Exclusive: Photos from Elba Marcovecchio's bachelorette party

Exclusive: Photos from Elba Marcovecchio’s bachelorette party

The bachelor party of Elba Marcovecchio, future wife of Jorge Lanata

A few days away from saying yes with George Lanata, lawyer Elba Marcovecchio had her well-deserved bachelorette party attended by her friends and in which there was good food, wine and champagne and even improvised karaoke by the winner and her relatives.

The appointment was Tuesday evening at the Gardiner restaurant, located on the Costanera Norte. There, the new bride was the only one dressed in white, while her companions, a dozen women, were all in black. “I was the only little angel and they were evil”, she joked in the cycle of who will become her husband on Saturday, Jorge Lanata.

Elba's friends disguised her as "Little angel"

Elba’s friends dressed her up as a “little angel”

Elba, a few days away from marrying Jorge Lanata

Elba, a few days away from marrying Jorge Lanata

Although the “little angel” thing was pretty literal, as the event organizers gave him wings like he was a cherub. Plus, she and her friends wore headbands with bunny earswhat a “playboy girl” and dark glasses. The only celebrity at the table was Gladys Florimonte, dressed as her character Zulma, because it will be part of the humor section of the PPT cycle which will be presented in May.

Elba Marcovecchio at her bachelorette party

Elba Marcovecchio at her bachelorette party

Elba's friends gave him a microphone

Elba’s friends gave him a microphone

According to the same protagonist she told on the radio, the night went smoothly until they gave her a toy. What was it? “A turquoise mic, I kept singing and was dysphonic,” she began to recount and on how the night went on she continued: “We did an improvised karaoke, everything was going to be reserved for the cellar and we found ourselves in the whole restaurant, people were happy, he laughed, now at the place where Jorge is going they are going to wait for a show”.

Although she stayed up late at her bachelorette party, this morning the lawyer accompanied her partner to the radio studio he set up at his home in Retiro and was on the air to talk about what what happened the night before and how he lives the days before for the wedding.

“You know that now yes, I’m nervous but I’m happy”, Marcovecchio told Eduardo Feinmann in Miter while who will be her husband said he didn’t. It was then that she revealed an infidelity:He didn’t realize it. He programmed it in the Gmail calendar, he put ‘wedding’ on it”.

About how the ceremony will be held on April 23, Lanata said that guests are called at 7:00 p.m. in Dok Haras de Exaltación de la Cruz (82 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires) where they will bring together 120 people. A 8:00 p.m., it is the celebration in the chapel and half an hour later, the civil. In addition, the party will have the particularity of being without dancing.

Very funny on the subject, he even joked that although he seems “Pregnant“He is not getting married in a hurry and confirms that he will wear a tuxedo but that the color will not be known until Saturday, which prompted Feinmann to crack a joke: “If it’s white, you’re gonna look like a fridge with a freezer.”

She, who was widowed just over a decade ago, said her dress will be white and is “almost” finished but the seamstress will do some alterations on the day of the wedding. “They say last week all brides lose weight but not me,” she added in a joke and was heard very relaxed and happy throughout the radio show.

In an in-depth chat with Teleshow, the attorney shared how the marriage proposal surprised her, on November 18, while enjoying a meal at the The Rooms of the Piano Nobile del Duhau: “He asked, ‘Do you love me very much?’ “Yes, of course,” I replied, “but many, many, many?” “Of course,” I said, clutching my chest. ´Enough to spend a lifetime together?´”. After the questions, he took a platinum ring out of his pocket and concluded: “Would you marry me?”.

Elba confessed that “it was more than a proposal”, since she was widowed 11 years ago and for five years she has been reading the sentence that she tattooed on her wrist “I deserve”. Moreover, he said he believed “The chance to legitimize a love again in the eyes of God is very remote”, which for her “marks the difference between the ‘passage’ and a ‘life project'”.

Elba and Jorge have been in a relationship for about two years, although she says, surprised, that she does not know exactly when they decided to get together: “It must have been between June and July – she calculates – because it was very cold day. It’s weird that I don’t remember. But it has to be part of that great feeling of having been with Jorge for a lifetime.”

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