Elba Marcovecchio revealed the intimacies of her marriage to Jorge Lanata and explained why they will not be living together

Elba Marcovecchio revealed the intimacies of her marriage to Jorge Lanata and explained why they will not be living together

A little over 24 hours to say yes, Elba Marcovecchio, the new wife of Jorge Lanata, told wedding details and the party which took place last Saturday at Haras El Dok, in the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.

In dialogue with us in the morningfor eltrece, the lawyer revealed how the dance started during the celebration, what did they do the next day and he spoke of the sensitivity he has experienced since joining his life with that of a journalist.

“The first hours of marriage, we were a bit exaggerated”, revealed “Elbita” at the request of Carlos Monti, a friend of the couple. Then he said that they had seen the show – and the special cover – of Luis Ventura, by Flow and that it was nice to relive the moment. In addition, she was very playful wearing the black bow that her husband wore on the day of the union: “I kept it”, she says laughing.

“Was it the dream night? El Pollo Álvarez, cargo driver, wanted to know. “Do you know yes? Because everything was nice. The church was beautiful, for me it was absolutely moving, and that was what weddings are for at that age, with few guests. It made it more intimate and warmer. It was magnificent”, he saw again with a huge smile. Then he told once again that “The winning team is not changed” and that they will continue to live in same building but in separate departments. “We are fantastic like that, we take small steps and we spend a lot of time together,” he added.

Elba Marcovecchio and Jorge Lanata, newlywedsGerard Vierkovitch

Regarding the honeymoon, Elbita revealed that it will be postponed as now the two have many work commitments. “Maybe I can convince him [del viaje]. I convinced him to join the dance!, voiced in a winning tone in reference to Lanata’s refusal to let guests dance during the party, which eventually happened. Then he said that his favorite moment was the religious ceremonywhere the whole family participated.

“There was no band. If there had been a band, you don’t know what it would have been. If it was like that without a band…” he replied when Pollo told him asked if there had been more musical interventions besides the DJ, and revealed that people, despite the fact that Lanata had announced that the party would pass without dancing, were dancing with all the desire to have fun. “It was beautiful. In this case, the tape was not necessary. I love it when there are bands at weddings, and besides, I was in front to sing, ”he recalls, and has relived an evening when he sang and moved to the rhythm of Comanche songs in the front row.

The lawyer said that the bachelorette party that she and her friends ended up dancing and sing spontaneously. “Then all my friends said they wanted to dance at the wedding, and I said ‘let’s see what we can do’.” Elbita said that everything was natural, that at some point the DJ, Tommy Muñoz, turned up the music and everyone started dancing.

Chano, with journalists Diego Leuco and Rolando Barbano
Chano, with journalists Diego Leuco and Rolando Barbanoinstagram.com/dieleuco

The bride later revealed that the most participatory on the track was the journalist Gabriel Levinas and that when they put on the theme of Chano Moreno Charpentier that Mauricio Macri used to dance, he did not see the former president dancing because he went to get the singer. “I thought it was so cool that Tommy put the song on. I thought it was cute,” he said.

“How was the next day?” Because Jorge said ‘we are going to go back to work on our own, Elba in his law firm and I on the radio’ How was Sunday?asked Carlos Monti. “On the first day of our wedding, we slept, but you can’t imagine how we slept! There was a lot of adrenaline for the wedding, for everything. So we enjoy it and we sleep like never beforecommented Elbita.

The bride and groom arrived in a small cart at the celebration
The bride and groom arrived in a small cart at the celebrationGerard Vierkovitch

Asked about Jorge’s absence from the radio on Thursday and if it had to do with a health issue, the new wife He assured that the journalist is in perfect condition and that his absence from work was due to a problem related to the organization. Then he clarified that he had given this note with us in the morning because she loves Monti very much but she is the only one who will give, although she is now married to a journalist and is very sensitive.

Elbita was very moved when they asked her about this love, about Jorge’s words about his intention to be with her all his life and for this union which is simple but which also seems solid and durable. “You should see, when I talk to you about sensitivity, how I get goosebumps when I talk about him. When you find yourself and you have the joy of meeting again, in my case I did not expect it, and when you feel this peace that it is for life and that you project it, it is really very deep”, repeated the lawyer.

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