Florencia Peña interviewed her future husband: the memory of their first date and the announcement of the marriage

Florencia Peña interviewed her future husband: the memory of their first date and the announcement of the marriage

The driver and the lawyer anticipated what their wedding would look like and revealed the date of the big day

thursday evening Florencia Peña had Ramiro Ponce de León as a guest in Mistress Pu*@, America’s Leading Screen Show. The couple kept a hilarious conversation where they revisited their romance, reminisced about one of their first dates as boyfriends and they confirmed their wedding date. The actress sealed the special moment with a passionate kiss with her future husband, and also revealed who will organize your wedding.

“Hello my love, it’s Thursday huh… listen, we start Monday, in case you want to come earlier”, the driver first said to the lawyer, as a complaint for his late visit to the studio. Laughing, he started the interview with a question about marriage: “How are you with what you are going to marry Florencia Peña?”. Ramiro doubled down and shot back, “Hoping Florence gives me a ball to organize it, even though I was already doing a few things, but I’ll tell you later.”

The couple took the opportunity to exchange bills on the organization of the wedding they will celebrate this year

The driver took advantage of mutual billing in a humorous way to announce when the big day will be. “We have the scoop… because we are going to get married on November 19 in Salta, in Cafayate; and later, the following week, on Friday November 25, we will party here in Buenos Aires,” he revealed. Those present on the floor applauded the happy couple and Dan Breitman wanted to know if they would also perform a religious ceremony.

“In which church? They will send us a document letter if we pass by a church,” Peña joked. Regarding the preparations, he was also honest about the lack of time in his schedule in the middle of the cycle’s premiere which hit the small screen on Monday. “I want to tell you that I was very busy, and this man proposed to me. He throws the proposal to me and then I have to start working”assured, in front of the attentive gaze of the lawyer, who quickly took over the glove: “The organization is for two, so if you want to do a lot more things than me, that’s something else.”

“Seriously speaking, Claudia Villafañe is going to organize it, applause for her”, account. And he added in a humorous tone: “We’re going to eat gnocchi for sure.” In this sense, he explained that they plan to organize an intimate celebration in the province of Salta and a bigger party in the capital of Buenos Aires. Moreover, Diego Ramos wanted to know if they would do a bachelor party before entering the law. “There is no farewell, we have already done a lot of kilombo. It won’t be a thing that leaks before we get married and ruins our marriage“, ironically the driver.

Romantic and excited for the wedding, Ramiro Ponce de León and Florencia Peña sealed the moment with a kiss

Romantic and excited for the wedding, Ramiro Ponce de León and Florencia Peña sealed the moment with a kiss

“The bachelor party was already in life”adds the lawyer. “For the moment we have the date, go, and that you told me yes, there are three important things”, he reflected. Amused, they remember one of their first appointments: “We were going out with Rama and he said to me: ‘I am going to take you to Cafayate’, because I fell in love with this place; and when we arrived she was starving, so she bought two dozen empanadas: one with meat and one with cheese,” the actress said.

“They were boiling, really hot, and I was so hungry I wondered how I could eat this, so I cut them in half and put them in front of the air conditioner. ‘What are you doing, m ‘did he say?’; and there was a smell of food for three weeks in the car,” Peña concluded. A few days ago, in a conversation with TV showthe driver gave some details about the marriage proposal, after nine years together. “He gave me that kind of mamushka truncated squares, it was a very funny moment because really i am in control so much that it is very difficult for me to surprise myself“, he acknowledged.

Moved, she also remembered her father, who died in April 2020, after battling aggressive cancer. “We were supposed to get married a few years ago, but my father fell ill at that time and the road to his departure was very difficult. There was no family joy for it to happen, so it just stayed there because it wasn’t something I needed either,” he surmised. “It’s clear that we think about love quite freely, but now we are in a time where we feel we need to celebrate life for many things that were also happening around; life is today we have to celebrate and with that spirit he asked me to marry him, because for us it’s nothing more than an excuse to celebrate with the people we love, to reaffirm our love, and that’s where we’re going,” he said.

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