Graciela Alfano resigned from Partners live and bothered Adrián Pallares: "I notice bad treatment"

Graciela Alfano resigned from Partners live and bothered Adrián Pallares: “I notice bad treatment”

The unexpected resignation of Graciela Alfano to the Partners of the show (Video: El Trece)

The news fell like a bucket of cold water on show partners. Moments before appearing in the cycle of El Trece where he is a panelist, Grace Alfano was invited to very morningwho drives Carmen Barber in Ciudad Magazine, and announced his resignation from the program he directs Rodrigo Lussich Yes Adrien Pallares. So, later, the former star was consulted about it by the former intruders.

“We are preparing a play with Carmen, so I went to inform her because I will also be part of the production. I always say get things out, get whitewash, I am a spontaneous person”, he began to express before the consultation of Lussich. And he added: “It’s a decision that I made with Coco Fernandez now. There too at one point it was said that I was going to another program, I have several proposals, but that has nothing to do with that.

However, while it seemed that the reasons were only due to a schedule incompatibility, Alfano revealed a strong internal relationship with Pallares. “There are times when decisions have to be made. You saw, Adri, that when we started, I told you very clearly: ´che, do you love me?´. Because it’s not about him or me, it’s about water and oil not working. There’s no bad vibes here, I love the boys, they seem fantastic to me, but I’m telling you the truth, Adrián, every time I open my mouth you suffer“, I explain to him.

Graciela Alfano admitted to feeling neglected by Adrián Pallares, but he denied it

In this sense, he exemplifies: “If I say ‘bombacha’ you suffer, with Beto Casella I swear you crossed yourself, I felt it. So it must be understood that I am Alfano and I can add many things, but due to the characteristics of this program and its drivers, It seemed to me that sometimes, and I tell you this coldly, they did not look at me. Let’s take charge. And they didn’t look at me, not because they’re rude or rude, maybe it had nothing to do with the features of the program. I was painted here, then at some point I said ‘I come here to clac (applaud)?’ “. “It seemed to me that it was necessary to blanch, boys, plus you, Adrián, I tell you to your face, you are suffering, I swear,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, and after listening to her, Pallares denied and justified himself. “No, while we’re on the air, we’re very much in touch with the production, knowing what’s going on. Maybe we’re very focused on the program. For us it’s always been and it’s is, I hope it will continue to be, a pleasure to have you here, you are a diva, a star…”, he began by commenting. But Alfano interrupted him: “I know what I’m telling you, you’ll work better without me and I’ll also be in another more comfortable program.” To which Pallares replied:It ended up being personalized with me, I think there’s an initial misunderstanding, that someone told you that I said something. I never said that, my colleagues who work with me know how I work. But it seems that it is a decision that falls to me and that I have nothing to do with it.

However, Grace He remained firm on his position: “You have everything to do with my decision. Let’s not be personal, this is called “the dynamics of a program”. When someone doesn’t get into the dynamic, Madonna may be sitting here, but that has nothing to do with the characteristic, but with two people who can’t talk to each other. So the dynamic is not good. What I feel is that you’re not comfortable with me, that’s my feeling, maybe it’s not your intention, and then it seems to me better to exorcise”.

But he made it clear he didn’t want to leave on bad terms. “You also have to have intelligence to finish things well, otherwise the fights become personal things and in my case I have nothing personal. Honestly, I see a discomfort, a lack of respect, no one, they don’t look at me, I’m not going to interrupt anyone, I’m a polite person and then that’s it, that’s it, that’s all good“, he underlined.

At this moment, it was Lussich who spoke:Here, no one has to convince anyone, if Graciela has these feelings, at least from us, it’s to apologize if we made you feel uncomfortable. And on the other hand, let it be known that it was not the intention and that we believe that it is not so on our part. But if you feel like that and it prevents you from sinking, you can leave, what history do you have in this medium, you are Graciela Alfano”. Finally, Alfano reported on the date of his dismissal from the cycle of shows. “Coco (Fernández) asked me to stay until the end of the month, And that’s what I’m going to do, if anyone is feeling really bad, talk to Coco and she’ll tell me,” he concluded.

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