Gorillaz closed day one of Quilmes Rock 2022 with a high |  The group led by Damon Albarn invited Thunder to rap

Gorillaz closed day one of Quilmes Rock 2022 with a high | The group led by Damon Albarn invited Thunder to rap

It could have happened at the end of the festival, just like Jimi Hendrix did 53 years ago at Woodstock, when he played a version of “Star Spangled Banner” that still makes your hair stand on end today. today. But it ended up being consumed at dusk in the afternoon. airbag He surprised everyone with his patriotic spirit by performing the Argentine national anthem during his performance. The group entered the grid at the last minute taking the place of Fito Páez, who had to dismount when he contracted coronavirus, and ended up taking one of the polarids of Quilmes Rock’s return to the ring. Although he was not the only one on a first day that ended with another image that will remain for posterity: the bewildered face – literally the open mouth – of Damon Albarn, leader of Gorillazlooking at Thunder improvise their rhyme in one of the classics of the English group, “Clint Eastwood”.

Before the birth of the new world star of Argentine music – because the small gesture of this invitation will not fail – the audiovisual laboratory ranked as the most anticipated act of the night. He said it german daffunchio before the end of the recital ballsto the next step: “We know you’re waiting Gorillaz”. And although the public replied that it was not like that, the truth is that it is not every day that an artistic project lands in Buenos Aires that has never faltered since seeing the day. However, Compared to its debut in Buenos Aires, in 2017, this show did not shine as much. It will be because it was similar in many ways and because the band has just started touring again (it was their second presentation). What is certain is that what germinated as a virtual project has gradually become humanized until it has become a group in its own right.

Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Noodle and Russel Hobbs were losing ground, to the point that today they are closer to being just the cartoons of the visuals. Certainly, it is very difficult to compete with the musicians of flesh and blood who accompanied Albarn on this occasion, who also left the disc only is one of the most creative artists of the last three decades and one of the best animators in pop culture. Since appearing on stage, haranguing the 60,000 people (according to the organization’s figures) who filled Technopole, no one doubted it. So, with the audience going wild, this aesthetic journey began. As their first time in the Argentine capital, they created the repertoire with “M1 A1”, but then Robert Smith (frontman of The Cure) appeared on the screens to do his part in “Strange Timez”. And then came “Last Living Soul” and “Tranz”.

If in “Aries” Gorillaz set foot in the electronic pop of the New Order school, in “Tomorrow Comes Today” not only a change took place, but Albarn also lowered the audience. Besides hits like “19-2000”, “Pirate Jet” and “El Mañana”, there was room for eco moments with “O Green World” and “On Melancholy Hill”. He also took the opportunity to release new songs such as “Cracker Island”. During the hour and a half show, the London musician sat at the piano, played the melodica or hung up the guitar, while his acolytes turned the wheel towards the dancefloor or towards the psychedelic Jamaica of dub. In the last section of the recital was the guest singers. The first was brown bootyso Posdnuos (rapper of the American group De La Soul) and in closing it was the turn of Thunderto which was added the toast of the British Honey Irie.

Airbag played the national anthem. Photo: Fernando Gens / Telam

It was precisely the latter, in his head moment, who encouraged Thunder to pursue his freestyle. And the young Argentinian rapper was not afraid not only to alternate with a language that is not his own, but also not to be inhibited by such a bandón. If a storm hit the show five years ago after Gorillaz ended, this time the group invited the phenomenon on stage. Although the Battle of the Roosters champion’s big night of 2019 ended there, he had lit it up shortly before with his own show on the Rock Stage, where he announced he was wrapping up his album tour. Bold. And he did it accompanied by a luxury band and his father, MC Pedro Peligro, on the microphone. Virus also went through this stage, also with a beginning of an end, as the band announced they were saying goodbye. This is perhaps why he has not skimped on the recreation of his hits, among which he has put forward “Luna de miel en la mano” with Benito Cerati as a guest.

Apart from Rock, the other big stage of the festival is the Quilmes: not only are they twins but they are very close to each other. More memorable moments of the event took place there, such as the recital of Las Pelotas, whose sound has nothing to envy to that of Gorillaz. Although they have dedicated themselves to revisiting their classics, they are still fundamental. They are also part of the history of the musical encounter, to the point that Daffunchio lets go: “It’s good that Quilmes Rock is back! Something similar happened The Quartet of No.s, who took advantage of his performance to reconnect with the public on this bank of the Río de la Plata. The one created at the festival was Know Russia, and boy did he capitalize on the opportunity by delivering one of the best first-date recitals. The evening was crowned by a fabulous cover of “Rezo por vos”, as if to take for granted that he is determined to go down in history.

Despite the fact that the new outpost of local artists occupied the other three stages of the festival, the date experimentation quota fell on Vicentico. The loner Cadillac reviewed his collection of songs through an atypical formation, in which he was accompanied by two other musicians and in which the drums became a digital component. In exchange, the idiot prince, which usually comes in various formats, this time wowed the full orchestra with its performance on the most charming stage of all: the Geyser, due to its status as an amphitheater. The one who, by the way, raged public at this time of night. It was recognition for the Mendoza icon, similar to the one Paula Trama had when she appeared with her band The kisses on the Enigma stage. Meanwhile, from the clear stage, the unrestrained ovation at Eruca Sativawho delivered one of the most carnal performances of the day.


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