Florencia Peña's acerbic response to the harsh criticism she received for her new program: "Calm down"

Florencia Peña’s acerbic response to the harsh criticism she received for her new program: “Calm down”

Florence Pena made his debut this Monday in his new program BPM which appears on the screen in America and, before making its big appearance, was harshly criticized on social media. After reading the comments, the driver answered people who is “embarrassed” to see her leading the new night cycle and even compared the situation with the opinion that the public originally had on Married with childrenthe success of Telefe.

After her first show, for which she received several negative comments from her detractors on social networks, The actress joked that they were going to listen to people and change the name of the show. Thus, he maintained, with a halo of irony, that he was going to go from La Put… Ama (LPA) a “The Pure Mistress”.

The driver, who decided to make a catharsis on her raid, greeted the audience with inclusive language and even dared to read the reviews people were making on social media. “Good night everyone (sic). We had to change the name of the program, because we heard criticism from everyone. It was a beautiful night. We meet at home and we have not given credit to the debates we have generated“, the driver began to tell and added that with the team that makes the television cycle analyzed “the debates” that arose on Twitter for their program. “Boys and girls, thank you all because the truth is that they gave us a lot of the ball yesterday. I went TT (trending topic) since three o’clock in the afternoon yesterday and the program had not started and they didn’t like it anymore and the program comes out at 22. The program was already bad,” he quipped ironically.

Florencia Peña responded to her critics on social media

In a sense of her defense, the driver claimed that throughout the show she somehow discovered that they had all kinds of viewers. “There were people who loved it, people who hated it, the people who vomited it. There are people who made a mistake… but calm down, nothing is happening, you can put on another channel,” the actress said sarcastically. married with children, who used the family series to do a self-reference. On the other hand, he added that in his second show “they were going to be very modest”.

To “lower the tone of the cycle”, he specified that he would act on the matter and that even the program and the musical theme were going to have another name… more moderate. “The program must already be called ‘The Pure Mistress’, because otherwise people get angryso let’s say it like that”, he analyzes, asking the musicians to interpret the theme. “No, guys, it’s a joke”, added between laughs and launched a rude comment. “I’m not telling you, I’m not telling you, I’m not telling you, stay calm. I’m telling you once and able in the end. Let’s sing the song of Natalia OreiroI love: ‘let them say what they wantthat the words come and go, that the words come and go and that I am as I am’…”, he sang.

Florencia Peña read people’s comments on Twitter

On the other hand, he laughed that they were going to “do what they said on Twitter” to keep people happy. “Because life happens to us because of what they say on Twitter, we listen and read and love it, so we’re gonna give them whatever program they want.“, he synthesized. Later he added that the first year of Married with children they got a lot of negative reviews but luckily people finally got on with the show. “They called us berretas, that the comedy smelled of mothballs, that my wig was eaten away, that the decor was ugly. They had not understood that it was a satire! They got it on rerunshe recounted and added that in his new cycle, what they are looking for is to laugh at the “old humor” and the masculinity behind it.

“We can explain them and become an explanatory program,” he said, reviewing some tweets and memes that his “detractors” posted after his big debut.

Jorge Lanata’s review of Flor Peña by LPM

After the first broadcast of BPM, Marina Calabro and Jorge Lanata joins cycle critics on their radio show Miter. “This program, as proposed, puts his career in danger. You [por Lanata] says, ‘Sorry to start’. And I would say to him: “I wish I had never started”. Because what comes after, everything that comes after these 12 minutes of monologue, of presentation with more shadows than lights… everything that followed was, I wouldn’t say worse, it was absolutely unspeakable, Lanata“, launched the journalist very strong.

Listening to it, Lanata condemned, “Did you see when you were a boy and you had a teacher who wanted to be funny? And that embarrassed? It happened to me.” Then he added, “I kind of gave it to myself, which is… Peña, you are not Susana [Giménez]. But, let’s see, you’re not Susana like I’m not [Marcelo] Tinelli. everyone is different Why don’t you try to be Peña? I also don’t know what Peña isbut what I do know is that it’s not Susana”.

After clarifying that they didn’t like Flor’s program at all, Marina resumed her analysis of the cycle: “Another of the jokes was: ‘At school, they turned me into a pu…a’. As if to say that they demanded a lot. “And you know that I stayed there? I recommand it’. without consequence! I can say ‘pu…’ on TV all I want”. And he continued: “Screaming, unmasked. Later, one of the musical themes is: “If you don’t like what I say, go ahead”. I’m even ashamed to reproduce it, horrible. The truth, too bad it’s decoded or interpreted to transgress is to say swear words without solution of continuity and without objective”.

Finally, the reporter again pointed to the cycle’s use of profanity. “It seems to me that the word that defines the program is misconduct and really It’s a humor that goes back at least 40 years and that at home, Lanata, and I speak for myself, did not make anyone laugh,” he concluded.

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