Goodbye to María José Cantilo, Argentine rock adventurer |  He died Monday at the age of 68.

Goodbye to María José Cantilo, Argentine rock adventurer | He died Monday at the age of 68.

The voice and compositions of María José Cantilo, one of the few women present on the local rock scene of the 80s, passed away this Monday at the age of 68 due to a delicate state of health. The news of the death of the guitarist’s mother Gaspar Benegasand sister of the troubadour Miguel Cantilo, It was broadcast by his relatives on social networks.

After settling in El Bolsón and under the impetus of Pedro & Pablo’s mentor, who returned from exile in 1982, María José joined the music circuit in Buenos Aires and two years later made her recording debut with an album in which León Gieco, David Lebón, Fernando Lupano and Daniel Colombres participated, among other figures of local rock, and where he recorded one of his most famous songs: “Flor celeste bajo de lapillo”. That year he had a resounding presentation at the festival BA Rockin which the typical macho look of the time ended up translating into applause before his moving version of “Hurricane”, by Bob Dylan.

It was not until the beginning of the following decade that he finalized his second album, In tape (whose cast included drummer Oscar Moro), did a nude for the local version of the magazine Playboy Yes in 1992 she was arrested for drug possession and had to spend more than two years in detention, an experience he captured in the book from prison (1994). “I have already abandoned the most difficult subjects of my life, the ones I liked the least. Now I have the right to be happy”, he said then in A meeting with page 12. “In prison, I learned a lot. But I took over. I took it, worked on it and overcame it. I have no intention of burying this stage of my life so that no one sees it. And the proof is that I carried the stigma on my shoulder, I walked with it and I always showed my face. But after so much darkness, I dedicated myself to assimilating the light.”

After regaining his freedom, Cantilo rediscovered his musical path by releasing a series of independent albums What Drop by drop (year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five), Sairam (1999), Covers-Bossanova and Jazz (2000), feel healthy (2004), bolero moments (2005) and Here and now (2006), an album in which she shows that her sound universe is broader than the rock song that made her famous. In this conversation in 2000 with the journalist Christian Vitalethe singer-songwriter clarified why she never gave herself the opportunity to do something with her brother: “I’m a writer. And if I’m going to work independently and on my own, I prefer to play for myself . I admire my brother but everyone is alone. In any case, sometimes we play together and I have already admitted that several times I wanted to convince Miguel to form a duet. It would have been great for us, as Burnet. But I never did. It’s a pending issue.”

The last work of someone who liked to define himself as “Rock Adventurer” he was Essence, a plate from 2011 which was mixed by his son, Gaspar Benegasguitarist and producer who has worked, among others, with Las Manos de Filippi and is currently one of the air conditioning fundamentalists who accompanies Carlos Indio Solari.

When this album, recorded only with guitar and voice, was released, the artist told the Telam agency in September 2012 that she had used “Songs with an ecological message needed and with a significant rebellion that still resists”.

I made a record with a feminine sensibility which is not always the most recommendable commercially”, he added of the material with which he tried to detach himself from “functional music and noise is what remains, there is already a lot. With my songs, I want to be part of another club”. Then and taking stock of his professional career, he slipped: “I haven’t had a lot of media coverage with my independent albums, but this time and Instead of trying to please the market, I wanted to do something that fully represents me.

“These are songs – insisted María José – that are intended for children, for the couple, for my mother, for certain places and for this land that is so close to the precipice”. Finally, he concluded, “I like making music to move and it has to do with a rock thing that I feel part of.”

the national institute of music expressed upon learning of the singer’s death: “We regret the death of the famous national rock composer and guitarist María José Cantilo. We support their loved ones in this difficult time. His son Gaspar had alerted from his Instagram account to the situation by publishing, two weeks ago, the message “Let’s give him the strength so that he can recover from his delicate state of health” and six days ago in announcing that he was canceling a trip. in Rome “for personal problems (related to my mother’s health)”.


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