Furi Creators Explain Why Onnamusha DLC Won't Come to Xbox

Furi Creators Explain Why Onnamusha DLC Won’t Come to Xbox

Game bakersa French studio of 12 people at the origin of titles like Haven Yes Odyssey squidsbecame known in the scene India thanks to furya colorful and frenetic boss rush created in 2016 for PC and PS4, where it was included from launch on PlayStation Plus. At the end of that year it was also released on Xbox One and in 2018 on Nintendo Switch. Six years after the title became a cult little game, the creators have announced a DLC, Onnamushato arrive on May 17 with a new character with new abilities and cost 6.99 euros on all platforms… except on Xbox One, where it won’t be released.

The decision to let go of the Microsoft machine has mad at those who bought the game. Developers say they understand the frustration in an interview with Waypointbut they apologize by showing data on the low sales of said consoles, going so far as to claim that The indies who are not on Xbox Game Pass do not pass. “We are listening to all of you who have played fury on Xbox and we understand your frustration. We are a small independent team and couldn’t find the time and budget to do this Port“, they said in a post on Twitter on May 4, the day after the DLC was announced.

fury never got much attention on xbox and unfortunately we had to prioritize platforms,” they explain. “We hope to develop again for Xbox in the future. Thank you for supporting our games.” In the aforementioned interview, Audrey Leprince, co-founder and president from the studio, lists all the work that goes into the update: “Apart from the game design, the code and the assets for the new [personaje]We needed completely update the old game on all platforms“. This involves “upgrading the engine, SDKs [kits de desarrollo de software]the middlewareall platform specific content, test all these builds, pass the platform control and post it again.

sales of fury Yes Havenwith and without Game Pass / PS Plus

Work involves time, and this DLC, explains Leprince, was developed in a small space of time in which the the next project The Game Bakers was on hiatus. And time is money, and from the data it shows, in Neither is Xbox fury no more Haven have earned an income substantial. The fault lies with Game Pass, and partly also with PS Plus. Haven premiering on launch day on Microsoft’s subscription service, but also on Steam, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox and other PC stores.

What the graphs above this paragraph (on the left with Game Pass in the lead and on the right without) show is that the majority of players come from the service, but if only sales are looked at, Xbox is a tiny percentage in a market dominated by Steam and Switch. But the following graph shows that the situation is similar with PlayStation Plusalthough not so extreme: fury came out on PS+ and 78% of its players are from there, but if the service is not taken into account, PS4 players represent only 7%.

Fury sales with and without PS Plus

“Have been grateful for the opportunities that partners like Sony and Xbox have given us”, declares the representative of the French studio, specifying that they could not have financed their games (whose development costs between 1.5 and 3 million euros depending on the case) without the Game Pass and PlayStation Plus agreements. This situation may not be extrapolated to other studies, but the data shared by The Game Bakers they demolish the speech repeated by the giants of the industry when they claim that being on subscription services generates more sales by increasing the visibility of the game.

The French studio’s vision is clear: “Game Pass is a fantastic platform for gamers, and there may be more Xbox gamers than ever interested in indie video games. Unfortunately, without Game Pass, it is very difficult for many independent games to have visibility on Xbox“.


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