From another pressure spike to a night in the luxury suite: Silvina Luna's hit at El Hotel de los Famosos

From another pressure spike to a night in the luxury suite: Silvina Luna’s hit at El Hotel de los Famosos

Silvina Luna felt bad again and had to study (L’Hôtel des Célèbres)

Since facing the physical challenges of The hotel of the famous, Silvina Moon He expressed difficulty in running plays and confessed that he felt short of breath on more than one occasion. Two weeks after the start of the competition, the rosarina had a pressure peak so had to leave suddenly the competition to study and sanatorium he took reassure his followers with a few videos on his social networks.

A few days later, S.Ilvina surprised the public and especially her colleagues by entering the hotel againhe, with renewed energy and a smile that showed her full. “I was in bed for 5 days, little by little I move my body, returning to the normality of my daily life. I will come back with other worries, because I missed them the first weeks because of the emotion“, he recognized with self-criticism.

This Thursday, the former Big Brother returned to have an illness for which he had to go to a doctor. “The pressure is playing tricks on me,” admitted Silvina, who said she felt a little mambada. The schedule of activities marked the challenge of the guests on the horizon, and their concern was whether it was going to be suitable for the competition. With medical approval, Silvina joined Chanchi Estévez, Majo Martino, Alex Caniggia, Lissa Vera and Imanol Rodriguez participate in the contest for a prize and a punishment. The former would earn the right to spend a night in the luxury suite with a participant of their choice, while the latter would return to the staff and become the third competitor in the maze.

Silvina Luna surprised by winning guest challenge

Each had to walk along a walkway, fish for totems buried in the sand until they found the one with a key that would open a chest with four cubes. They had to walk down the catwalk with one at a time and place them correctly on a platform to complete the challenge.

“The body manifests itself. I had a pressure spike but now I’m ready to start”Silvina expected to be ready for battle. And with his skill and strength, he surprised all his competitors and won by a wide margin. The participant found herself exhausted, lying on the grass and her euphoria was that of all her companions. “It’s a joy and a psychic blow that I needed, “ celebrated the winner, before ending with a celebration in montonera mode with his companions.

Then the drivers Pampita Ardohain and Chino Leunis They would dictate the formalities of the affair so he could choose his mate. And his response sounded like a sung vote, mentioning Martin Salwe, with whom he had an approach with a kiss included. The announcer, who was following the alternatives from a distance, ran into the meeting, waving a flag and celebrating a victory he considered his own. “Do you understand what a sequel with Silvina Luna is? It’s a children’s dream.” He celebrated with joy after kissing his partner for the second time.

Silvina Luna had to leave El Hotel de los Famosos due to a health problem

Once in the suite, Silvina and Martín released the tensions and reflected on those days at the hotel, where fatigue and tension accumulate dangerously. “Every little thing we do here has weight, it has meaning and For me, today was a big emotional blow that pushes me to keep fighting for what I want.“, confessed the Rosario who thanked for having felt “very accompanied by you, that I listened to you all the time, and of Sabri (Carballo) too”, she added, and waited for the return of the announcer.

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s to trust myself, and you gave me that. I’m burned when you told me ‘focus’, ‘focus’, and as you told me, I’m telling you,” Salwe replied. After toasting and kissing, the emotional tension slowly turned sexual. of a game of coincidences proposed by the production. “I’m curious, I’ve always looked for different types of experiences.“, recognized the model, who left the door open to what could happen during the night:” As long as nothing happens, I have the following, I will throw everything on me and go to bed like a cat “, she concluded. in reference to your attire.


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