Guido Süller recalled his romance with Ricardo Fort: love letters and the discussion that inspired a sketch

Guido Süller recalled his romance with Ricardo Fort: love letters and the discussion that inspired a sketch

During his youth, Guido Suller had an intense romance with Fort Richard. Although he has spoken several times about the bond between them, he is now surprised to reveal some retro stories: he read the love letters and recounted an argument in the middle of the street that inspired a skit.

Invited to Spam emailsthe podcast hosted by Malena Guinzburg and Connie Ballarinithe media picked up some of the letters that the chocolate businessman had dedicated to him.

Before starting, he warned that they were scrambled by the passage of years. Guinzburg noticed a typed one and contextualized: “Father wanted Ricardo to work at the factory. He didn’t want but for a few months he made a acting that he was working and, since he was doing nothing and was at a desk, he wrote to me”.

Guido Suller and Ricardo Fort had an intense romance in their youth (Photo: Prensa América / Capture NET TV).

What did the letters that Ricardo Fort wrote to Guido Süller say?

Süller reads a letter from June 27, 1988“Dear Guido, I don’t do anything here and it occurred to me to write you something. You know a thing? I love you so much you make me very happy”.

And he continued: “Today I met the beautiful and very tender being who has occupied my heart for 27 days And I feel like that’s definitely going to be inside of me.” There, he hinted that the media was half-kid, but he was willing to teach him to be “a little tougher when he needs it and tender when the time comes.” “Well baby, I say goodbye to you for now telling you that I need you and miss you very much,” the letter closed.

Fort’s letters ended with his signature “RAF” (Ricardo Aníbal Fort). In the study, everyone agreed that it resembled the handwriting of a prince because it had a lot of firulete.

Guido with Ricardo Strong.  (Picture: file)
Guido with Ricardo Strong. (Picture: file)

Immediately afterwards he read a second letter which had the tone of a romantic poem. Hearing it, Ballarini said amused:I think he wrote the chocolate poems”.

However, the guest went for more and shared a complaining post. “It’s after a fight and I was already nervous. 8 from 88 from 88. The year does not have 88 months! I must have sent some that I don’t remember”, he warned between two laughs.

“Baby. What am I going to do with you? I know that my character is very strong and sometimes I’m unbearable. I also know that I have pure and sincere feelings. And what I’m very clear about , is that I love you very much, ”began the text which underlined that the discussions could end in a reconciliation or a rupture.

Next he demanded demonstrations of love for in his life he had received “little affection.” Moved, the media maintained that nothing was enough for the businessman and with a lump in his throat, he read: “Guido let’s make this couple grow, let’s make it strong and full of love and understanding. I love you until the impossible. Lots of love. You are the most in my life. You are what I need.”

Guido Süller told how was the fight with Ricardo Fort that inspired a sketch

Consulted by the drivers, Guido assured that they fought for “an excess of infidelities” by him. “I caught him when he was very young, with little experience and he told me ‘I want to live’. So I said to him ‘Either you are in a relationship or you are spoiled… with everything the world, but you can’t do both,” he recalls.

The media recalled the unusual scuffle with the media to end the relationship. (Photo: TN broadcast).

After leaving him for a year and a half, the media decided to put an end to it. “Of course he wasn’t going to accept anyone leaving him, so he came to my house without warning. I was living with my mum, dad and brothers. I went out on the porch and he asked me for another chance but I told him no. I pretended to open the door to enter the house and he threw himself on the ground and squeezed my ankle asking me not to leave him“, he said.

After remembering neighbors walking by and looking at the boy lying on the ground grabbing his leg, he reflected, “It was a time when it was forbidden. He was talking loudly and my mother was listening and asking me if everything was okay. He wanted to open the door and I closed it.”

In closing, he revealed that years later, when he made ZAP with Marcelo Polino, he made a sketch inspired by this situation. “I had a girlfriend, Paulina, and there’s a scene where she throws herself on the floor and grabs me by the ankle and I drag her into the studio. He was inspired by what happened to me with Ricardo “, he concluded.

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