Flor Peña y Alejandro Fantino ya tienen fecha de debut en la pantalla de América 

Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino already have a debut date on the American screen

And in the case of Fantino, who last night said goodbye to intractableanimator returns to direct one of his favorite programs: Loose Animals. The return of the historic cycle of news and interviews will come with a significant change.

Thus, Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino will complete America’s great prime time with the success THEM from Brito’s Angelthe cycle of shows that punctuates the agenda each evening.


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Alejandro Fantino said goodbye to Intratables: “I was very happy here”

Alexandre Fantin he said goodbye Thursday driving intractable, after arriving in mid-October 2021the emblematic journalistic program of American television He has been on the air for ten years without interruption.

The driver left his place until the 29th of this month in the hands of Paul Viloutaa history of the program, date on which the cycle will end.

“I want to take two minutes to say two little things… Something happens on television, at least I interpret it that way or take it that way. Something happens that happens to a dancer, a footballer or a tennis player. I come from the world of sports journalism and apart from that I am a person who loves sports, so I understand this profession a bit sportingly”, started Alexandre Fantin, who In January this year, he tested positive for coronavirus for the second time..

And he added: “Why am I saying the dancer thing? Because today I thought that once, talking to Maximiliano Guerra or Julio Bocca, they told me that several times they had asked to go dancing at the San Carlos in Naples, or at the Bolshoi, or at the Scala in Milan, or dancing in a good theater in London Not to mention the Columbus. And since I have a lot of footballing friends, some may have chosen teams because they wanted to play in a city or because they wanted to feel what it was like to play for that team, in Europe or here too . It’s intractable, it’s a football team, it’s an institution, it’s like saying ‘I play football and I had the pleasure of playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona or Inter, Boca or River, but they’re a great team.'”

“Why did I decide to come to Intratables to drive this time? I knew it was only a moment… First because my contract with America is ending. I still have a few months of contract with the channel and I don’t know if I’m going to continue or not because these are issues that, of course, are part of a dynamic that is taking place in television time. These are issues that I do not define and it does not depend on me alone, it depends on both of us.says the driver.

“When Daniel Vila asked me to come and direct Intratables, I jumped in head first. Firstly because it’s a great team and I wanted to play in a great team like this. I had to leave things that were very important to me, like ESPN, for example. I work at Disney on an international signal and I ran to signal number two so I could be here because I wanted to play on this team.” added fantin.

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And he explained why he had accepted the challenge of intractable: “I wanted to feel what it was like to bring down the walls with them (the panelists), but I also wanted to come and meet another political subject like people from politics that I didn’t know doing Loose Animals because the show had two guests a night like a president, vice president, governor, or minister. And I’m leaving pleasantly built to get to know them. I came to do a master’s in this program.”

“This program doesn’t stop because it’s a brand. Maybe Intratables will continue over the weekend or into next year. Intractable had many pilots and one better than the other. I am just an anecdote on this long journey of 10 years”, noticed.

And he said he’d be back with another classic, Stray animals: “I’m saying goodbye today because I’m coming back with Loose Animals. God willing it will be the first week of May. I’m leaving very happy because these kids are great, it’s very easy to play in this team. They don’t miss any walls. The production is great and because you have to get six guests together a night. It’s the most efficient production I’ve come across in my 27-year career in both television and on the radio, which is why this program is a success and will continue to be.”

“Paulo Vilouta arrives and stays for a few days; they stay… I was very happy here. The program is dedicated to the Martín Fierro family, not because of me, but a little because of all of us. We had a good night today. Thank you to all the people of Intratables and to you who allowed me to lead this little moment. I hope you liked it. I did it with great care and tried to do it with the greatest possible professionalism; whether I did it right or wrong will be up to you”completed Alexandre Fantin.

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