Fragata Libertad: Taiana has given the order to set sail for the 50th training trip of the iconic training ship

Fragata Libertad: Taiana has given the order to set sail for the 50th training trip of the iconic training ship

Interviews for Zarpada 50 of Fragata Libertad

“Today is a day of great joy because we say goodbye to a great ambassador of Argentina that is the Fragata Libertad. The same goes for all the people traveling on board,” Taiana said, at the start of the speech preceding the formal reading of the departure order. After the usual thanks, praises and wishes of “good luck” to the commander of the ship and its crew, the Minister of Defense listed each of the ports that the training ship will touch and the reasons for this choice.

During five months of navigation, the “Libertad” will stop at Fortress (Brazil), Castries (Santa Lucia), holy sunday (Dominican Republic), Havana (Cuba), Veracruz (Mexico), Baltimore (United States), Dublin (Ireland), Saint-Malo and Toulon (France), Cadiz (Spain) and salvador of bahia (Brazil).

in dialogue with Infobae, Jorge Taiana explained that the choice of each port is made taking into account what best suits the interests of the country at a given time. “When I say interest, I mean it in the broadest sense of the term. We need to strengthen relations with the Caribbean, in South America we have big deficits with the whole Caribbean independence process,” the official said.

Interview with Defense Minister Jorge Taiana on the 50 departure of the Fragata Libertad

He added that “Most Caribbean countries have been British colonies and have always viewed our claims to the Malvinas with rather critical or distant positions. We have to explain that the situation of our islands is not the same as theirs”.

This media consulted the Minister on the reasons why the Caribbean island of Curaçao (initially planned) was excluded and that of Saint Lucia was included, both having a similar status.

“The choice of a certain finishing point, as I said before, has to do with questions of opportunity and importance for Argentina. Curaçao is a magnificent Dutch possession, first there had Spain, then Great Britain and finally it was in the hands of the Netherlands. We frankly favor independent states because they are the ones with whom we have a relationship and they are part of the international community and they are the ones who vote at the UN. So if we want to have a more intense relationship with the Netherlands, let’s go to Amsterdam.”.

This year, the Navy training ship will not stop in Curaçao, as planned

Regarding Saint Lucia, although she recognizes that the island which is part of the “Lesser Antilles” still claims Queen Elizabeth as head of state, Taiana stressed that it is an independent country represented in the Nations United States and that he is also a member of the International Committee of Decolonization before which each year Argentina presents its vindictive claim of sovereignty over the Falklands and other islands of the South Atlantic.

After recalling that throughout 2022 the Frigate Libertad will combine three stays in Brazilian ports, Taiana took the opportunity to justify the stopover in Veracruz coinciding with the end of the “Sails 2022” regatta, that of Dublin in recognition of Guillermo Brown’s homeland. (Father of the Nation at Sea) and Saint Maló, because it was from this French town that the maritime expedition set out on September 15, 1763, which ended with the first permanent settlement of the Falklands.

During five months of navigation, the

During five months of navigation, the “Libertad” will stop in Fortaleza (Brazil), Castries (Saint Lucia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Havana (Cuba), Veracruz (Mexico), Baltimore (United States) , Dublin (Ireland), Saint Maló and Toulon (France), Cadiz (Spain) and Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)

It should be noted that from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Argentina and in response to the consultation of Infobae information has been provided in which it is emphasized that “since 2010, Curaçao and Sint Maarten have become independent countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The government system is unicameral parliamentary and parliamentarians are elected by universal suffrage every four years.”.

The diplomatic delegation also reported that there is a governor who represents King William and that he is not part of the cabinet. Finally, they recalled that no third country claims sovereignty over the island of Curaçao.

The 2022 voyage of the Fragata Libertad will combine three stays in Brazilian ports

The 2022 voyage of the Fragata Libertad will combine three stays in Brazilian ports

The 50th training trip of the frigate Libertad

The Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral Julio Guardia, gave some details on the voyage which will begin on Saturday April 30.

“What does it mean for the Navy to conduct a training trip again under conditions similar to those of the pre-pandemic?”

— To carry out a voyage which, both in its duration and in the number of crew members, especially midshipmen, was our aspiration after two years of having had to adapt to what the pandemic has determined. With regard to the special care that is always maintained, let’s say that there was a complete swab of all the crew before setting sail, they all have the complete vaccination schedule and in each country where they arrive, the sanitary measures established by local authorities .

– Could you, as head of the Navy, explain to the Argentines the importance of a training trip?

— On the one hand, the training trip is part of the academic requirements for the training of a future naval officer. But in addition to academics and professional practices, it is important to take into account another aspect that has to do with the temperance of the professional, with the experience that he sits for several months away from home, without affection and (laughs) until he loses internet or cellphone signal. In short, start living what your professional experience will be later.

The trip will last 5 months and its crew will return home in September

The trip will last 5 months and its crew will return home in September

– How long will the trip take?

— It’s been almost 5 months, we’ll be back at the end of September. This trip is made up of two promotions (149 and 150)

— Does this mean that there is a class that has had no activities for a year?

— No, the two promotions 149 and 150, within the framework of the adaptations that had to be made due to the pandemic, carried out countless internships in different units of the Maritime Fleet and the rest of the units of the Navy, which they ended up having at that time point a first early contact with what will be their professional destinations later.

In turn, the captain of the ship Carlos Schavinsky, commanding officer of the training ship, before the consultation of the Infobae manifest.

— For me, as a naval officer, to have become commander of the training ship is a source of pride and also a deep honor, as well as an enormous responsibility for all that the frigate Libertad represents and for the fact of have to complete the training of future naval officers. Every seafarer aspires to this position.

“Between the time you left this ship when you graduated as an officer and your current return as commanding officer, did you hold any other position on board?”

— Indeed, in 2018 I was second in command of the ship, coinciding with the holding of the meeting of tall ships “Velas 2018″.

Alongside the highest military authorities of the country and a large group of foreign diplomats, the Minister of Defense justified the choice of the ports that will touch

Alongside the highest military authorities of the country and a large group of foreign diplomats, the Minister of Defense justified the choice of the ports that the “ambassador of the seas” will touch.

— How is the finalization of the training of future officers, including perhaps the future head of the Navy, going?

“Fundamentally, we need to ensure that commissioned midshipmen fully fulfill the various roles an officer is responsible for. For example, from a purely nautical point of view, after passing the exams and obtaining the corresponding qualification, they carry out the navigation watch under their full responsibility. In short, it is a transition stage where the future officer learns to develop the leadership of his condition.

— The question is repeated but unavoidable. How do you perceive the integration of women on board?

— Women are fully integrated, all activities on board are identical for men and women. There is no difference of any kind, on this trip the frigate is occupied by 54 women between officers, non-commissioned officers and midshipmen, they have absolutely the same rights as men and obviously the same obligations.

Notes on the frigate Libertad

In her previous 49 voyages, the flagship of the Argentine Navy sailed 1,080,056 nautical miles, the equivalent of 50 trips around the world. The days sailed amounted to 9,095, he visited 69 countries, 167 ports registering 650 entries into foreign ports.

The ship has a length (length) of 104 meters, a breadth (width) of 14.3 meters and 2652 m2 of sail area, its displacement is 3635 tons, and the height of its mainmast is 50 meters.

Its construction began under the presidency of Juan Domingo Perón and from that time until he returned from his first trip, 6 presidents passed. He was entirely built in Astilleros Río Santiago and constitutes the most emblematic construction of the national naval industry.

The moment the frigate Libertad set sail

The moment the frigate Libertad set sail

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