Gimena Accardi described her bond with China Suárez: from being "like sisters" to a "cordial relationship"

Gimena Accardi described her bond with China Suárez: from being “like sisters” to a “cordial relationship”

Gimena Accardi told how her relationship with China Suarez was

Gimenna Accardi He remembered his friendship with Eugenie China Suarez and tells how they are today, after they quarreled and drifted away from each other. They shared a group of friends with Paula Chaves, Maria del Cerro and Zaira Nara. As such, they have lived many moments together.

In this context, consulted by Pía Shaw, Nico Vázquez’s wife said that on several occasions they had met friends and couples and that she was David Bisbal in the group: “Thousands of times we ate with him, the one who cooked was Chinese, she cooks well.”

At that time, Ángel de Brito took the opportunity to ask him how his relationship with the former almost angels:. “We are fine“, said the actress while being honest: “We haven’t rebuilt the friendship we had, we were sisters, literally, but everything is fine. We get on well with everyone, but at the time with China we were very good friends” .

Gimena Accardi and China Suarez

Gimena said that now “they are big” and that they get along “everyone with everyone” and insisted that today a “good relationship and friendliness” and that although “She’s not a friend” like in other times, she’s a person she loves very much and always wishes her the best. Asked if it bothered her when they criticized Eugenia, she added: “No, but when I see that many go to one I say ‘yes’, it depends on each case but it usually happens to me. I say ‘somebody defend her!'”.

Moreover, he said that at the time China was a receptive person to advice and dialogue:She listened to me, what happens to her is that she gets nervous when she gives notes and it’s not like that in life. Now it’s been a long time since I bonded with her but until the age when we spoke it was like that, but it’s something that happens to me too, when I see myself in the notes I say that I don’t look like myself.

Mery del Cerro, China Suarez and Gimena Accardi

Mery del Cerro, China Suarez and Gimena Accardi

“Could they be friends again?” The driver wanted to ask, what she doubted: “I don’t know if it rebuilds, never say never, but it’s like when we separate everything is fine but we don’t come back. I love him, I wish him the best and I don’t want them giving him so much (because of the criticism).”

Their relationship deteriorated after his death. Santiago Vázquez, Gimena’s brother-in-law, in December 2016. At that time, the actress and her husband did not consider that their colleague was up to the circumstances to accompany them in this difficult moment that they had to go through.

“He behaved in a way we didn’t expect on a subject that for us is very strong, sad and delicate, as was the case with Santi. She wasn’t, she didn’t contain the way we expected and the way we were unconditionally with her through thick and thin. Especially in bad ones,” Accardi said just a year later.

However, a month ago in Socios del Espectácilo they assured that Benjamín Vicuña would have had something to do with the distance between friends. “Mariana Brey confirms that in the fight between China Suárez and Gimena Accardi there was a determinant linked to an approach, a dog toss subtle that Gimena cut, wrote and said to her friend, in the name of Benjamín Vicuña “, said one of the drivers. and his colleague added: “We were still talking about the tragedy (Santiago’s death) which was later, but other things had happened, China rejected it”.

The Chilean actor’s said ‘progression’ allegedly took place when he started dating Suárez (They met in December 2015 and made their relationship official in May the following year, coincidentally the week the movie they starred in premiered, The red wire). Therefore, according to the said theory, the two former almost angels began to drift apart and their differences deepened when After Santiago’s death, Rufina’s mother, Magnolia and Amancio could not accompany their friends as they had to.

In June of last year, Vázquez and Accardi were in the Miami building that collapsed and were miraculously saved. Suárez sympathized with them. “Pray and send good energies for them to find everyone. what a tragedy“, he wrote in an Instagram story and then in the next, accompanied by an audio in which the actor tells what happened, he wrote: “I listen to your audio over and over and can’t believe what they were saved from ¡Thanks to God!”.

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