energetic influences of the Easter Moon

energetic influences of the Easter Moon

The Full Moon in Libra It is always the first full moon of the astrological year, which begins with the equinox of Aries. In the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, this full moon coincides each year with the Christian celebration of the Easter and the feast of Passover of the Jewish tradition.

Each time a form full moon, the principle of polarity stands out with force, because the Sun is located in one sign and the Moon, in the complementary opposite. For this reason, each Full Moon brings tension to us, as the ability to perceive the opposing energies within us springs forth. This is further accentuated when the Full Moon forms on the Aries – Libra axis.

The first Full Moon of the astrological year always forms with the Sun in Aries in opposition to the Full Moon in Libra, strongly vibrating the bond of consciousness that unites the complementary opposites within the psyche, the Self (Aries) and the Other (Libra) . ).

In Astrology, the zodiac axis Aries – Libra represents, precisely, two levels of consciousness which, in turn, form a unity: the I (Aries), the Other (Libra) and the We (Aries-Libra integration), one, the other and the relationship of the two, the alchemy .

From psychological astrology, we can understand the full moon energy in Libra as the power of alchemy, that is to say the meeting of opposites for the creation of a new balance, a new balance, interior and exterior. In this sense, it is essential to understand the principle of polarity, one of the seven universal laws and, from there, to be able to cultivate the consciousness of connection.

This Full Moon in Libra 2022 is formed with the Sun at 26º of the sign of Aries and the Moon at 26º of the sign of Libra. Photo: Shutterstock illustration.

Interpretations of the Easter Full Moon 2022

Every relationship is an opportunity for wisdom. Whether it’s connecting internal polarities, or whether it’s connecting with others (the Self and the Other), the Full Moon in Libra illuminates what we need to see is i.e. what allows us to realize how to grow in this relational level here and now, in the form of connections with each other in our lives.

Intimate ties are scenarios or areas of human life that demand more of ourselves. To build bonds of love and creating a us requires integrating oneself with the other, dissolving one’s own individuality (thoughts based exclusively on oneself) and accepting otherness (the energy of the other), among other things, for its balancing and harmonizing virtue.

In this field, psychological, symbolic and archetypal astrology gives us knowledge for integration of polarities that compose us (internal and external polarities). Heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, interior and exterior, etc.

In this sense, working with astrological polarities, we can learn some keys to generate personal harmony and balance with others.

Here and now, in the midst of this crisis and deep rupture of the traditional and known world, we must learn to realize what we sow through our relationships. For that, we have to stop and understand that any relationship starts from the intimate relationship with ourselves. That is, without individual consciousness, bonding consciousness cannot be nurtured.

It is only by understanding the awareness of the individual Self (Aries) and the awareness of the other (Libra) that we can create integration and understand the importance of us (Aries – Axis Libra).

Full Moon in Libra 2022

We all come from the union and the perfect collaboration between male and female energies, opposite and complementary energies which, once integrated, form a new life, a new microcosmic universe. In other words, we all come from the perfect integration between a father and a mother, a man and a woman, yang and yinthe cosmic encounter between heaven (masculine) and earth (feminine).

These two poles are two opposite and complementary energies that allow, when united, a perfect collaboration to create something new.

In this sense, there is a law, a universal principle that says that all energy has two poles. the principle of polarity tells us that: “Everything has its pair of opposites, everything is dual, everything has two poles, the similar and the antagonist are the same, the opposites are identical, but different in degree, the extremes touch each other”.

This principle shows us that the integrated polarity (mother – father) is our original energy and also, in one way or another, our destiny. And in the middle, our way of integration.

Full Moon Opportunities in Libra 2022

This Full Moon in Libra 2022 forms with the Sun at 26º of the sign of Aries and the Moon at 26º of the sign of Librasextile Saturn and square Pluto.

This particular configuration challenges us to integrate a new way of taking responsibility for harmonizing what now presents polarization in our consciousness and experience.

The central opportunity is therefore observe what now appears as a polarizing force.

What makes me polarize, go from one extreme to the other?

What exactly are these two poles?

How can I create a new balance and balance between these two traits that are considered opposites?

Learning to work the opposites within us helps us, in turn, to harmonize our relational forms.

Libra is integration. And to build a harmonious relationship it is essential to work to integrate from the inside.

If you perceive that there is something in your life that is divided, that is, if there is a feeling of division, polarization or internal separation, this Full Moon will allow you to see both. .

It is important that you become aware of the need to come to an inner agreement and thus free yourself from the discomfort of building on opposite paths.

The Full Moon in Libra invites us to let emerge the consciousness of the linkto integrate the present polarities to create a new balance, a new balance.

The psyche naturally tends to want to achieve balance in order to feel peace. But for this, your mind must allow it, listening and surrendering to the needs of the soul, of the heart, to bring about a feeling of functional beauty and inner confidence. Integrating generates internal coherence and brings about the feeling of peace that we need in order to be able to truly love.

To love others, better said, to love oneself means to truly open the heart and the sensitivity to one’s own authentic needs of the soul, not to live divided but in interior integration, in peace. So we can truly share our heart with others to grow together.

Happy full moon!

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