Fernanda Vives confirmed their separation and Sebastián Cobelli replied live: "It's easy to find a culprit"

Fernanda Vives confirmed their separation and Sebastián Cobelli replied live: “It’s easy to find a culprit”

The panelist said she was still living with her husband, but they were going through a crisis, and he responded with a live story

After the resignation of Ana Rosenfeld for THEM (America), Fernanda Vives took its place on the panel. One of the first questions he faced was about the rumored breakup with Sebastien Cobelli. After 12 years as a couple and after being parents to Brisa and Rocco, for a few months they stopped posting pictures together on their social networks. The former star assumed that they had gone through a deep crisis and said that they are currently separated. As she answered Angel de Brito’s questions, The footballer responded with a story on his Instagram account.

At the end of April, Mariana Brey had warned against the virtual tracks of estrangement from marriage in show partners (El Trece), but it wasn’t until Thursday night that Fernanda broke the silence and explained in first person what’s going on at home. “I’m separated. We live together in the same place, he comes and goes in Rosario, but the fact that he left my house hasn’t happened yet.”he says at the beginning.

After remembering that they got married in 2010 and started a family together, he tried not to go into too much detail to protect his two children. “We had entered into a somewhat complicated routine problem; I left when I decided to go on a trip with friends, and I saw something that I didn’t like… but I’d rather not talk about it“, he maintained with a certain sadness and discomfort. “The wear was a whole, we started to be more friends, partners, colleagues, than a couple”, he added on the reasons which led them to the delicate present they live.

The story that Sebastián Cobelli published and then deleted

As well denied one of the versions stating that Cobelli disagreed with landing on an adult content platform, the same in which Florencia Peña shares publications. “It didn’t bother him at all,” he remarked. However, he admitted that living together under the same roof while being separated is not something easy: “There are times and times when I try to make everything calmer for my children. , but there are also moments of anger and anger and I have to keep it to myself, because my daughter comes and cries”.

“It’s very difficult, and I say it but I think if you look at this, it does not suit me”, he slipped at the same time as Yanina Torres He asked to speak to give him news that made him burst live. “He just put something on Instagram, a story with an image where everyone is pointing at a man and saying, “It’s always easier to find a culprit than to take responsibility for what happens to him. He looks at it because he stole the program ‘“said the panelist. After a brief silence and his eyes beginning to fill with tears, he regretted Cobelli’s attitude.

Fernanda Vives and Sebastián Cobelli married in 2010 and are parents to Brisa and Rocco
Fernanda Vives and Sebastián Cobelli married in 2010 and are parents to Brisa and Rocco

“These are things that I don’t like because they put me in a very ugly place. If you want I have here the screenshots of the chats that I found, clearly I’m not going to show them on air, but I’m going to show them to you, Angel, so you can tell me if what I saw isn’t is not concretesince he says he is not guilty of anything”, he reacted angrily, handing his mobile phone to the driver. De Brito read the dialogues without sharing them with the public and assured: “Great precise, in addition to the fact that I have known Fernanda all my life and I was already aware of what was going on.”

“It bothers me to be left in front of society and in front of people as if I was to blame because I put on my taquitos and started working, because apart from that I need to work, and that’s how that’s why I shit on my family and it’s not like that,” condemned Vives. “It’s all a combo, the economic question, the work question, and unfortunately I have to say love too, because it’s very sad,” he said, trying to contain his tears. “At one point I thought: ‘I wish I hadn’t known anything’, and now I’m ashamed to think like that”, he explained. Minutes later, the footballer deleted the post from his Instagram stories, while Fernanda concluded the topic with the statement: “We had discussions which did not lead to anything for him, and then I will have to assess myself how to move forward.”


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