Fabián Doman's anger with the Martín Fierro: "I am the only winner in history not to be invited"

Fabián Doman’s anger with the Martín Fierro: “I am the only winner in history not to be invited”

The host took the stage to celebrate the victory as the best journalistic program and mentioned Fabián Doman

Saturday night television personalities dressed up to attend the Martin Fierro 2022, and reuniting with a large number of colleagues after almost three years without ceremony due to restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic. In the trio of best journalism program was the winner intractable (America), O Alejandro Fantino delivered the first words of the speech before giving the floor to his teammates. One of the great absences was Fabián Domanwho directed the cycle until July 2021. In dialogue with Teleshow assured that they did not invite him and is surprised at the lack of organization.

After 11:30 p.m. Marley opened the envelope that revealed who would be the winner among the four nominees: intractable, fire friend (The new one), 21st century ATR (call) Yes journalism for all (The thirteen). Hearing the name of the cycle of news, debates and interviews, the table where Fantino was with his partner, Coni Mosqueira, exploded with joy. “I’m going to be very concise, I’m very embarrassed to speak,” said the pilot as soon as he entered the scene. And I add:I will just say that I share this award with Fabián Doman and the whole team. I give the floor to those who are the television producers of this success called intractable after having thanked my small intervention of my role of pilot “.

The Intratables team, delighted to have won the category of best journalistic program

Consulted by this means, Doman agreed with Fantino’s comments and explained why he had not attended the gala. “I am the only winner in the history of an award who is not invited to receive it“, he was indignant. “I communicated with America up to 15 days ago, with the programming department, to see how we were doing with the entrance and there They explained to me that I was not called among the guests because there was no place“, he said. He also pointed out that youA channel authority offered him his personal ticket to attend the ceremony, but he did not want to accept this alternative.

“I told them that the roads were not those. The option seemed very authentic to me, but the paths had to be other. Seems to me that APTRA does not confirm that the hosts of a nominated show are not invited to the party“, he condemned. In this sense, he clarified that he considered that there were “shared responsibilities”, and praised Fantino’s attitude for having nominated him as soon as he received the award. “Alejandro is a great person, we are friends and he is a great gentleman; Thanks to the fact that he was so kind and generous with me, everyone calls me and congratulates me,” he said.

Tweet by Fabián Doman on Martín Fierro 2022 and thanks to Alejandro Fantino
Tweet by Fabián Doman on Martín Fierro 2022 and thanks to Alejandro Fantino

“In 2021 there were two riders: me until July and then Alejandro, so it would have been good if we were both”, he lamented. On why they wouldn’t invite him, he commented, “At the party, there were absolute strangers and also very important people, so there was no space problem.” on its way through intractablecalled the experience “incredible” throughout his two and a half years at the helm and predicted a future for the program.

“It’s a cycle that I love and that I miss. I would like it to come back on television and I hope that the Martín Fierro will serve to put it back on the air. Television needs it, I have absolutely no doubt about it”, he explained. And he concluded: “If the idea was to make people forget that I was in intractable I don’t know what purpose that would be. All in all, it’s a rather comical situation because nothing serious happened, because it speaks more than anything about a subject of total disorder. Lack of organization, and in this case I was the victim”.

Alejandro Fantino and his partner, Coni Mosqueira (Gustavo Gavotti)
Alejandro Fantino and his partner, Coni Mosqueira (Gustavo Gavotti)


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