Government sent documentary letters to Wanda Nara and Pampita for Vayo Coin: celebrities can be accused of misleading advertising

Government sent documentary letters to Wanda Nara and Pampita for Vayo Coin: celebrities can be accused of misleading advertising

Zaira Nara’s story for Vayo Business.

Throughout 2021, Dozens of celebrities promoted the Vayo Business scheme, an alleged Ponzi scheme which promised profits to investors with a cryptocurrency company with its own digital asset, Vayo Coin. Celebrities even said they invested their own money, advertised giveaways for zero-mile cars. It was influencer business in its purest form. Sources who worked in the company assured that the celebrities had been contacted by a recognized agency that acted as an intermediary.

Today, the regime – founded in Chubut by a 59-year-old woman who lived in an apartment building and a 25-year-old oil company worker – is dissolved. Its referents and visible faces deal with criminal justice complaints for fraud and wrongful association, its related companies owe nearly 120 million pesos in NSF checks according to Central Bank data. The offices she occupied in the Madero Center building in Puerto Madero were emptied more than a month ago.

In parallel, the government is asking for an explanation.

Pampita in the nets of Vayo.

In the middle of April, the Under-Secretary for Consumer Defense Actions, through the Consumer Protection Directorate, has opened an ex officio investigation for a possible breach of consumer protection law, after the revelations of Infobae on business movements. Complaints received by consumers have also been added to the information published through this channel.

In letters sent to the celebrities involved, they were asked to know if what they said in their stories it was part of a personal experience or if they were just rehearsing a script. They asked to see their accounting information, if they had actually invested in the business. Also, they asked for a copy of their contracts with the band. The organization, which depends on the executive, requested information from three personalities, Laurita Fernandez, Zaira Nara and José María Listorti.

The list grew over the following weeks: it included names such as Wanda Nara, Pampita Ardohaín, L-Gante, Horacio Cabak, Julieta Nair Calvo, Horacio Cabak, Darío Lopilato, Jimena Barón, Dani La Chepi, Florencia Peña .

So they received ten days to respond and could be the subject of an administrative sanction provided for by the law on the defense of consumers, which provides for fines of up to five million pesos if their Vayo Coin promotions are proven to have in fact violated the law.

Now the situation is getting more serious.

Wanda promoted raffles for zero-mile cars.

Wanda promoted raffles for zero-mile cars.

End of April, Wanda and Zaira Nara, Pampita, Julieta Nair Calvo, L-Gante and Dani La Chepi received letters of documents from the Consumer Protection Branch be made aware of the issue, as confirmed by sources in the matter at Infobase. So far, only Horacio Cabak, Darío Lopilato and Pampita have made releases. Florencia Peña, Georgina Barbarosa, Ivana Nadal, Laura Fernández and others were notified by administrative procedure.

Now management is planning more aggressive measures. The famous “most committed” in their advertisements could be accused of misleading advertising, continue the sources of the file. Charges would begin next week.

This media also accepted the proposals that Wanda and Zaira Nara received from Vayo. the The contract between Vayo Business and Zaira speaks of eight stories per month for two months, at 1.3 million pesos per month.

of the wanda went much further: she was hired for a year to eight stories also per month worth 15 thousand dollars per month, with a contract that can be renegotiated every six months. There were also clauses. Vayo urged them to “preserve the image and reputation it has at the time of signing this contract and not to engage in acts contrary to morality and good customs”, while specifying that they carried out paid advertising. Vayo retained the “universal, permanent, free and exclusive right of use” of the filmed content for use on its networks.

L-Ghent spots for Vayo.

There is another somewhat ironic paragraph in both contracts. The letter states: “INFLUENCER undertakes to assume responsibility for any claim that may be filed by any third party against ADVERTISER regarding claims related to partial, late or defective delivery of the obligations under this contract. despite the above, ADVERTISER deems it necessary to face negotiations, investigations, legal or administrative proceedings in this regard, INFLUENCER must indemnify ADVERTISER for all costs judicial and extrajudicial costs and corresponding defense costs”.

In other words, if someone denounces the mention of the Nara sisters, Vayo can transfer the courtship drama to the Nara sisters. Other celebrities have the same terms in their agreements.

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