Doctor Strange 2 (Marvel Studios)

First reviews of Doctor Strange 2: A masterpiece!

The first reviews for Doctor Strange 2 have already been revealed. Apparently, the new film from Marvel Studios is a masterpiece.

After the celebration of the premiere in Los Angeles, California, USA)we already have here the first reviews of strange doc 2. The new movie from marvel studios promises to be one of the great events of the year. This following Sorcerer Supreme will lay the groundwork for what is to come in the years to come and take a multiversal leap that will follow in the footsteps of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. That’s what expert critics are saying about the long-awaited premiere.

Erik Davis (Fandango): “Hands down the scariest, twisted, craziest, most disturbing and terrifying movie from Marvel Studios. Doctor Strange 2 has all the Sam Raimi horror vibes and I loved it. music by Danny Elfman fits perfectly with the mysterious tone of the film. Elizabeth Olsen is the MVP. What I appreciated the most was the ambition of the film. How well balanced it is, how it oscillates between the lightness of the humor and the evil of everything. That’s where Sam Raimi really had his fun. Ultimately, it’s a movie about being dragged into the dark and fighting for the prevent us from being engulfed.”

Jena Anderson (comic): “Doctor Strange 2 is amazing. It’s imaginative, truly bizarre, and absolutely hilarious to watch. I didn’t realize how much the MCU needed something like this.”

Liam Crowley (The Direct): “Doctor Strange 2 throws a lot of things against the wall. Some things succeed, like the surprisingly simple narrative; others fail, mainly the CGI. Elizabeth Olsen is beautiful, but my favorite rock star is Xóchitl Gómez. Benedict Cumberbatch truly feels like the anchor of the MCU at all times. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s a worthwhile experience.”

Eric Italiano (BroBible): “Doctor Strange 2 feels as much like a Sam Raimi film as it does a day in the life of Doctor Strange. It’s the UCM formula taken to its maximum expression. Despite the implications and revelations of the multiversal franchise, the film is very self-contained, focusing on its own story and style.Doctor Strange 2 does an amazing job of understanding what makes Doctor Strange so great and capitalizing on those strengths and weaknesses in terms of visuals, plots, and themes. Classic MCU elements are mixed with superhero sequel arcs and tropes from the movie theater of terror”.

“I Didn’t Know The MCU Needed This So Much Until I Saw It,” Critic Says Of New Movie Sorcerer Supreme

Germain Lussier Gizmodo: “Doctor Strange 2 is the weirdest and most disgusting Marvel Studios movie to date. It seems extremely disjointed, partly on purpose, so it doesn’t always work. But horror and especially Wanda Maximoff works incredibly well. Also… wow. There are some nice surprises.”

Kevin Polowy (Yahoo Entertainment): “Doctor Strange 2 is absolutely insane. A real madness. Hardcore fans are going to be bowled over. The more laid back will say “wtf what do I see”. But no one can deny that this is Sam Raimi in all his glory. Elizabeth Olsen takes the film from start to finish.”

Courtney Howard Variety: “Doctor Strange 2 is full of huge and entertaining sequences, heavy weight of characters and extraordinary, kaleidoscopic and addictive visuals. Xóchitl Gómez steals many scenes. Elizabeth Olsen makes them her own. Benedict Cumberbatch is superb. It works like a good entry point for horror newbies.It bears the signature of Sam Raimi.

Siddhan Adlakha (The New York Times): “Doctor Strange 2 is delightfully silly. A pleasant surprise: the best and funniest parts of the movie are definitely all Sam Raimi.”

Perri Nemiroff (Collider): “Marvel made a horror movie! It’s bizarre, it’s terrifying, and it more than deserves its title. If you were worried that this movie didn’t feel like Sam Raimi enough, don’t worry! I don’t can’t imagine an MCU movie more Sam Raimi. My genre-loving heart is about to explode right now.”

Paul McGuire Grimes (indie film review): “Marvel has had a great ride with Doctor Strange 2. Elizabeth Olsen delivers more than enough and Sam Raimi has his stamp all over it. However, it’s a disjointed and chaotic journey.

Sean P stands for (The Salt Lake Tribune): “I love that Marvel Studios hires directors to make their movies. Where it didn’t work very well there with Chloe Zhao in The Eternals, it works wonderfully with Sam Raimi here. C It’s a great mix between Marvel Studios and horror movies.”

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