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Flavio Azzaro surprised by his statements on LAM: what he said

Flavio Azaro He surprised his Twitter followers yesterday by paying an unexpected compliment to “THEM” (America TV) and the content it delivers night after night.

The journalist tweeted a few minutes after the cycle of Brito’s Angel went off the air this Friday and made clear the relevance it has in his life: “Without a doubt, @elejercitodelam is my main program today“. Besides, Flavio Azaro he claimed: “The only one I watch or search for in Flow“.

The TV host explained what he considers British y sus angelitas does to get this distinction among so many programs on television: “The climate they generate, subjects that don’t interest me end up interesting me, protagonists who dare to tell things… It’s an addictive spectacle of the cholulaje that we love so much. #THEM“.

Azzaro added to the tweet a message for Beto Casella and your team:Forgive me @BenditaOk, but today I’m in it“.

The last crossing of Flavio Azzaro

Earlier this month, Karina Iavicoli faces Flavio Azaro in “Show partners“(El Trece), after questioning the abuse accusation she made Luciana Salazar on Martin Redrado in the same cycle.

“He tried to deceive me“, he expressed Luciana in telephone communication with the cycle of Adrien Pallares Yes Rodrigo Lussichbefore which Iavicoli asked him directly:Did you report him for abuse?“. Azzaro strongly against Karine on his Chronicle show and after seeing a news report about what happened, he said: “How is the journalist going to ask that? Say something, girls! That’s a shame! There’s a lot of abused girls that can’t tell right now“.

Visibly impressed and outraged by the question of Iavicoli, Flavio Azaro added: “No, crazy! If a man says that, they throw him everywhere. How are you going to ask him that? What’s the name? Is it Karin? It’s a lack of respect. If a man does that, they lynch him. she is crazy. They’re all crazy.”

reacted to the journalist’s comments on the air the journalist’s statements against the panelist: “hoe [sic]sorry because I have gutters, it’s not that I’m joking, I get Azado [sic]. This guy has problems with everyone. He remembered, he played with Messi, with Pampita, with Canaletti, with García Moritán, with his partner, Mariana Di Arco. What do I mean? Nobody loves you. When you ask yourself, in which country does Iavícoli live? In the same as you, with the difference that they don’t cancel me, they hire me, they love me, they bet on the things I say“.

Iavicoli remembered all the time flavius He suffered heavy repudiation for his remarks and argued: “You are closer to doing a show in a theater, that’s where they hire you because the winter holidays are coming; you are closer to being out of the media than being in the media“. In addition, the journalist admitted that if she wanted to, she could take legal action against the communicator: “First, you could eat a try cause you called me crazy. This is a very serious accusation, because there are people who have mental health problems, and it seems to me that you went to hell“.

“So you said I’m a disgrace. If I was a disgrace, I wouldn’t be sitting here, nor would she be as good a journalist as she has been for 25 years. You know me, that old Chicana asking for someone’s name (she’s not going)…” the panelist commented, then went on to jog viewers’ memories of celebrities who have expressed their dislike for the work of flavius: “Santi Maratea and Darío Barassi said people like you shouldn’t watch TV. I also join to this group that believes people like you shouldn’t have space, because what you’re doing isn’t journalism, it’s a TV show.”

Oh, and I forgot: you’re also homophobic. You screwed up with the Marimari cafe… You don’t know anything. You need street, dad. It seems to me that we have to walk a little more in the street and stop harassing women. It works pretty well for you. That’s why I say it’s possible that your thing is theatre. But with me, I am silent,” he concluded. Iavicoli.

While “Partners of the Show” (El Trece) was still on the air, Flavio Azaro He responded to Karina’s comments on Twitter, but with the particularity of doing it with humor, since he published a photograph of a barbecue, in reference to the error made by the journalist in pronouncing his last name because of the aligners.

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