Elba Marcovecchio called Fernando Burlando a 'coward' and left him a strong message

Elba Marcovecchio called Fernando Burlando a ‘coward’ and left him a strong message

In the midst of a few emotional days after his marriage to Jorge Lanata, the lawyer Elba Marcovecchio has been embroiled in the controversy. It all happened when many started wondering why he wasn’t at the wedding. Fernando Brulando, with whom he worked in his studio. In addition to this, Barby Franco, associate of the lawyer, launched a comment that triggered the lawyer’s fury. On a mobile with LAM, he explodes and explains behind the scenes of the distance with his colleague.

After hearing various words in the media about Burlando’s absence, the attorney made a stark statement through her Instagram Stories. “As part of my marriage, having to specify that I left the studio to defend my principles and my value as a professional woman, it’s horrible!”he explained. In this way, he talked about his separation from the law firm and the reasons why he did not invite the lawyer to the celebration. Finally, he ruled: “Pray to get paid? It’s not worthy.”

The upload that Elba made on her Instagram accountInstagram screenshot @elbitamarcovecchio

The conflict arose from the testimony of Barbie Franco in intruders, who has always joked about the Marriage of Marcovecchio and Lanata. “It wasn’t you or Burlando”expressed the columnist of the América TV cycle, who wanted to know the reason for the absence.

Sarcastically, the model expressed: “From whom? Was it today?”. On this basis, the journalist asked him: “Was there a fight between them?to which he received in response: “I have no idea, but I’ll be honest. He didn’t invite either of us or anyone from the studio. I know I’ve worked in Burlando’s studio for many years, but I know I’m not inviting anyone.”

Then he made a comment in which he revealed that the relationship between the couple and the lawyer was not quite right. “Has Chacarita gained weight? »he asked the chronicler ironically.

Tired of the situation Marcovecchio broke the silence in the program THEM (America) and showed his displeasure with Franco’s statementswho assured that Burlando himself had sent her to make his spicy comments.

Elba Marcovecchio meets Fernando Burlando

“I was motivated by everything I listened to during the day, say that I am ungrateful, that I have been absent for three months and that I have quit my job. It’s really all bogus stuff, of course. Today is Monday, we got married on Saturday and I’ve been getting dressed since morning as we both went to work. Do you think that’s the behavior of someone quitting a job for three months? Brito’s Angel

In this context, he explained that he kept silent out of respect until he exploded: “I kept it and I kept it despite the fact that they said other things, but now in part of the wedding that Barby say that ‘Chacarita got fat’… Do you think he’s saying that? “. Then, he launched with force:It seems cowardly to me to send these things to say”.

In turn, he reviewed: “Anyone who knows me knows that I started working when I was 21. I worked while my ex-husband was hospitalized because it was an escape. Without victimizing me, it was the story that touched me and I raised my two children, and I had it for my work.

Afterwards, Elba explained his reasons for leaving the Burlando studio and revealed, “Since it became public knowledge that I was dating Jorge, he stopped paying me. I have been affected by pro bono cases, and in which there were participations, which were rare, modest or nil. That is to say that I work, I will not execute a client, ask for settlements in the files or do things that do not correspond, it does not go with my principles or my ethics.

Elba Marcovecchio worked with Fernando Burlando in the studio located Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 140
Elba Marcovecchio worked with Fernando Burlando in the studio located Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 140Archive

In this sense, he says that Burlando did not pay him and that she repeatedly asked him to do so: “For practically a year and the first Tuesday of June I told Fernando that I couldn’t take it anymore and that I was leaving after the judicial fair.

In view of this, he referred to his colleague’s response: “He told me to hold on, that the cases that gave way or whatever was going to happen, but it’s a great study, I’m not really stupid. I do not work to buy dresses, but to provide for the needs of two children”.

Elba Marcovecchio made an exit after the words of Barby Franco

On the other hand, he remarked, “I don’t know if my relationship with Jorge was the reason why he stopped paying me, but it coincided temporarily. Let him tell you that I’m ungrateful or that I left his job… I’m a lawyer Does a woman get fat by being with a man? No. That he says all that because we didn’t invite him to a wedding, how old! “.

On how the bond with Burlando is today, he said: “We haven’t spoken for a year, when I messaged him to get together he didn’t reply. And I’m going to invite her to my wedding? Where is the link? I’ve always been respectful with everyone I worked with, but that’s all wrong.

Jorge Lanata’s discharge before Fernando Burlando’s statements about his wife

In the midst of the liberation of Elba, Lanata joined the mobile and answered questions from Ángel de Britowho asked him what he thought of his wife’s conflict with the lawyer.

“I’m as angry as Elba. She is my wife and I will defend her here and anywhere. That calling her ungrateful. I know perfectly well that she was not garpared and I suffered from it every day with her. I work when something seems unfair to me, and I try to make it public so it can be fixed. I’m going to come out and defend her,” he said.

Mockingbird Marcovecchio

Then the driver asked him if he was the one who had recommended that Elba open his own law firm: “I told him. To be honest, Burlando doesn’t strike me as a high profile person in the profession, I wouldn’t hire a lawyer who goes to Dancing, seems to me like a person more concerned with being famous than being good. From a legal point of view, he knows 10 times more, she is the author of many of the lawsuits he has signed.”

Finally, he acknowledged: “I advised her but there were close friends who told her the same thing. Elba is such a nice girl that I thought she was going to lose customers, and quite the opposite happened, the vast majority ended up staying with her. She reorganized her life and decided to go for it, she has a lot of work that she earns.”

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