From Will Smith in San Telmo to Di Caprio in "The End of the World" and De Niro in Once: Hollywood stars who have filmed in Argentina

From Will Smith in San Telmo to Di Caprio in “The End of the World” and De Niro in Once: Hollywood stars who have filmed in Argentina

By Will Smith, Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio in Argentina

Robert de Niro arrived in Argentina a few days ago to shoot a series with Luis Brandoni among other actors and his stay in Buenos Aires did not go unnoticed. the actor of Taxi driver He visited the National Museum of Fine Arts, among others. Fiction Any This is his second work experience in the country since filming La Misión in 1986.

With vast landscapes and a city that offers everything, many Hollywood directors have chosen Argentina as their place of residence.

One of the most memorable visits is the from Madonna, arrived in 1996 to shoot Evita, Alan Parker’s musical. At this time, his arrival was shared between the fans who cheered for the Queen of Pop and Peronist protesters who didn’t want her in the role.

Trailer – Evita, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, Madonna

Later, she shared her travel diary and recalled, “My room is on the second floor. My fans shout “Madonna” and sing my songs. It is something enchanting and flattering. On the way to the hotel, I saw graffiti that said: Out Madonna. A sweet welcome. The resistance comes from a small group of Peronists in their desperate search for attention, although it is unclear why they are protesting. I’m sure they’d be there for tea with me if I invited them.”

At this time, she and the director met several times Carlos Menem, president at the time, who finally condemned: “Ah, they can film on the balcony of the Casa Rosada and in any other public building.” “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, was performed from the iconic window that overlooks Plaza de Mayo.

Months later, the country was again revolutionized by the arrival of a Hollywood starin September 1996. Brad Pitt had come to shoot Seven Years in Tibet with his team. It was not the first place chosen by the production, which had the idea of ​​shooting in the Indiabut was unable to do so due to a political dispute in the Asian country.

Trailer – Seven Years in Tibet

Mendoza was the place chosen to film for four months and there was not enough to satisfy the demands of the production which consisted of some 700 people between technical and artistic and the occupation of the hotel was occupied at one hundred percent. hundred.

In 2013, Will Smith spent three weeks in Buenos Aires shooting some of the most iconic scenes in focus, the movie he starred in Margot Robbie. Denise Di Novi, one of the producers of the fiction, spoke about the decision to record in the country: “I’m happy to be shooting in one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. The sophistication, romance and complexity of Buenos Aires is perfect for the film.”

Among the locations chosen were the Military Circle, in Retiro, the streets of Recoleta, the San Telmo market, Caminito in La Boca, the Faena hotel in Puerto Madero and even the Venezuela metro station on line H.

Two years later Leonardo DiCaprio came to the country to do The ghost, from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for which the protagonist finally received the Oscar for best actor. These are the last scenes of the film which were shot in the shore of the Olivia River near Highway 3 in extreme temperatures.

Trailer – The Revenant

During his visit to the southernmost city in the world, the Titanic actor also He took the opportunity to interview Argentine scientists for his documentary on climate change. The reports were made on a catamaran as it sailed through the Beagle Channel.

“Since he had just been in Canada and the Arctic, the idea was to compare this experience with what is happening in such opposite latitudes of the world, although in the end we ended up talking about other environmental problems, such as soybean monoculture or hydraulic fracturing” , The geologist of Conicet, Jorge Rabassa, had declared to Télam while adding: “No improvisation”.

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