Flor Peña recovered his account and attacked Instagram: "How come what happens to others does not bother?"

Flor Peña recovered his account and attacked Instagram: “How come what happens to others does not bother?”

Florencia Peña spoke with lawyers Fernando Burlando and Martín Leguizamón after her Instagram was shut down (La Pu*@ Ama, América)

Only a whore likes can hang Instagram with 6 follower sticks”. Referring to his new alter ego from his American show, Florencia Peña announced that Instagram had closed her account. On air, the driver commented that the social network alleged “inconvenient” the content you posted that led to this forced closure. And he pointed out:I’m telling you one thing: if I had instigated the killing of baby puppies, they wouldn’t close my account. Because ass is more boring than being a Nazi in this country, guys. Reallyhe said without hesitation.

This Tuesday, the driver opened her show with a parody. With diego ramos as director of the improvised choir Lee VonKennedy, presented a six-voice cantata “in protest and support for our partner María Florencia since they closed her Instagram account”. Dressed in sober brown, like the “poo emoji”, they reviewed the facts with humor before presenting their panel and invited to take a more serious look at the subject.

Flor Peña’s ironic response to the closure of her Instagram (La Pu*@ Ama, América)

“I’m back on Instagram, guys,” the driver celebrated at the start of the monologue with which she reviewed her hours off the social network. “I realized that people who live at home are cool. It was 48 hours of total cleansing, even my belly was gone, ”he assured with his usual humor. In the same tone, but now more serious, a reflection was permitted: “Suddenly what I am doing is wrong and what others are doing is right”. And then he introduced the lawyers Ferdinand Mockingwhich represented the fact, already Martin Leguizamoncybercrime specialist, to try to explain what had happened.

“I didn’t understand anything, how come what happens on Instagram with other people doesn’t bother me and it bothers me?” the driver wondered. “You have been chosen, I have no doubt. People like you who have superb courage choose them to do these acts of censorship.“said Burlando. “There are families who live on Instagram. Today Florencia was worried about her life, focused on the platform”, added the lawyer and Peña agreed: “I had collected eight years of stories, the birth of my children.”

There was a serious case of private censorship. The company has decided to censor you unnecessarily. This should happen with millions of accounts,” Leguizamón interjected. “Misogyny, having an ideology, exposing it, makes a lot of people put on an operetta,” interpreted Miss Bimbo. “And fight against the giants, like Flor does. There are a lot of great people who don’t like him, his phrases, his ideas, his photographs,” Burlando added.

Florencia Peña complained about the suspension of her Instagram account (La Pu*@ Ama, América)

We should see who are those who report and request the blocking of the account ”Leguizamón warned. And he develops: “They should have checked if they were robot before censoring you. Surely you have millions of violent hate messages and they do nothing. And there they block a photo of a breastfeeding woman and they block it. It’s inexplicable,” he said.

Looking to the future, Burlando was optimistic: “Flor may she continue to lead her quiet life that they won’t close her account.. Keep downloading the content you want“, said the lawyer, and the driver mentioned the current situation of his profile:” I recovered the account, but I have a notice that tells me that I can lose it at any time. And another thing that happens is if they’re looking for me, I’m not there,” he warned.

At this point, Burlando outlined the steps to follow and again warned of the seriousness of the crime committed. “We will activate the mechanisms to recover it. It is neither easy nor simple, but a light of hope is opening. When you lose a social network, you lose part of your identity. It is very serious to censor someone, he is a terrorist. This first step is important in the pursuit of full recovery of the account,” concluded the lawyer.


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