Genshin Impact Player Reportedly Banned For Mocking China — Kudasai

Genshin Impact Player Reportedly Banned For Mocking China — Kudasai

a player of Genshin Impact was reportedly deported for fifteen years for mocking the Chinese government and claiming that COVID-19 came from China. Quoting a contact who forwarded them the relevant Chinese social media material, the YouTuber “Timée GenshinLab” reports that a player on the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau server has fumed on social media that he was banned for fifteen years, even though he blindly swore that he was innocent.

Good! Genshin Impact’s self-censorship!began the moan. “I was banned for 15 years, Genshin Impact not only broke the law, but self-censored! And you dare not tell me why! I swear I never did any illegal activity“. The reasons for the ban are given as follows: “(default reason)“. “He also said that he has never used any external plugins or third-party software and has invested a lot of money in the game.added the YouTuber.

By emailing Genshin Impact customer support for further explanation, the user would have been informed that miHoYo (now today) had determined that the user’s speech violated the rules and regulations of Genshin Impact. The user then wrote to the video game’s customer service, denouncing Genshin Impact for censoring certain words and phrases and arguing that his extended ban without notice violated the consumer protection laws and regulations of his country of residence, Taiwan. He even threatened to take legal action.

The YouTuber claims that after the post started circulating in the Genshin Impact community, a user claimed to know the reason for his ban. According to the community, the banned user was known to regularly discuss COVID-19, going so far as to openly claim that the original virus came from China.

In addition, the banned user confessed to abusing the Olla area of ​​Serenitea (officially translated as “Relajateatera”)nail “Headquarter” that players can decorate, allow other players to visit, etc., place objects in asensitive patternwho allegedly mocked Chinese government buildings. The YouTuber further explains that while some users mocked and ridiculed the banned player for deliberately violating the game’s terms of service, others supported him and encouraged the idea of ​​taking legal action. against the development company.

The video game celebrated its one-year anniversary on September 28 and posted earnings of over $2 billion in its first year. The application is also available in the catalog of QooApp.

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