. A close-up image of her face without makeup, her coronavirus vaccination certificate, which includes the dates she was vaccinated and her ID number, added to a mysterious and meaningless video of her feet at the interior of a car left the artist in evidence. However, the most serious was when the blonde harshly criticized two colleagues and instead of sending the message to her friends in private, she made it public. His first victim was Marcelo Tinelli when in 2018 he accidentally went live on Instagram and was heard saying: “Marcelo Tinelli is not liked. He came second with Mirtha, with 15 points. And I was 41!, alluding to the percentage with which he won the platinum Martín Fierro; public award. It seems Giménez didn’t learn from his distraction and last year he again made a similar mistake by missing a tweet in which he directly pointed to Jorge Rial. I saw her, I saw her crashed the FERRARI. EVERYTHING COMES. Huge kiss, dear Marce, ”he wrote in response to a message that spoke of the resignation of the former driver of intruders for Nostra Television. Of course, making such a piece of paper, the driver erased everything.

Susana Giménez's tweet against Jorge Rial on Twitter after finishing her cycle
Susana Giménez’s tweet against Jorge Rial on Twitter after finishing her cycle

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