Eiyuden Chronicles Rising, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series

Eiyuden Chronicles Rising, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series

Fans of classic style action RPGs can now taste a new production. And not just any, but a sort of prologue to what will be the spiritual successor to the great PlayStation classic, Suikoden.

Thousands of users have already enjoyed one of the most popular role-playing games curious, inspired and captivating by how many were made for the first PlayStation (although it also ended up landing on Saturn years later, but only in Japan). I’m talking about Suikoden, of course, one of those fantastic and memorable productions that the Japanese company Konami had gotten us so used to back then. It was other times, of course.

The fact is that former members of the development team of said work (led by Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano), some time ago created a new independent studio called Rabbit & Bear Studios. A team currently developing the spiritual successor to this PlayStation classic, Chronicle of Eiyuden: One Hundred Heroes a production that has been funded with huge success via Kickstarter and which will see the light of day next year. And why am I saying all this? Well, because the title that concerns us, Chronicle of Eiyuden: Rising It serves as prequel or prologue of what will happen in Hundred Heroes.

That yes, first of all, it should be clarified that this work does not have much to do in playable matters with what we will find in the aforementioned hundred heroes, because although both games are included in the RPG category, they present very different characteristics.

A very light action RPG

Overall, this is a very classic style action RPG. So much that its development is in 2.5Dwith a side scroll that accompanies us throughout the adventure, both in the sections of exploration and interaction with secondary characters and during clashes.

The story begins in a mining village called New Nevaeh, where the main character of this odyssey ends: JC. This young treasure hunter intends to make a living this way, although to achieve her goal she must complete small tasks that the inhabitants of this place offer her. As she completes these goals, she earns seals (which is one of the prime goals) that allow her to get some kind of “license” and, more importantly, she also interacts with dozens of characters. And in case you were wondering, yes, luckily the title has been translated into spanish.

As you can already imagine, during this trip we meet some guys who join our group of allies. They are not numerous (nothing to do with the dozens of companions that it was possible to control in Suikoden, functionality which will be cloned in Hundred Heroes), but they bring a little freshness to the adventure.

The playable mechanics are very simple, making it an ideal title for those who want to enjoy a very relaxed adventure

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is kind of a slimmed down version of an action RPG to useAnother of the fundamental aspects contained in this work concerns the reconstitution of the village. At the start of the game, most of the areas that are part of New Nevaeh are in ruins and it is up to us to help as much as possible in their rehabilitation. And what is the means to achieve such an end? Well, go in search of raw materials that are used to build all kinds of premises, from shops to inns. These materials can be found in the areas surrounding the city (forests, mines, mountains…), places infested with enemies that we must defeat in battles that take place in real time.

Despite all the playable elements that I have just mentioned so far, and to which is added the RPG component (improvement of skills, purchase of items, etc.), Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a very simple title. In fact, it’s a bit lite version of an action RPG utilize. And why? Well, because although this proposal brings together a multitude of ingredients, all have been simplified…too much in some cases, at least from my point of view.

The best example that I can give you concerns the question of the reconstruction of the village, an aspect which is carried out in a fully automatic. In other words, to build an armor store for example, it is enough to speak to the person who will take care of said store, to obtain the objects that he requests (wood, paint, etc.), to speak again to this character… and voila!, after a mini-sequence of only a few seconds, the store will be open.

Eiyuden Chronicles Rising PS5Battles take place in real time, and you can switch between a handful of characters

This simplicity also reaches the fights. When we leave the city and go to the surrounding area (we can do it comfortably through a menu), we must go through the area in question which is populated by rivals that are not complicated at all. The combat system is very simple and, despite the fact that we can alternate the control of the characters, it hardly has any depth. The most “complex” action that we are allowed to perform is a kind of “combo link” when we pass from one protagonist to another, a maneuver that is not particularly difficult to perform. And for that very reason, it makes the characters feel like they’ve been something wasted.

Does that mean the title is not recommended? Not at all, in fact it seems quite enjoyable to me despite the game dynamics becoming somewhat repetitive in the medium term. But it is necessary to clarify that, due to its simplicity and low level of general difficulty, it is more suitable for users who are less expert in this field or those who want to live a very relaxed adventure (all need not be Elden Ringian’s torment).

In addition, aesthetically it is quite successful within its limits. The most attractive thing concerns the design of the environments, since some of them are of great beauty. It’s not that they’re too diverse or extensive, but they have exemplary color and have been tastefully designed enough. Characters they have a lot of charisma and they let themselves be loved (some more than others, of course), even if they lack the possibility of hearing their voice.

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