Google will block all apps used to record calls on Android

Google will block all apps used to record calls on Android

Google will remove all apps for recording calls. (photo: full learning)

Among the applications available in Google Play Storethose related to the possibility of record calls They have millions of downloads. Even though, Google confirmed that in android their days will be numbered.

The first restrictions on call recording were made in Android 9 Pie, which restricted unidentified APIs. And now the big G has put the final nail in the coffin of call recording apps available on Android: unless they are root, they will disappear from the Google Play Store on May 11.

As reported by XDA Developers, Google made it clear in a developer meeting that allowing access to record calls is prohibited, so this type of app is doomed.

“Apps must meet important disclosure and consent requirements. The Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for the audio recording of remote calls”, he explains in the aforementioned media.

This is why Google does not want this permission to be used

The reason why Google increasingly restricts the use of access permissions has to do with the the abuse of it, where many applications used it to get as much information as possible from the user. And American society wants to eliminate this great problem.

For example, Google clarified that these access permissions cannot be used to bypass privacy controls, notifications or record calls, which makes it very clear that the days of this type of apps in your app store are numbered.

It will no longer allow you to download a call recording app through Google Play from May 11. This, yes, if the user has already installed the application, it can be used without problems.

even the app google phone you can record calls in some countries. And if there is a player who is a root user, he will be able to download compatible applications.

Call Recorder - Cube ACR.  (photo: ThirteenBits)

Call Recorder – Cube ACR. (photo: ThirteenBits)

How to do if you want to install a call recording app without root

Well, all you have to do is to download the corresponding APK file and install it on the Phone. Although they are not available on Google Play, they still work as before.

Undoubtedly, a somewhat radical decision by Google that would have allowed this type of application to continue to function normally. But the tech giant has been candid and wants access permissions to be used sparingly.

Also, since the Google Phone app itself already allows call recording in some regions, it’s very likely that the giant of the Internet Please update soon to apply this restriction to all countries.

Google.  (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

Google. (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

Google Play will remove apps that don’t meet certain requirements

Google is also ready to implement new measures to provide additional security to users when downloading and using apps from the Play Store.

In particular, the company warned the developers that Applications that have not been updated for a while to adapt to new versions of android will no longer appear in your app store and therefore will not be available to users.

The company has confirmed on its official developer blog that the measure will begin on November 1, 2022. Above all, this new regime will apply to applications available on Google Play which two years without receiving any updates from the developer.

Google Play Store.  (photo: Android Help)

Google Play Store. (photo: Android Help)

Although there are probably applications that do not require constant updates, the operator mountain view says it’s important that they all support the latest versions of Android.

So creators who don’t update their apps and include at least one API available two years after the latest version of Android, they will see how their apps no longer appear on the Google Play website, therefore, the number of newly installed users will be greatly reduced.

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