Fabián Doman's fury at being left out of the awards: his defense against Aptra and the good gesture of Alejandro Fantino

Fabián Doman’s fury at being left out of the awards: his defense against Aptra and the good gesture of Alejandro Fantino

In addition to winnersbig outfitsgossip and anger, the Martin Fierro Awards They left a trail of disgusted people. on the list is Fabien Domanfurious that he was not invited to the ceremony because of his participation in intractable. In dialogue with Show partnerseltrece program, the driver explained his position, defended the authorities of América TV and pointed against Aptra.

“We are going to tell you about the scandals that no one has told you about. Why is Fabián Doman mad at America? Why in delivering to the best journalistic program for intractablewhen Fabián Doman -one of the bike drivers- called America to ask for a ticket, they said no?”, the driver of Show partners, Rodrigo Lussichtrue to his style. Then he reviewed the conflict: the program was nominated, he won, he was present Alexandre Fantinits last pilot and was also present at the event Santiago del Moro. Doman, as he himself explained, ran the program until the middle of last year and deserved to be there.

Before going on the air, the co-pilot of The partners…, Adrien Pallaresshowed the tweet that Doman shared when intractable He won the statuette, where he thanked Fantino for having mentioned him on stage as “the other rider of the cycle in 2021. These gestures are not usual and for that I thank him”. Then he explained that after Santiago Del Moro, Doman was the driver who was on the air the longest, that Fantino left a week before the end of the cycle and that the channel told them about it: “Nobody wants take this dead person to the cemetery.” Paula Varela added that when Fabián Doman went to ask for his entry to the chain, they told him: “you are not included among the guests”.

In telephone communication with the cycle of eltrece, the journalist subscribed to the comments of the journalists. “What happened is what you just said. It’s plain and simple. I called America’s Art Direction a fortnight ago, asked how I was doing with my card, if I was going to pick it up or had it sent to me, and they told me that it was not being considered because there were no places. Then yesterday I saw the party and I seen everything: the cousins, the neighbors, ”launched the driver.

Fabián Doman in Intratables, with Luis Novaresio and Pamela David

“As well as? You called America asking for an invite and they turned it down?” Lussich summed up. “Mine was more innocent, Rodrigo. Dumber if you want,” he replied. . “I called assuming America was watching me,” he said and explained the situation: “intractable, until July 1, 2021, that’s why it was nominated, I drove it”. Then he added that last night’s Martin Fierro’s weren’t just 2021 even though they say they weren’t. “2020 was also considered and intractable He had a great year 2020“, he concluded.

In this sense, Doman explained that the success of the program was due to a joint effort. “It was the merit of the production, the merit of the panel, the merit of many things. I was the driver but it was the merit of many people. Of a program, and you know it well, which was in place when I came in 2019,” he shot.

When asked by Mariana Brey why he thought he wasn’t invited, Doman sought to remove the channel from the conflict. “I want to remove the American authorities from this embarrassment. I’m sure they have nothing to do with it and not because I’m friends with them or not. I think it was a question of suspicion that I am in the thirteen, that knock on wood, it is going well for us…”.

Fabián Doman in his current program, Momento D
Fabián Doman in his current program, Momento D

“So it’s Aptra?” I don’t understand,” Karina Iavícoli said at the time. “Very good question,” Doman replied. “Here’s the other debate. Doesn’t Aptra check if the hosts of a nominated show are invited? How are the invitations distributed? Are they drawn? Does my neighbor’s cousin come? Because here it is a very big mess of Aptra, “he condemned. “I’ll tell you one thing: someone says to me: ‘they are not going to invite you'”, he acknowledged, adding: “I have to be honest, Agustín Vila, aware of the situation, told me offered his own ticket,” he said. He thanked her but told her he was not returning the favor. “The way is not for the owner of a channel to give me his ticket,” he said.

Finally, he highlighted the gesture of Alejandro Fantino, with whom he spoke during the week. “‘Come on, come on’, he said to me. Do you know what happens Alejandro? if the formal and natural channels for the invitation to arrive are not… That’s why Alejandro m thanked and mentioned,” he added and thanked Paulo Vilouta.

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