Elden Ring is making sales and critical history, but has it lived up to your expectations?  final verdict

Elden Ring is making sales and critical history, but has it lived up to your expectations? final verdict

It’s time to take a break from our journey through the Midlands: the final verdict of the Elden Ring arrives. It might sound simple, after all FromSoftware’s RPG was a hit in sales and on Metacritic, but readers’ expectations might have been higher. Is that the case ?

Each exit from From software It is an event, but perhaps none has been more so than Ring of Elden. And just one thing: more than 12 million copies sold worldwidebreaking sales records in various markets around the world, from Japan to the United States to Spain. The passion for Middle-earth seems to have exceeded any optimistic figure thought by those in charge, and as if that were not enough, specialized critics have practically unanimously praised the virtues of the title. With this scenario, it may be the final verdict less close in history, but you have to ask yourself the question as with each major release, does the open-world RPG live up to your expectations?

In the magazine we always like the debate, and we invite you to leave your final impressions on the title in the comments. After all, the hype generated by those who are also responsible for transmitted by blood and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it may have reached such heights that perhaps all the positive aspects of Elden Ring are even insufficient to fulfill your wishes. As we will see in this special, the promises made by the Japanese team have not been vague, counting from the beginning with the collaboration of one of the most relevant writers of recent years, George RR Martin, and bet on giving more freedom than ever to the user to explore a vast territory; all, moreover, with the idea in mind of being able to reach an even wider audience than in previous installments. You, as readers, have the final say. Is Elden Ring what you expected?

Ring of Elden

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RPG / Action / Open World

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From software

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PC, PS5, PS4, XSeries, XOne

Being a huge game in its proportions and hours of content, we find a lot of value in Elden Ring. We start with its open world, capable of scoring a new benchmark of its kind both in terms of its playable design and its art section, with an eye for detail so that each player always finds a reason to continue. nothing is missing bossesare once again imposing and a challenge as gratifying as it is complicated, but making strength in make this experience more accessible compared to past deliveries. And of course, more and better of everything that made FromSoftware titles great for making an action RPG a title capable of being a great gateway to like-minded souls, but at the same time a video game in which most veterans can miss a long season.


  • A fantastic new world with the author of A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Vast fantasy landscapes and dark, intricate dungeons to spend many hours.
  • A genre-defining gameplay system, with a variety of options to complete challenges.
  • Its customization, richer and more varied than in previous games.
  • Wide range of weapons, magic powers and abilities to find and master.
  • Visually exquisite, with sets and patterns to remember.
  • A new design, attractive and complex, but familiar to FromSoftware fans.
  • Reduce barriers to entry for more accessible multiplayer.


Elden Ring is making sales and critical history, but has it lived up to your expectations?  final verdict

Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director of Elden Ring. “It’s very difficult to briefly summarize what Elden Ring is. But for us, it represents the culmination of all our knowledge, all our passion in all these games, to deliver a new dark fantasy IP.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director of Elden Ring. “This time in Elden Ring, we’re giving the player a lot of options to deal with tough situations and use their cunning to outwit enemies and bosses. When they’re in a bind, they can come back later , so they can have that freedom to progress without having to bang their head against the wall over and over again. They can figure out what to do and how to approach it at their own pace.”

Hervé Hoerdt, senior vice president of Bandai Namco. “With dark souls, we have gone from a niche to a very large audience. I wouldn’t say general public, but not far from it. The idea with Elden Ring is to attract an even larger audience. It’s a very important game for us, and a very important game for FromSoftware.”


Elden Ring is making sales and critical history, but has it lived up to your expectations?  final verdict


Elden Ring is one of those rare games that dominates the industry, exemplifying both an open world and dungeon work in its design, relentless content that could fill multiple games and DLCs, and a running time of around 100 hours with a lot of intensity in each of them. . FromSoftware knows how to tell with its visual design, encouraging the player to observe, read and understand the terrain while getting lost in every corner of Middle-earth. The challenge is not reduced even for experienced players, although it is more accessible against them, being able to avoid them or ask for help. The bosses are spectacular and many will be remembered, but I think this time the world itself and the many ways to explore it weigh more. Walking through every nook and cranny of the map, one can notice the care and detail that goes into it, while wondering how they pulled off this feat without anything being too lopsided. Going forward, we’ll be leaning on Elden Ring in many of our discussions and thoughts on the medium and it’s already one of the great masterpieces of the generation.


GamesRadar “Elden Ring is both a refinement and evolution of the Dark Souls formula, presenting an expansive world that is as hostile as it is engaging. Despite occasional excesses, suffering has never been so much fun.”

Eurogamer “Elden Ring stands out as a game to remember, one that FromSoftware fans will savor for a while and welcome new fans. Lavish visual design, a dark and detailed story, and a large and intricate open world are reason enough to get lost in Middle-earth. Add to that FromSoftware’s relentless and unforgettable gameplay cycle and you have something truly special.”

GameSpot “In a genre forged through oversized and over-engineered games, Elden Ring is decidedly non-conformist in almost every way. Its commitment to subtractive design and placing the responsibility of mapping its world onto the player allows it to to stand out from other gaming adventures.” open world”.

Elden Ring is making sales and critical history, but has it lived up to your expectations?  final verdict

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