GTA VI is already mapped with MS Paint and Google Earth

GTA VI is already mapped with MS Paint and Google Earth

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Definitive Edition
Image: Rockstar Games / Kotaku / Peter Bardocz (Shutterstock)

At the beginning of the week, the first images of the development of the next game of Grand Theft Autowho was to be Grand Theft Auto VI, internet leak. You probably already know all of this. Since then, it has become harder to find the leaked images, and sites, including Kotaku, are unable to post images or screenshots of the leaks. But that hasn’t stopped a dedicated group of fans from GTA gather in various locations with the goal of mapping as much of the new Vice City and surrounding areas as possible using math, MS Paint, Google Earth, and teamwork.

In November 2011, Rockstar Games has released the first trailer for the GTA V
unheard of at the time. Enthusiasm for the game exploded and the day afterforum users GTA they began reviewing this trailer in an effort to map out the game’s virtual world. Over the next two years, as Rockstar released more screenshots, trailers, previews, and more, fans continued to spend hours and hours each day researching and collecting data. And it turned out that the final map that everyone created before the game’s official release matched the real world of the game almost perfectly. GTA V. Impressive! And now, a decade later, fans are coming together to once again chart the next world of Grand Theft Auto before its official launch. However, things are different this time.

Previously, fans used official trailers and screenshots to help them piece together parts of Los Santos. This time around, all content fnas are looking into the plot of this new version of Vice City stemming from a leak that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are actively trying to suppress through legal action and DMCA takedowns. This complicated things and created a new problem for keen mappers: how do you collaborate and map a virtual world if no one can share images of that virtual world online? However, fans of GTA it’s a smart, dedicated group, and they’ve found solutions.

The first and most basic method is to completely avoid incorporating leaks into your work. In exchange, in the forums of GTA, users use Google Earth images to replace screenshots. And to help provide context for some of these photos, some users have even started opening Microsoft Paint to draw raw recreations but usable of moments seen in leaked images of GTA VI. So far this seems to be allowed by admins on the forums. GTA, where part of this collaboration takes place. (Previously, a thread attempting to map Vice City was closed after including leaked gameplay footage.)

However, this limitation has frustrated some dedicated mapmakers who want to be as accurate and precise as possible in their efforts. And others just find it annoying to have to dance around content restrictions. Many have jumped onto private Discord servers where they can freely share screenshots and leaked material. It wasn’t even an option in 2011 with GTA V because Discord didn’t exist.

En uno de los servidores de mapas de Discord más populares, la gente ya está haciendo grandes progresos. Las imágenes filtradas contienen numerosos datos útiles, como coordenadas en el juego, lo que ha ayudado mucho a los mapeadores a determinar Where are the different locations one to another.

The latest version of a community map on 09/21/2022

The latest version of a community map on 09/21/2022
Image: Church from GTA/Rockstar/Kotaku

We’re only a few days away from the leak and it already looks like we have a pretty solid, if a bit hollow, version of what Vice City would look like in the final game. This latest map was created by user Church of GTA with help from over 100 users. uses GTA V and Rockstar’s own engine measurements to help determine scale relative to Los Santos. So far, it looks like it could end up being a really big map.

Everyone on the Discord server and forums GTA They provide different comments and information. Some look for landmarks in leaked content, then try to triangulate their location based on other leaked images and math pieces. Meanwhile, some users are going through each frame of the leaked images and extracting the minimap from the game to help create parts of the map that can then be connected to each other. and other fans of GTA they use their real-world knowledge of Florida and Miami to help fill in the gaps, providing information on old roads and buildings or demolished roads.

Church of GTA he joked with me that they were happy for me to share the latest version of their map as it might help make all the hours spent on it worth it. All kidding aside, all this detective work isn’t easy. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort, and some people claim to have spent hours tracking down a piece of graffiti or a single landmark. But for many of these people, it is good to map out what could end up being a virtual world in which they will spend years. GTA VI finally released.

Of course, this is where I’ll mention that all of this leaked content is from a still-in-development version of GTA VI, so everything is subject to change. In fact, that’s something that happened in the last attempt at mapping Los Santos. Users sometimes noticed small changes to the world during development, forcing them to modify their own maps before the game was released in 2012. The same is likely to happen here.

But for now, these players are giving us our first real glimpse of what could end up being Vice City and surrounding areas. And considering how close everyone was last time around, I can’t wait to see what they end up putting together by the time this is released. GTA VI.


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