Federico Bal returned to the country and, between tears, revealed the premonition that he did not know how to listen

Federico Bal returned to the country and, between tears, revealed the premonition that he did not know how to listen

Federico Bal has returned home. In a wheelchair and with his left arm immobilized in a sling, the driver of Rest of the world talks about the accident he suffered while paraglidingrevealed that he had a hunch that he didn’t listen to and he was moved to tears when he admitted he could have died: “The doctor told me that many people arrive after accidents like this and do not realize it because it is a very risky sport.”

Last Friday, a week after the accident he suffered while paragliding on the island of Paraty, Bal was operated on. After three hours of surgery, her mother Carmen Barbieri said the surgery was a success. With a tough recovery aheadFederico, his girlfriend Sofía Aldrey and Carmen Barbieri landed this afternoon at Ezeiza International Airport.

“Don’t let him get away from you,” they shouted to him from the floor of Intruder in the show to Alejandro Guatti. ” What’s going to happen ? If it’s two kilometers an hour…”, jokes the journalist who immediately intercepts the driver and the dancer. I am so happy to be in my country, a desire to arrive! I couldn’t take it anymore,” Bal immediately admitted. After a few initial questions, Guati handed over the job to Florencia de la V, Bal’s friend, and her panelists.

“You lied to me!” De la V said., and told him that when he saw the footage, he realized the seriousness of the matter. “These are times of great fear. I’m very adventurous, I like it, but the problem is being far away and fall into a guardian of a fairly rustic place…“, Bal began to tell and completed: “Imagine that in the local guard, you can be caught by a doctor who considers that you must cut your hand and I owe you…”, he illustrated.

Fede Bal, happy to return home

“I was really scared,” he confessed, later recalling his greatest moment of “lucidity and reason” in the accident: when he saw his arm, the blood, the open fracture and that he calmly asked for a tourniquet to be done. “With a tranquility that I don’t even know where it comes from”he added.

After rehearsing how the accident was, than when he was in the van at the hospital the car hit the pavement, blood splattered everywherethat his arm moved to the rhythm of the potholes and that he felt in a Tarantino movieBal says that when he arrived he broke his nose because the person transporting him in the wheelchair tripped him over a jack and fell to the ground. “I do not know when Rest of the world turned into Donkeyhe joked referring to the remembered sending physical feats and tragic accidents.

The first photo of Fede Bal after an accident in Brazil
The first photo of Fede Bal after an accident in Braziltwitter @balfederico

After admitting that It was twelve o’clock until he was treated and everything was checked to rule out internal injuriesBal said he started pranking the nurses and the doctor to relax and treat him well. And in this memory, he cracked. “There, the doctor who grabbed my hand… I started crying because I was very scared. Very very scared. The guy told me that a lot of people come after accidents like that and don’t realize it because it’s a very risky sport.” “Many people die for this every year and the truth is that it could have been much worse”hill.

About your immediate future, Bal revealed that he had 30 stitches in his arm and still had a long way to go to regain mobility and sensitivity in his hand., but that he is very “agitated ass” and that in 20 days he will be back on a plane to continue his life. “It will be a great anecdote tomorrow,” he confessed.

Sofía Aldrey, girlfriend of Fede Bal, with Carmen Barbieri
Sofía Aldrey, girlfriend of Fede Bal, with Carmen BarbieriGerard Vierkovitch

Asked about Sofía Aldrey, his partner, Bal spared no praise. “Seeing her fills me with love and makes me reaffirm the woman I have next to me.”he explained. “I tell him ‘what a shitty life I’m giving you because since I met you things have happened to me'”, he acknowledged and also reviewed the marriage proposal he had made to her, dominated by morphine. “I got emotional, I was a little drugged”, he reviewed between two laughs and understood the reason for his no. “She’s the woman of my life, how can she not be?” he condemned.

Finally, Balrrevealed that he felt a sensation before he started with the paraglider but unfortunately failed. “On the first outing, I already realized something was wrong. When the guy interrupted the first outing, I looked at Juan, my producer, and I was about to…” Bal n didn’t finish his sentence, but hinted that he wanted to stop. “My heart told me ‘I don’t know if it’s now'”he reviewed, and when the paraglider started, he thought “For what? You should have listened to me…” he reflected.

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